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Celsius Casino Review
Up to 500 € in Crypto

Celsius Casino Review

Max Reichelt Author
Casino Tester

Interested in trying out a new online casino? If so, we have good news for you! Celsius Casino offers attractive bonus offers and great service.

You can look forward to an all-around contemporary casino experience because Celsius Casino is brand new and has only started operations in November 2020.

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Step 1

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Register here!

Step 2

Enter your data and optionally phone number or telegram.

Step 3

Enjoy two consecutive deposit bonuses up to the equivalent of €500.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the bonus offers, game selection and service options of the provider. This way you can start playing at Celsius Casino without any problems.

In this regard, this article is particularly aimed at cryptocurrency users, as Celsius Casino is a crypto casino.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
Selection of games leaves nothing to be desired Multilingualism works only conditionally
Battles provide interaction and excitement Bonuses with free spins are rare
Global chat promotes communication among players
Large selection of fiat and cryptocurrencies
VIP club rewards loyal players with bonuses

Quick Registration via Email or Google

When signing up at Celsius Casino, you have two options: Either use Single Sign-On (SSO) via Google, or sign up using your email address. If you choose the SSO method, the registration will be completed in no time. Your Google account will simply be linked to the online casino.

Celsius Registration

If you wish to sign up using your email address, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website celsiuscasino.com.
  2. Click on the “Register” button located at the top right.
  3. Enter your username, email address, and password.
  4. Provide your date of birth, country, and language.
  5. Input your address and full name.
  6. Optionally, add a phone number or Telegram.
  7. Complete the registration process.
  8. Deposit money and play your favorite games.

Theoretically, you could set the language to a different language before registering, but we consider the translation to be suboptimal. For this reason, you are welcome to keep the language in English. Moreover, you have the option to change the language during the registration process anyway. If you do not understand English, this is not a problem at all. Keep in mind that you need to fill out three different online forms (Step 3, 4, and 5) in total. Only then will the registration be completed.

Celsius Casino - great bonuses for beginners

First things first: The bonus offers are especially interesting for new players, as they can significantly facilitate the start of the game. Newly registered players can receive an attractive deposit bonus or numerous free spins at most providers.

If you choose Celsius Casino, you can even look forward to a whole two deposit bonuses.

Celsius Deposit Bonus

With the first bonus, a surcharge of 100% waits for you, which doubles your first deposit. You can receive up to €300 as a bonus. If you take full advantage of this offer, you can start with a full €600 at Celsius. This not only gives you more room to try out the provider's large selection of games, but also increases your chances of lucrative winnings.

With many providers, this would be the end of the benefits for new players, but not so at Celsius Casino. Here, players who have been loyal to the provider for a long time and want more bonuses will also find a surcharge for their second deposit.

However, the special feature here is that the second deposit bonus brings with it odds of 200%. This means that this bonus is even more efficient than the first one. So, at Celsius Casino, loyalty is rewarded and players can enjoy a tripling of their second deposit. It should be noted that the second deposit bonus is capped at an amount of €200.

Additional Weekly and Monthly Bonuses

In addition to the Celsius Casino bonus for newcomers, the casino offers further bonuses. The distinction with these bonuses is that they are aimed at existing customers. Celsius Casino provides both weekly and monthly bonuses. However, these bonuses are typically not accessible to all players. They become available only after reaching a certain VIP level. The benefit is that the VIP program includes much more than just weekly and monthly bonuses. In fact, there are rewards for each level, one way or another.

Regular Events for Added Gaming Fun

No online casino should do without events these days. After all, they are what keeps a casino alive. While Celsius Casino doesn't host numerous events, there's almost always something happening that adds to the enjoyment of the game. If you'd like to learn more about current events, simply click on “Events” in the menu.

Celsius Events

Battles with Other Players

Do you enjoy competing with other players? Then you're likely to appreciate a specific feature at Celsius Casino. In contrast to most other casinos, the online casino allows battles between its players. You can initiate battles and invite other players to join. Moreover, you can specify the amount of money at stake. Alongside the global chat, you can always view the ongoing battles under the “Battles” section. If you're interested in the wager and the game, you can join with a single click.

Celsius Battles

Passionate Gamers Can Unlock Achievements

While this isn't a specific Celsius Casino bonus, and we're unsure if unlocking achievements offers particular advantages, avid players are still likely to find joy in it. Yes, you heard it right. At Celsius Casino, you can gradually unlock achievements through certain actions—similar to console or PC games. There are achievements for referring friends, playing days, and placing bets, among others. Even if these achievements don't directly impact gameplay, you can at least show them off.

VIP Program Rewards Loyalty with Attractive Bonuses

To ensure that loyal players feel comfortable at Celsius Casino, the casino has introduced a VIP program with six different tiers. Each of these tiers comes with its Celsius Casino bonus. Even at the lowest tier, “Newbie,” you'll receive an immediate 5% rakeback and access to the VIP Telegram channel. Upon reaching the next tier, “Apprentice,” you'll enjoy 8% immediate rakeback, and in the subsequent tier, “Bookmaker,” it increases to 10% immediate rakeback. Moving on to the “Banker” tier, a significant difference arises, as you'll have your VIP advisor from this point onward. Additionally, as with the previous tiers, you'll receive an immediate rakeback of 15%. You get to keep the advisor in the subsequent tiers, “Shark” and “Whale,” with the only difference being the amount of rakeback. “Shark” offers 20% immediate rakeback, while “Whale” provides 22%.

Celsius VIP Program

We would like to emphasize once again that, in addition to the mentioned perks, you can also benefit from monthly and weekly bonuses. You can track your progress in the VIP program at any time by checking the “Progress” section.

Large game selection offers long-term gaming fun

Particularly remarkable for such a young online casino is the extensive game selection. In total, almost 4,000 slots are waiting for new players, covering a wide range of different themes. Thus, every player should be able to find several titles that suit him.

Celsius Slots

Highlights include the ever-popular “Book of Dead”, which takes the player on a voyage of discovery into the mysterious Pharaonic tombs of Ancient Egypt. “Gonzo's Quest” is also worth a mention here. This visually appealing game offers a thrilling slot adventure in the jungles of Central America, which may lead to the discovery of the legendary Aztec gold.

But even apart from these classics, the game portfolio at Celsius Casino is of high quality. This is ensured by the fact that Celsius Casino sources its games from experienced providers that are established in the industry. For example, Evolution Gaming, Netent, Pragmatic Play and PlaynGO are among the developers of Celsius Casino.

In addition to the slot machines, the Live Casino of the provider is also positive. This includes 426 different games. So if you like to enjoy exciting table games like Poker, Blackjack and Roulette in real time, Celsius Casino is precisely the right provider for you.

Many payment methods offer flexibility

As already mentioned, Celsius Casino is a crypto casino. So if you are in possession of Bitcoin or have been looking for an interesting crypto casino for a while, Celsius Casino is especially worth a look. However, users of other well-known cryptocurrencies can also take advantage of what Celsius Casino has to offer. Thus, players with Ethereum or Litecoin can also enjoy the full casino program.

Celsius Zahlungsmethoden

Moreover, cryptocurrencies can be purchased directly with a credit card at this provider, so you can save yourself the detour via an exchange.

The deposit and withdrawal limits at Celsius Casino are also designed in such a way that you as a player can enjoy the greatest possible flexibility. This means that for deposits and withdrawals, you just have to move a minimum amount of the equivalent of €0.01 to be able to carry out the transaction. So, you can withdraw even smaller profits. At the same time, this system offers you good control over your casino budget.

Stay Informed with Betting Statistics for a Clear Overview

Maintaining a clear overview of your wagers in an online casino can sometimes be challenging. That's why Celsius offers its players' statistics. To access the statistics, begin by clicking on your profile picture. Next, you'll see an option labeled "Statistic." Click on this, and you'll be directed to an archive. Within this archive, you can view the dates on which you placed specific bets. For enhanced clarity, there are even hyperlinks provided.

Global Chat for Communication with Other Players

In most online casinos, communicating with other players is either not possible or limited to live games. However, Celsius Casino differs in this aspect, as the casino places significant importance on player interaction. This is evident not only through battles but also through the global chat feature. Anyone can leave a message in the global chat.

Celsius Global Chat

This feature is particularly useful for asking questions or getting to know other players. Many players even use the global chat as an alternative to customer support. In some situations, there's nothing wrong with that. Only in cases involving issues with withdrawals or similar serious matters should you promptly contact customer support.

Transparency through Publicly Accessible Payouts and Bets

Online casinos have become an integral part of the gambling industry. However, this doesn't mean that all providers are reputable. While this applies to the majority of casinos, including Celsius Casino, many online casinos lack transparency. This issue doesn't exist here: You can access information about payouts, bets, multipliers, and the corresponding player along with their bet ID at any time.

Extensive service offers help for new players

Especially, players with less online casino experience often have questions or problems that require a quick solution. For this, a professional customer service is essential. Fortunately, you can contact the support at Celsius Casino at any time via email. You can look forward to high-quality advice, which is also offered in German.

In addition to the e-mail support, you can of course also use the practical live chat. This can be opened at any time while playing. All you have to do is click the small icon at the bottom right and a competent service employee will be at your disposal.

Two-Factor Authentication for Protection against Cybercriminals

In our modern era, cybercriminals pose a significant threat. Therefore, businesses operating online, such as online casinos, should always invest in protective measures. One of these measures is two-factor authentication. It ensures that nobody can log into your account using only a username and password. Access is granted only after providing additional information, such as a code sent to your smartphone. Celsius enables you to activate two-factor authentication to safeguard your account.

Strong license for Curaçao guarantees a safe gaming environment

Of course, security is also an important aspect when choosing a new online casino. In the case of Celsius Casino, however, you can be completely reassured on this subject. The provider has a serious gambling license from the state of Curaçao. This guarantees fair gaming conditions, high-quality service, and thus enables a safe gaming environment.

Translations of the Website Fail to Impress

In essence, it is a multilingual online casino, as numerous languages are available for selection once you scroll down. The only issue is that the translations leave much to be desired. We set the website to German and immediately noticed two problems. Firstly, certain terms were translated incorrectly, and secondly, many were left in English. While the online casino remains usable for players from all around the world, the gambling provider could have put more effort into this aspect.

Conclusion: Celsius Casino offers a comprehensive range of services

Overall, Celsius Casino can convince in all important aspects. The bonus offer is particularly noteworthy. With this program, which is especially geared towards new players, a total of€500 can be unlocked for the first two deposits, which makes it immensely easier to get started playing. But even if players with a lower budget want to enjoy casino games, it is worth taking advantage of the deposit bonuses.

There are also enough opportunities to use this starting capital. Thus, with almost 4,000 slots and over 400 live games, players should have enough to do. Finally, it should be noted that the offer of Celsius Casino is optimally rounded off by service, license and payment methods. So, if you are looking for an exciting casino that provides you with promising offers, we can only warmly recommend Celsius Casino.

Max Reichelt Author
Casino Tester

Max is a seasoned casino expert with nearly a decade of experience who specializes in analyzing bonus offers and enhancing the player experience through his in-depth industry knowledge and strategic gaming tips.

Last updated on 01/18/2024 um 1:56 p.m.
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