The Ultimate Ethereum Casino Guide

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Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity because they have shown themselves as reliable forms of payment and investment. There are Ethereum casino providers made especially for this purpose, thanks to the success of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum in the world of online casinos.

This post will teach you everything you need to know about Ethereum, a highly sought-after cryptocurrency, as well as what makes a decent Ethereum casino. Whether you want to acquire the cryptocurrency or you already have an Ethereum wallet that is fully loaded and want to increase your earnings. This post will outline the criteria you should consider while selecting the best Ethereum casino.

The bonus offers in the list are all the same for deposits made with Ethereum. The information in Bitcoin or Fiat currencies is only for better comparability of the offers.

Up to:
3 Bitcoin
+ $25 No Deposit
+ 10 Free Spins

5.0 rating
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer

- Minimum deposit is 0.0003 BTC
- The bonus amount must be wagered 40x
. - Maximum win from free spins: 0.005 BTC

Wheel of Fortune No Deposit Bonus
Free Spins & Real Money
4.8 rating
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer
- Rakeback-Prämien sind nach der Gutschrift 60 Tage lang gültig
- Bonusgelder sind nicht für Rakeback-Belohnungen berechtigt
100% up to:
1 Bitcoin
+ 100 Free Spins
4.8 rating
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer
- Mindesteinzahlung 20 USDT
- Freispiele werden auf zweimal gutgeschrieben
- Umsatzbedingung 40x
Up to:
100% deposit bonus
+ 10% cashback
4.8 rating
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer
- Live dealers, table games and occasional odd games are excluded from the bonus.
- Bonus must be wagered within 7 days
- Get a 100% bonus on your first deposit with a total bonus of up to 50,000 micro-bitcoins, 10,000 milli-litecoins, 3,000 dogecoins, 200 milli-ethereum
Up to:
0.09 Bitcoin
+ 200 Freespins
4.8 rating
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer
- Auszahlung bereits ab 0,0013 BTC
- Maximale Auszahlung 0,25 BTC pro Transaktion

What is Ethereum all about?

Launched in 2015, Ethereum is a decentralized network built on blockchain technology. This platform differs from traditional cryptocurrencies due to smart contracts.

These are applications that were created directly on the blockchain. This allows certain information to be managed and functions to be performed.

There is a public address for these smart contracts. This address is visible to all, thus. Ether can be received and stored by a smart contract. Therefore, it is even possible to develop numerous smart contracts that talk to one another. Depending on the situation, they may also swap data or ether.

You may use it, for instance, to instantly transmit a monthly pay that is overdue or manage monthly subscriptions. Each time, the payment's legitimacy is examined. The sender's address is therefore recorded and marked as active.

Erklärungsvideo (Englisch)

This is merely one of Ethereum's less well-known features, though. Naturally, the importance of Ethereum as a cryptocurrency is highlighted. Unlike conventional FIAT currencies, cryptocurrencies are entirely decentralized digital payment methods.

This indicates that no middleman, such a bank, is required to complete the specific transaction. This factor has a tremendous impact on the properties of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, making their fast transaction times and robust anonymity their key benefits.

How exactly does Ethereum work?

Many consumers are curious about how cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, actually operate. Basically, it can be said that Ethereum, like many other cryptocurrencies, is based on blockchain technology, which is why the way it works is comparable.

Naturally, the term "blockchain" itself needs to be defined, which is why the following part includes a thorough explanation of the operation of the decentralized verification system.

The Blockchain

A new block, which may be thought of as a string of pearls, is added to the blockchain whenever a user completes a transaction. Each individual block is a representation of a transaction that has already been completed but leaves a record of the information in the blockchain. With each new transaction, this chaining expands even further, adding a fresh component to the blockchain.

This system's key benefit is the assurance with which authorizations can be carried out. A transaction may be precisely identified by comparing the connected blocks before and after it since the blockchain is order unchangeable.

Blockchain Infografik

So far, so good: the sender and recipient of a transaction can both be precisely recognized. But what about the transaction itself? This question is all the more interesting given that cryptocurrencies like Ethereum allow their users a characteristically high degree of anonymity.

This supposed contradiction is resolved by specific key files. Thus, a blockchain transaction uses two encrypted identifying numbers.

A private key that is specific to the sender is used to sign the recipient's wallet. In the end, the private key code records the new item's amount, source wallet, and destination wallet in the blockchain.

Since the wallet itself forbids inferences about personal information about its owner, the transaction can be identified with precise precision while the sender's identity remains hidden. Unlike a bank transfer, which calls for an IBAN that is always associated with a name and address.

Ethereum transaction

Here is a helpful step-by-step breakdown of how a blockchain transaction operates for easy reference if you need to read things again:

  1. When a transaction is started, the recipient's public key is specified
  2. Private key generated by sender
  3. Transaction is entered into blockchain
  4. After automatic verification, the transaction is carried out
  5. The entire process remains traceable thanks to the permanent, unchangeable blockchain

You shouldn't be hesitant to use Ethereum because transactions using it can basically be broken down into five easy steps.

Difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum

A decentralized platform for digital contracts is Ethereum. As a result, a blockchain-based open peer-to-peer network is involved. Bitcoin may be used to transfer money, but Ethereum has much more applications. You can build any kind of application because it offers the foundation needed to run decentralized ones.

Launching a website is a frequent illustration. These typically have a single server and database attached to them. On the other hand, the various components of a blockchain are all analogous to the decentralized version of a website.

Bitcoin (BTC)Ether (ETH)
Market capitalization$ 376,593,166,156$ 177,865,435,095
Current circulation quantity>17 million>102 million
Maximum circulation21 millionNo upper limit
Current mining/release rate12.5 per block3 per block
Maximum transactions per second720
Approximate block validation time10 minutes15 seconds
Difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum (as of September 2022)

There are benefits and drawbacks to this variation. Because they only need to make server-side references, traditional websites operate substantially faster. A decentralized website, however, provides a far higher level of security. This makes it far more difficult for hackers to compromise every single component of the blockchain, if not impossible.

As explained, each element of the blockchain legitimizes the ones that follow, so subverting a single element will not allow the hacker to access the website. But a decentralized site also acts a little slower for this extraordinary level of security.

Therefore, the needs and purpose of the website should determine whether a central server or a decentralized blockchain is more appropriate for it. This feature for developing applications is not now available in Bitcoin, and it most likely never will be. Ethereum was thus fundamentally created with this all-encompassing claim.

How to get Ethereum?

This is when mining, similar to Bitcoin, comes into play. Block creation is a labor-intensive process. Every 10 to 15 seconds, a miner creates a new block in Ethereum. Smart contract transactions are recorded on the blockchain as transfers. You must also pay a little cost if you wish to execute a function. Thus, it is not a transaction to simply read data from a smart contract.

The most popular substitute is to purchase Ethereum on a reputable cryptocurrency exchange. Here are some suitable addresses:

bitpanda logo
binance logo
coinbase logo

However, this approach necessitates a similar degree of planning. Choosing a suitable crypto exchange is the first step. The exchange that has the finest layout for you and delivers the features that are most important to you should be the primary determining factor in your choice. Following completion of this, it is advised to closely monitor changes in Ethereum's price and only act when you can purchase either for a low price.

One method that promises both excitement and fun is to play at dedicated Ethereum casinos. Here, it is easily possible with skill and luck in the game to get more Ether. Therefore, Ethereum casinos represent a powerful opportunity for Ether owners to expand their holdings without having to invest giant sums of money.

Ethereum casinos alternatives

CryptocurrencyNumber of casinos
Bitcoin Casinos32
Litecoin Casinos26
Bitcoin Cash Casinos25
Dogecoin Casinos25
Tether Casinos22
Binance Coin Casinos15
Cardano Casino11
Dash Casinos7
Shiba Inu Casinos6
Tron Casinos5

Advantages of Ethereum

Compared to conventional currencies, cryptocurrencies offer numerous advantages that make them are very convenient to use. These advantages also have a positive effect on the online casinos industry so that there are now numerous Ethereum casinos, that convince their users with practical features. In the following we show you the central of Ethereum, the advantages of playing in online casinos are positive.

1. Ethereum offers its users a high degree of anonymity


The privacy that Ethereum gives its users is one of the most important benefits. The fact that receiving cryptocurrencies does not need submitting personal information makes it possible for this service to exist. So, you can make a good wallet without revealing your identity.

This also holds true for signing up for an Ethereum-accepting online casino. Therefore, while enrolling, just entering your wallet ID is sufficient. Users profit from the anonymity, particularly when it comes to online casinos. Gambling is typically seen as a private matter.

It is therefore very convenient that in an Ethereum casino no sensitive data has to be entered. For this reason, you can be sure that your data is safe while playing at an Ethereum casino, which is conducive to a good gaming experience.

2. Transactions with Ethereum run at high speed

Fast transactions

Der nächste zentrale Vorteil ist die hohe Geschwindigkeit, welche Kryptowährungen wie Ethereum garantieren. Da Kryptowährungen ausschließlich digital funktionieren und keine Zwischeninstanz aufweisen, sind Transaktionen in Echtzeit sichergestellt.

This is a huge advantage, especially in the context of online casinos, compared to many traditional transaction options, which can take a few days, such bank transfers.

Players can transfer ether and begin playing as soon as they find an engaging provider. When processing payouts, cryptocurrency' quick processing times come in handy. For many players, it's critical to have rapid and simple access to their earnings. Your profit is nearly immediately available with an Ether payout.

3. Ethereum is suitable as a promising value investment


While Ethereum can't keep up with Bitcoin in terms of market cap, it takes a strong second place. This has the advantage that it is easier to get your hands on the cryptocurrency and benefit from future increases in value, since Ethereum is also growing in market value.

Therefore, a corresponding online casino is a great place to collect lots of Ether and make money with it later. Not to mention that it's entertaining and exciting to play at the casino.

4. Apps and smart contracts can be programmed with Ethereum

Another advantage Ethereum has over other cryptocurrencies is that it can be used to program the websites and applications that run on the widely dispersed, decentralized servers.

Ethereum has the benefit of allowing you to expand your knowledge in a practical and profitable manner, which is advantageous if you want to become intimately acquainted with the cryptocurrency code. Other cryptocurrencies do not provide such sophisticated functionality, which allows Ethereum to be used for much more than just making payments. Ethereum is the ideal combination solution for you if you're interested in gradually becoming familiar with a variety of systems.

New Ethereum casinos Review
4.8 rating
up to: 20% Cashback
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer

- Cashback is credited daily at 00:10 (UTC)
- The cashback is valid 3 days after receipt and 7 days after its activation
- The wagering requirement for the cashback bonus is x3
Up to 5 Bitcoin + 300 Freespins
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer

- Bonus cannot be combined with other offers
- Minimum deposit: 0.005 BTC / 0.12 ETH / 0.4 BCH / 1.2 LTC / 4,800 DOGE / 200 USDT
- The first bonus amount must be wagered 35 times
- Free spins & 40x wagered and are active for 14 days
TrustDice Review
5.0 rating
Up to 3 Bitcoin
+ 10 Free Spins
+ $25 No Deposit
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer

- Minimum deposit is 0.0003 BTC
- The bonus amount must be wagered 40x
. - Maximum win from free spins: 0.005 BTC

How is an Ethereum gambling different from traditional online casinos?

In addition to the special advantages, however, the question arises whether there are other key features that distinguish an Ethereum casino from online casinos. The question whether a prominent bitcoin provider is right for you is addressed in the paragraphs that follow.

How does signing up at an Ethereum casino work?

In actuality, opening an account at an Ethereum casino is significantly dissimilar from doing so at a conventional online casino.

To open an account, these typically need a lot of personal information. Your entire name and phone number must be provided. In theory, you can sign up for an Ethereum casino without having to submit this information.

Instead, all you need to do to complete registration is input the contact information for your crypto wallet. To prevent duplicate registrations, you will typically be required to enter your email address.

You can see that opening an account at an Ethereum casino is simple and quick. This allows the player to start playing in the casino quite spontaneously.

Step-by-step guide to signing up at an Ethereum Casino

We'll now walk you through each stage of opening and funding an Ethereum casino using TrustDice.

Step 1: Account creation with TrustDice

Visit the TrustDice website first. Use this link to get an exclusive Get a bonus of up to $25. There you will go directly to the log-in field. Then click on “Create Account”.

TrustDice login

Now enter a password and your personal information. Then accept the terms and conditions and optionally register for the newsletter.

An email enabling account activation will now be sent to you. To access the TrustDice homepage, click the associated link.

Step 2: Make the first deposit

Various deposit alternatives are available on TrustDice. You can either transfer cryptocurrencies directly through your wallet or use your credit card or PayPal to immediately buy your preferred coins from reputable TrustDice partners.

Be sure to activate the welcome bonus before making your first investment (left). You will receive the money in your player account shortly after making your deposit.

You may also redeem your first presents by going to “Rewards” and entering the special code “FS202203280937” in your profile's “Bonuses” section. You will receive 10 Fire Lightning bonus spins as a result.

Step 3: Start playing

As soon as you make your initial deposit, you can start playing. Pick from a variety of slot machines, card games, sports betting, and more options.

What games are offered at an Ethereum casino?

Basically, the game portfolio for Ethereum does not differ from the range of games that are available for conventional currencies. This is because cryptocurrencies have now established themselves as a reliable means of payment, and many providers recognized the advantages early on. It is therefore possible to play almost every casino game with Ether. So, you can be sure that the complete game portfolio for the cryptocurrency is available in a professional Ethereum Casino.

So, you can access all quality and popular slots like “Book of Dead” or “Quickhit”. Ethereum's users do not have to hold back when it comes to table games, either. Almost all providers have Blackjack and Roulette for the cryptocurrency in the standard program.

It can be different with traditional casinos that started accepting cryptocurrency later. These often only release part of the offer for playing with Ethereum and Co.

Can you get a bonus for gambling with Ethereum?

The rule for the bonus offer is the same as what is applicable to the game selection. All common bonus categories are also available in ether. But then again, a lot will rely on the provider. Thus, casinos that do not accept Ethereum as a currency logically do not offer bonuses for the cryptocurrency. However, attractive bonus offers are always available in an Ethereum casino, making it much simpler for new players to get started.

Ethereum Casino
Example of a generated Ethereum address at TrustDice Casino

The most common example is a deposit bonus that greatly increases the player's starting balance. The casino will frequently provide the player a 100% deposit bonus, which doubles their initial amount. Therefore, you can deposit two ethers and play with a total of four ethers.

Free spins are frequently included to the deal, just like in traditional online casinos, giving you the chance to test out the casino's promotion and collect your first earnings.

In conclusion, there are no drawbacks to using Ethereum as your casino currency because the proper supplier will let you take advantage of all the well-known bonus deals.

According to our research, a deposit of roughly the equivalent of $100 results in expenses of about €20. The casino, however, does not impose these fees. Unfortunately, fees associated with transactions with Ethereum are comparatively hefty.

Is it possible to play with Ethereum in a mobile casino?


Many consumers today demand flexible access to their favorite games while on the go. People enjoy playing a few rounds on their way to work or during their lunch break because they always have their iPhones with them.

As a result of the providers' awareness of this trend, every reputable online casino relies on a top-notch mobile implementation.

Almost every Ethereum casino also offers its users a quality mobile casino so that you can also enjoy your favorite games with Ether on the go. The cryptocurrency is also ideal for a mobile gaming experience, as deposits with Ethereum are instantaneous.

Users of the cryptocurrency have even more options in this regard than gamblers who use traditional money.  

Ethereum Casino FAQ

Questions about the use of Ethereum in casinos keep coming up from our readers. Here, we've provided you with a summary of the most popular ones.

Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency, is available for purchase on all significant cryptocurrency exchanges, including Bitpanda. Additionally, a wallet will be given to you there, which you can use for all future transactions. Due to security reasons, we advise moving bitcoins to a personal wallet, although you can also keep them there for longer periods of time.

bitpanda logo
binance logo
coinbase logo

To make a first-time Ethereum purchase, authentication is necessary. All reputable companies have a somewhat lengthy registration process. Trading, however, becomes much simpler after that.

Tip: Gambling winnings are typically tax-free. When purchasing and selling Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies, taxes can be due. The relevant cryptocurrency exchanges provide thorough records of your trades.

The bonus offers we have, which are mostly listed in Bitcoin or Euro, usually apply to Ethereum to the same extent. We decided to do this to compare the various providers more effectively.

However, this has no bearing on whether or not a bonus offer is accepted. So if you are interested in a welcome bonus, select Ethereum when registering to receive the credit in that currency.

The 7BitCasino deposit bonus is 100% up to 1.5 BTC on the initial transaction, with a maximum prize pool of Bitcoins. This holds true for the same sum for Ethereum or any other available cryptocurrency. When enrolling, be sure to mention this.

7bit casino anmeldung
Wähle die von Dir gewünschte Währung aus.
The following applies: If you deposit with Ethereum in the casino, the winnings are also paid out in Ethereum. A subsequent exchange is typically limited to the specific cryptocurrency exchange.

In general, there are only a handful of countries that specifically prohibit cryptocurrency trading. These currently include Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Bolivia, Nepal and China (as of November 2021; source). In some other countries, digital currencies are not prohibited, but are only tolerated.

Germany is one of the several nations attempting to modify cryptocurrency trading to reflect changes in the stock market. This unequivocally supports government acceptance to allow trading and service use of cryptocurrencies.

Before buying cryptocurrencies, learn about the laws in your nation. If these are banned in your country, there can be significant problems, especially when paying out to a bank account in a fiat currency.

The value of cryptocurrencies is known to be very volatile. This is a result of the unregulated free market.

Thus, supply and demand alone determine the price. Ethereum stands out due to the technology underpinning it, in addition to creative marketing initiatives that can cause the price of individual coins to surge. The cryptocurrency now has the second-highest market capitalization as a result of this.

However, this would merely be a snapshot if we cited the precise value of Ethereum. Only a few seconds later, the value will no longer be accurate. The cryptocurrencies exchanges indicated above provide daily updated pricing.

Generally speaking, a crypto casino needs a license. As a result, a higher authority will verify this. All the casinos listed on this website have been put to the test. You can be confident that you are working with trustworthy casinos as a result.

The duration of the payout depends on two factors:

  1. If the amount in ETH is paid out to your wallet, it usually only takes a few minutes.
  2. Especially classic casinos that have added cryptocurrencies as a payment option only afterwards, the amount is usually converted into a traditional currency such as euros before the transaction. After that, the transfer usually takes two to four business days.
Tip: We particularly like to play in casinos that have focused on cryptocurrencies and therefore do not even offer fiat currencies as a payment method. This guarantees us low fees and quick transactions.

Conclusion: Ethereum is a strong alternative to traditional currencies with special advantages

As has been demonstrated, there are several benefits to using Ethereum as a casino currency for gamers. The cryptocurrency is the best option for those who respect their privacy because it allows them to be anonymous. Players using mobile devices will value Ethereum's quick processing times.

But players seeking a genuine gaming experience can also use Ethereum as a form of payment. There is no disadvantage in using the cryptocurrency, as all common bonus offers and games are also offered for Ether.

Ethereum gambling performs well, especially when compared to other cryptocurrencies. It is therefore challenging for gamers who are interested in Bitcoin to obtain the cryptocurrency. Ethereum, on the other hand, is more affordable because of its lower market value. However, it usually rises; therefore it is worthwhile to invest in and play at online casinos.

The Best Online Casinos for Ethereum Gambling

After reviewing all the benefits and features of an Ethereum casino, it is time to identify the top service providers for you.

We concentrate on online casinos that finest utilize cryptocurrency benefits and present especially alluring deals for Ethereum. Therefore, it will be simple for you to select the Ethereum Casino that best meets your preferences and demands.

Cloudbet: Booker with a heart for Ethereum Gambling

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Strong bonus offer
  • High quality game selection
  • High quality mobile casino
Logo Cloudbet

Let me start by introducing you to Cloudbet, a promising Ethereum casino. Although the service provider views itself primarily as an online sportsbook, it also has a well-developed casino section. The fact that Cloudbet Casino only accepts cryptocurrency for transactions is another aspect that sets it apart.

Given this, the crew has a wealth of experience working with digital currencies and is knowledgeable about what makes for excellent service when it comes to Ethereum gambling.

When they make their first deposit, new players immediately recognize this benefit. You can use the sizable welcome bonus that Cloudbet gives for yourself. The company offers a 100% deposit bonus to new players, doubling your beginning balance. This enables you to sample a significant portion of the game library and determine which games you enjoy playing the best.

Positive feedback should also be given to the bonus's scope: with a maximum of 5 ethers, the upper limit is generous and allows you to secure sizable additional funds. Additionally accommodating to customers, the minimum deposit lets players choose how much of the bonus they want to use. With a deposit of just 0.01 ether, the bonus in this Ethereum casino can already be unlocked.

The other aspects of Cloudbet, aside from the bonus, are equally commendable. For instance, a sizable portion of the portfolio is drawn from the game libraries of well-known creators like NetEnt and Microgaming. The dependable mobile casino, which gives players access to the entire game selection while they're on the road, is another alluring feature.

Read the full review

BitStarz: An Ethereum Casino for Long-Term Players

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Long-term bonus system with a large scope
  • No deposit bonus
  • Competent support around the clock
BitStarz Casino Logo

BitStarz is the following intriguing Ethereum casino that we would like to offer to you. This provider convinces at first glance with its bonus offer, which not only consists of an additional payment, but also offers several consecutive stages.

Even before the player deposits any ether, this Ethereum casino offers a bonus. This is no deposit bonus comes with 20 free spins that you can use to explore the best games at BitStarz Casino – plus there's a chance of winning.

It is advised that you make your first investment if you like the service and believe it to be the best casino for Ethereum gambling. For this, another bonus awaits you: a 100% bonus ensures that your deposit is doubled up to a bonus amount of one Ether.

But there are also similar offers for the following three deposits so that you can receive a bonus amount of up to 5 ethers in the long term. In addition to making it simpler for new gamers to sign up, this method rewards devoted clients and generates long-term advantages.

BitStarz has additional benefits in addition to this smart bonus structure that make it a desirable location for Ethereum gambling. Above all, it is important to call attention to the customer support, which is open 24/7 and offers guidance and assistance.

You can contact the knowledgeable support staff via email or the useful live chat feature. Alternatively, the site also offers a comprehensive FAQ in which the provider answers the most frequently asked questions in advance.

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7Bit: Ethereum Casino with a high level of comfort

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Long-term bonus system
  • Additional free spins
  • No deposit fees for Ethereum
7BitCasino Logo

Another worthwhile Ethereum casino that offers players several benefits is 7Bit. The program already starts with the welcome bonus that you can activate with a minimum deposit of 0.014. The bonus has a 0.65 Ether maximum cap, which is added to your initial deposit. So, if you want to make the most of the bonus, you should deposit 0.65 Ether, which gives you a total amount of 1.3 Ether.

100 more free spins are added as a final touch to the bonus, allowing you to further explore 7Bit's features. However, this Ethereum Casino additionally offers a bonus for your subsequent three deposits. You can do this to acquire a total of 3 more ethers, giving you long-term benefits for your Ethereum gambling.

Even apart from the bonus, 7Bit is suitable for Ethereum users thanks to its properties. An important aspect is that you do not have to pay any transaction fees for deposits with the cryptocurrency. This is a really important benefit. Fees build up in this way over time, making them potentially significant hidden costs.

Such costs are not present at 7Bit, which demonstrates the high level of customer proximity. The expert help you may get daily also supports this. There is an email address provided for this reason, and a helpful FAQ completes the page.

Due to the fact that Ethereum is a valuable cryptocurrency, you should thoroughly research the casino before making a deposit. A strong point is the 7-bit support.

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1xBit: The perfect all-round package for Ethereum Gambling

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Extensive and long-term bonus program
  • Reliable support including live chat
  • High quality game selection
1xbit Logo

One of our suggested suppliers for Ethereum gambling is 1xBit Casino. As implied by the name, this online casino also specializes in cryptocurrency, which accounts for the wide range of electronic payment options. Each of these currencies, including Ethereum, are also eligible for the alluring bonus scheme.

Again, this is a tiered bonus offer that activates a bonus balance of up to 7 ethers over four individual deposits. It launches with a 100% initial deposit bonus that may be applied to get up to 1 extra Ether.

Particularly interesting is the bonus for the fourth deposit, which may total three ethers. This Ethereum casino is worth following because only regular players are eligible for this generous offer.

Additionally impressive is 1xBit's assortment of games. Here, especially slot machine enthusiasts, will receive their money's worth. First and foremost, Evolution Gaming offers an engaging Ethereum gaming experience with fun and eye-catching games.

The customer service completes the 1xBit bundle to perfection. You can reach the live chat available at the casino 24/7. This allows you to quickly and unbureaucratically clarify predominantly simple issues – you don't have to wait for an email response or spend time on hold.

Alternatively, however, several e-mail addresses are available, which are responsible for different concerns. This guarantees a prompt and knowledgeable response.

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Cryptowild: A beginner-friendly Ethereum casino

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Great bonus offer with lucrative entry bonus
  • No deposit fees for Ethereum
  • Popular developers provide strong game selection

Finally, we can warmly recommend Cryptowild Casino. This cryptocurrency expert provides a thrilling Ethereum gaming experience as well.

First off, games from well-known publishers Ezugi and Pragmatic Play, who never fail to awe with their innovative gaming mechanics, may be found in the portfolio. Additionally, the casino's welcoming plain style makes it simpler for inexperienced players in particular to get about due to its straightforward architecture.

The Cryptowild bonus is also aimed in particular at Ethereum users, as a specially weighted bonus offer is available for this cryptocurrency. For the initial deposit, up to 10 ethers may be received.

Given the 150% odds, this incentive will help you off to a prosperous start. However, for the subsequent three deposits, you will additionally receive 10 Ether. Nevertheless, at a lower rate of 50%. Even so, for new players who wish to test out Ethereum gambling, the initial deposit bonus is a significant advantage. This is especially true since the bonus is rounded out by a full 150 free spins, which gives you as a new player even more chances to win early.

Another benefit of Cryptowild is that there are no costs associated with deposits of Ethereum. This advantage prevents hidden expenses from building up over time without the players' knowledge. Aside from making it simpler for novice players to get started, this is also beneficial for seasoned players who frequently make deposits. Furthermore, since no valuable ether needs to be spent on fees, the free transactions guarantee that Cryptowild is a great Ethereum casino.

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