Bitcoin Poker 2024: The Ultimate Guide

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Bitcoin Poker: How does it differ from conventional variants? Are there any specific bonus offers? What are the best providers? Here you will find all the information in a compact summary.

When one thinks of casinos, the most popular card game that immediately springs to mind is poker. So, it is not surprising that poker has also established itself in online casinos and as well as every professional online casino offers several variants of poker.

Online casinos that specialize in cryptocurrencies also offer high-quality Bitcoin Poker for their players. If you also own bitcoin and are a fan of poker, this guide is perfect for you. This guide offers you all important information about Bitcoin Poker as well as tips and tricks.

Firstly: Basically, there are hardly any differences between Bitcoin Poker and poker with conventional currencies, so our guide is helpful for both variants.

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Why should you play Bitcoin Poker?

Many players wonder why it would be better to play poker with bitcoin than with traditional currencies. Bitcoin Poker offers a whole range of interesting advantages that can greatly enhance the poker experience:

1. Security

One of the most well-known advantages of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is the high level of security. Security affects several areas. Firstly, the Bitcoin wallets and all transactions are protected by blockchain encryption.

Since Bitcoin is now very valuable and large sums can be moved, especially in connection with poker, it is a key advantage that the transactions are secure.

The second major security aspect is the protection of users' private data. To set up a Bitcoin wallet, no personal data needs to be provided. This practical feature is transferred directly to the registration in the online casino, so that private data is reliably secured.

Since poker and other games of chance are often treated as quite a sensitive topic, players with Bitcoin enjoy a high degree of anonymity. Furthermore, you are usually protected from annoying advertising, since you do not have to provide any contact details.

2. Speed

Bitcoin works purely digitally. Therefore, users can enjoy high-speed and real-time transactions. However, this high speed is not only due to the virtual nature, but also to the lean infrastructure of the cryptocurrency.

Thus, Bitcoin does not need any further control authority to carry out transactions. Therefore, delays are prevented and lightning-fast deposits and withdrawals are guaranteed.

3. No Fees

There are typically no fees charged for transactions with Bitcoin, which makes it easy for players to keep track of their costs. There is frequently a rude awakening when it becomes apparent how many transaction fees are incurred when transferring money with numerous payment service providers.

Since these cost factors are not the case with Bitcoin, unplanned hidden costs can be easily prevented.

4. The Chance to acquire more Bitcoin

Poker is not a pure game of chance – so there are numerous strategies as well as tips and tricks that can be used to increase your personal chances of winning.

Therefore, Bitcoin Poker is suitable if you have in mind to constantly and long-term increase your Bitcoin ownership. This also represents a worthwhile investment of time, as the cryptocurrency can boast a steadily growing market capitalization on average.

What is the gameplay of Bitcoin Poker?

Regardless of the exact variant, poker is always based on the same basic process. This is also true for Bitcoin poker, which also respects these basic rules and the only difference is that it uses Bitcoin as a stake.

Bitcoin Poker

1. Issue of the first cards and setting of the blinds

First, the blinds, the minimum bets, are set. Once this is done, the dealer distributes the first cards. How many cards are involved and what minimum bets must be made depends on which variant of poker is played.

2. The betting rounds

After this foundation has been laid, the betting rounds begin. In a betting round, players assess the value of their hand and make their bets accordingly.

Players have the choice to call or fold with the highest bet, which eliminates them from the current round. The other players move on to the next betting round. The dealer distributes another card to the players or reveals an additional community card, depending on what type of poker is being played.

Again, players must estimate how much they are betting on their updated hand. Therefore, the hand and the players' odds of winning are constantly changing.

3. Showdown and distribution of profits

If no player wants to call the highest bet, the current round and the pot go to the highest bidder.

If at least two players call, the rhythm of dealing cards and betting rounds continues normally until the maximum betting limit is reached or the maximum number of betting rounds has been played. In this situation, a showdown occurs.

Players reveal their hands, and the round and the bitcoin contained in the pot go to the player who can show the most valuable combination of cards.

What courses of action do players have?

As the game progresses, players have numerous courses of action open to them to react to the situation at the game table.

The correct action should always depend on the quality of one's own hand and on the behavior of the other players:

Action Description
Check A check can only be used if no other player has bet before you. If you now check, you also pass on to the next player without betting. A check is useful when the starting hand does not offer much or when you want to check the play of the other players.
Bet A bet is also used if no player has placed a bet before you, and you therefore place the first bet. However, your bet must be above the big blind to be considered a bet. A bet initiates the game round and allows other players to raise the bet.
Call A call means to match the bet and can only be made if another player has already placed his bet before you. Even if you don't have a strong hand, a call can still be important to make a bluff.
Raise A raise occurs when you want to outbid the current bet of your fellow players. This is a good way to drive up the value of the game round if you have a strong hand. A raise is also a good way to outplay your opponents. If they don't have any viable cards, they will usually fold to minimize their losses.
Fold You can always fall back on a fold. A fold means not calling the bet and getting out of the current round. So, you should resort to a fold if you have no prospects of getting high-value card combinations. A bluff would be an alternative, but it can be quite risky.

The most important card combinations in Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold'em is the most popular game variant. Therefore, it is essential that you get to know the most important and best card combinations. Below you will find a list of the best to the worst places.

Poker Cards

1. Royal Flush

Royal Flush

The Royal Flush is the highest-value card combination that you can encounter in poker. A royal flush consists of five consecutive cards of the same suit, with the special feature that the highest card must be an ace. If you have this combination in your hand during a round of Bitcoin Casino, the time has come to play high stakes because you can be very sure that this round will go to you.

2. Straight Flush

Straight Flush

The little brother of the royal flush. The flush requires five consecutive cards of one suit. This is the second-best combination of cards. Here, too, it is worth playing confidently with a straight flush, since it can hardly be topped. Therefore, this card combination allows the chance of high profits.

3. Four of a Kind

Four of a Kind

Four of a kind represents the third-strongest combination. To make a four of a kind, you must have four cards of the same value in your hand. This means, for example, that you have four kings in your hand.

4. Full House

Full House

Full House is one of the best known and strongest card combinations in poker. A full house is made up of a pair and three of a kind. An exemplary full house would be two jacks and three queens.

5. Flush


The classic flush consists of five cards of the same suit. This is the case, for example, if you hold five heart cards in your hand. In contrast to the straight flush, the cards do not have to be consecutive in their value. For this reason, you can systematically play towards a flush with the right starting hand. If more than one player has a flush, the player with the highest single card wins.

6. Straight


A very profitable card combination is the straight. For this, you need five cards in a sequence, where the color is irrelevant.

7. Three of a Kind

Three of a Kind

The three of a kind is a fairly common combination. To earn a three of a kind, there must be three cards of the same value in the combined hand and community cards.

8. Two Pairs

Two Pair

To get two pairs, the combined hand and community cards must contain two cards of the same value twice.

9. Pair


A pair consists of two cards of the same value. For example, a pair can be made if you have a jack on your starting hand and there is another jack in the community cards. Similarly, you can start directly with a ready pair on the starting hand. In this situation, there is a promising chance of being able to score a three of a kind.

10. High Card

High Card

The highest card is the simplest way to win at poker. If no other player has a higher hand combination, the round goes to the player with the highest card. The most valuable single card is the ace – however, it is not recommended to assume that you have the best hand once you have an ace in your hand. So pairs (two cards of the same value) are also very common and beat the single highest card.

Different ways of playing

In addition to the winning combinations, it is important to be aware of the different variants of poker you are playing or want to play to increase your chances of success as much as possible. Below, you will find an overview of the most popular ways to play Bitcoin Poker.

Characteristic Texas Hold'em Draw Poker Stud Poker
Number of Hole Cards 2 5 Varies depending on the round (e.g., 7)
Community Cards Yes, 5 revealed in total No No
Betting Structure Fixed Limit, Pot Limit, No Limit Fixed Limit Fixed Limit, Pot Limit
Rounds per Hand 4 (Preflop, Flop, Turn, River) 2 (Ante & Draw) 5 (Third Street, Fourth Street, etc.)
Dealing Method Hole Cards initially, Community Cards later Hole Cards initially One card face-down, one card face-up
Hand Strength Evaluation Best 5-card hand Best 5-card hand Best 5-card hand
Strategic Depth High Medium High
Popularity Very popular Formerly popular, less so now Formerly popular, less so now

Tips and tricks

Finally, we'll give you some of our useful tips that will improve your Bitcoin poker experience by helping you with your first rounds.

1. Get out in time

If you notice at the beginning of the round that your hand is not particularly strong, it is advisable to fold directly or fold as early as possible. Especially as a beginner, this is recommended if you want to avoid unnecessary losses and do not yet know all the combinations by heart.

2. Use a good hand

The opposite is recommended when a good hand such as a flush or a straight is in sight. For example, if you have four cards to a straight, it may be worth calling. You may get the missing card during the betting rounds. But always keep an eye on the playing behavior of your fellow players.

3. Aggressive play is often rewarded

In the context of Bitcoin Poker, an aggressive playing style often means upping the ante and playing proactively. This is the easiest way for you to influence the gameplay. This puts your teammates under pressure, and you can see how willing they are to go along.

It is also the best way to unmask bluffs. At the same time, all players who call raise the pot so that you can make a bigger profit.

4. Use Bluffs wisely

A bluff can be a useful tool to mislead opponents and is part of the classic psychological repertoire of professional poker players.

The art of bluffing properly is also extremely useful in Bitcoin Poker, as if you execute the bluff correctly, you can turn worthless hands into winnings.

However, the correct execution of a bluff is not easy. An important aspect of improving your own bluffing is to recognize the situations in which a promising bluff can be carried out:

Bitcoin Poker: A rewarding game with strategic depth and dynamic gameplay

Poker has always provided exciting rounds of play with tactical depth. When this traditional card game is combined with one of the most popular and valuable cryptocurrencies, a winning combination is created.

Due to the numerous advantages of Bitcoin, poker can be enjoyed at an extremely high-quality standard. The large selection of poker variants should also be emphasized positively. This variety guarantees that every player can discover a variant that he likes and which he can specialize in to increase his chances of winning.

FAQ Bitcoin Poker

Here you will find the most important questions about poker with Bitcoin:

To play poker with Bitcoin, you need cryptocurrencies, which then have to be transferred to the respective casino account. Follow these simple steps to get started right away:

  1. Sign up with an exchange for cryptocurrencies (e.g., Bitpanda or Coinbase)
  2. Buy Bitcoin
  3. Get a cryptocurrency wallet from the respective provider
  4. Sign up with one of the Bitcoin Poker providers listed above
  5. Transfer your Bitcoins to the online poker account

The Bitcoin price is known to be very volatile. As a result, a longer holding period is often associated with wins or losses that cannot be directly influenced by your poker skill.

However, if you look at the graph of the past few years, the Bitcoin price has been steadily increasing. It is therefore advisable to hold the cryptocurrency longer in the event of losses until these are compensated for by price increases.

Bitcoin Chart

The casinos presented on our website have all been checked in detail and are therefore trustworthy. However, we can recommend TrustDice especially for Bitcoin Poker. You will find additional recommendations and details in the next section.

The Best Casinos for Bitcoin Poker

You are now armed with all the information to start your Bitcoin Poker adventure. So now you know exactly what Bitcoin Poker is all about and how you can recognize good providers.

Nevertheless, the market for online casinos is large and almost every professional provider makes table games such as poker available to their customers. For this reason, despite all the information and advice, it can take a long time to find a casino that you are pleased with.

That is why we offer you a practical overview below, which introduces you to the best online casinos for Bitcoin Poker and focuses on their strengths. This way, you can save yourself the trouble of comparing several providers yourself.

Test winner: TrustDice: Strong bonus offer and extensive offer

TrustDice Logo

The most important advantages at a glance:

The best-rated casino by us in this category is also TrustDice. The provider was also able to convince with an extensive range of different Bitcoin poker variants. From stud poker to cyberstud to classic Texas Hold'em, everything is available.

Additionally, the no deposit bonus represents an unbeatable deal that we couldn't find at any other casino.

Read the full review!

Casino360: Varied possibilities for Bitcoin Poker

Attention: The casino is no longer available! If it changes, we will let you know immediately.

The most important advantages at a glance:

The second online casino we would like to introduce to you is Casino360. The first positive point for poker players can already be seen on the homepage.

The well-known table games section at Casino360 is divided into two useful areas, roulette and card games. In practice, this means that if you want to access Bitcoin Poker, you don't have to scroll through numerous offers for roulette and other table games.

But the range of Bitcoin Poker is also impressive. Casino360 offers several variants of poker. Stud poker fans can enjoy Cyberstud, while Texas Hold'em fans can enjoy access to two variants.

However, the provider's live casino is not included in this selection. There is also a well-designed offer available to players in this area. This allows players to enjoy live stud poker and even three-card poker. So if you value an authentic casino atmosphere and enjoy playing poker with other players, Caisno360 is the place for you.

Casino360's customer service is solid. Unfortunately, there is no live chat, but there is an email address, thanks to which players can get reliable answers to questions and problems. This offer is complemented by an extensive FAQ that makes it easy for players to inform themselves.

In terms of seriousness, you can rest easy with this provider. Casino360 is a reputable and professional Bitcoin casino, which is underpinned by the state gaming license from Curaçao.

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1xBit: Extensive bonus meets modern interface

1xbit Logo

The most important advantages at a glance:

The next provider that we would like to introduce to you is the 1xBit Casino. The name already reveals that 1xBit is well-experienced in dealing with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

But even on closer inspection, the casino manages to confirm this assumption. 1xBit offers new players a deposit bonus of up to Bitcoins. This is a large amount that you can put to good use playing Bitcoin Poker.

However, it is important to note that the 7 bitcoins are not paid out all at once. Instead, the payout is made in fractional bonuses for the first four deposits.

The bonus for the first deposit is 100% up to 1 Bitcoin. This means that after your first deposit, you can start with a starting capital of Bitcoins at 1xBit. The bonus conditions for the second bonus are a bit weaker, but the third bonus with a rate of 100% and a maximum number of Bitcoins can inspire.

But what about the Bitcoin Poker offer itself? Luckily, very convincing! In the live casino, there are several variants of Bitcoin Poker that you can experience with other players. You can play both Texas Hold'em and Stud Poker in the casino.

It is also positive to note that the live casino is well sorted – all variants of Bitcoin Poker are listed in their section, ensuring that you can find your favorite game quickly. Finally, the high quality of the games should be mentioned. Since most of the software comes from popular developers like Ezugi and Evolution Play, you can be sure of a good live casino performance.

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Greenspin: Comprehensive service ensures a professional atmosphere

Greenspin Logo

The most important advantages at a glance:

The provider Greenspin has also made it into our selection of the best online casinos for Bitcoin Poker. This is primarily due to the selection that players can access at Greenspin.

The traditional poker variants Stud and Texas Hold'em can be found in the provider's portfolio. However, Greenspin also offers more specialized variants such as three-card poker and Caribbean poker in their portfolio.

Another advantage of the provider is the good range of services. It is particularly important when playing with Bitcoin to choose a reputable and professional casino. Fortunately, the provider is aware of this connection, which is why you can look forward to high-quality service.

If you have any questions while playing Bitcoin Poker, the first place to go is the live chat. This can be called up at any time via the dialog box and is ideal for quickly answering spontaneous questions. The alternative to this is contact via e-mail, which also offers enough space to formulate more complex questions and problems.

A detailed FAQ supplements the service program. Players can take this to hand if they want to try to find out more themselves, or if they are waiting for an email from support.

Finally, Greenspin's image is rounded off by the state gambling license from Curaçao. Since this license is only issued to reputable and high-quality providers, you can be sure that you can enjoy bitcoin poker in a safe environment at Greenspin.

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7Bit Casino: Tiered bonus for long-term rewards

7BitCasino Logo

The most important advantages at a glance:

The Bit Casino is also well positioned in the Bitcoin Poker area, which is why the provider made it onto this list with flying colors. There are numerous variants of the card game in the table games category. For example, you can access Joker Poker, Stud Poker or Casino Hold'em at any time.

With a view to the live casino, however, the portfolio is still being expanded. You can also enjoy Casino Hold'em live. There's also three-card poker available in the live casino if you're desiring a few quicker rounds of play.

However, this convincing first impression only becomes an irresistible offer with the bonus program. New players are supported at 7 Bit Casino with four consecutive deposit bonuses.

For the first deposit, new players can get a 100% matchup, securing themselves an extra 1.5 bitcoin. So if you fully exploit this first bonus, you can start your visit to the 7 Bit Casino with bitcoins. With the following three bonuses, you can receive a total of 5 Bitcoin as a bonus amount. It is therefore worthwhile for you to play in the 7 Bit Casino in the long term.

Another advantage is that 7 Bit Casino does not charge any fees for transactions with Bitcoin. This prevents you from accumulating hidden costs over time that negatively affect your winnings. Otherwise, you would lose a small percentage of the amount every time you deposit or withdraw, which should be avoided with a valuable cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

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BitStarz: Strong combination of bonus offer and game selection

Bitstarz Logo

The most important advantages at a glance:

The last online casino we would like to recommend for Bitcoin Poker is BitStarz Casino. BitStarz also has the specialization in Bitcoin in its name. For that reason, let's take a look at the poker offering first.

The first appropriate game that players encounter during a visit is classic Texas Hold'em.

For a traditional poker experience, BitStarz already offers the right basic equipment. But there are also special variants in the casino's portfolio. You can alternatively access three-card poker or trey poker.

However, another variant of Bitcoin Poker is offered in the live casino. This allows you to play Caribbean stud poker in real time if you feel like sharing your bitcoin poker experience with other players online.

The bonus program further supports this varied selection. You can get up to bitcoins as a deposit bonus, giving you plenty of opportunities to try bitcoin poker and other games at the casino and start winning early. It also applies to BitStarz that the bonus is paid out in four individual steps:

As you can see, the first and last bonus offer the most favorable conditions. For this reason, it can be especially rewarding for you to stay loyal to BitStarz Casino and play at this provider for a longer period of time.

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