The Ultimate Ethereum Casino Guide

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Cryptocurrencies have proven to be a reputable means of currency and investment and are becoming increasingly popular. Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum have also established themselves in the field of online casinos, so that there are Ethereum casino providers specifically designed for this purpose.

In this article, you will learn all the important information about the coveted cryptocurrency Ethereum and what makes a good Ethereum casino. So whether you are interested in getting your hands on the cryptocurrency or you already have a well-filled Ethereum wallet and want to earn more - this article will show you what to look for when choosing the right Ethereum casino.

The bonus offers in the list are all the same for deposits made with Ethereum. The information in Bitcoin or Fiat currencies is only for better comparability of the offers.

No Deposit Bonus
30 Free Spins
for Dig Dig Digger
Bonus Code: MX20
4.8 rating
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New customer offer

- Minimum deposit of €1
- Bonus must be wagered 50x
- A maximum of €100 can be won with the bonus.
100% up to:
5 Bitcoin
+ exclusive 100 Freespins
4.8 rating
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer

- Minimum deposit generally 0.0001 BTC
- converted 50€ minimum deposit for 300 free spins
- The Cloudbet Bonus is cleared through Loyalty Points
- After receipt, the amount must be cleared within 365 days
Up to:
1 Bitcoin
+ 100 Free Spins No Deposit
4.8 rating
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New customer offer
- Bonus ohne Einzahlung für 14 Tage gültig.
- Gewinne aus Bonus ohne Einzahlung müssen 25x umgesetzt werden.
Up to:
5 Bitcoin
+ 200 TFS No Deposit
+ 140 Freespins

4.8 rating
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer

- Minimum deposit 20$
- The bonus amount must be wagered within three days
- Coefficients of the games can be found in the review
- Bonus must be wagered 25x each
Up to:
20% Monthly Cashback
4.8 rating
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer
- Play at least 2/15/40 mBTC to unlock each pack.
- You will receive your free chips immediately after activating your package.
- All free chips will be credited with no wagering requirements.
- All free chips will be credited for Evolution games.
- Repeat your standard or premium package for the maximum bonus.

What is Ethereum all about?

Ethereum is a decentralized network based on blockchain technology and was launched in 2015. The reason this platform stands out from classic cryptos is because of smart contracts.

These are programs written by someone directly on the blockchain. This allows certain information to be managed and functions to be performed.

These smart contracts have a public address. So everyone can see this address. A smart contract can receive and store Ether. So it is even possible to create multiple smart contracts that communicate with each other. They can also exchange information or Ether, depending on the event.

For example, you can use it to manage monthly subscriptions or transfer a due monthly fee directly. The validity of the payment is checked in each case. As a result, the sender's address is saved and noted as activated.

Erklärungsvideo (Englisch)

However, this is just one of Ethereum’s lesser-known features. Of course, the role of Ethereum as a cryptocurrency is in the foreground. Cryptocurrencies are digital means of payment that, unlike traditional FIAT currencies, are completely decentralized.

This means there is no intermediary body, such as a bank, which has to carry out the respective transaction. This aspect noticeably determines the properties of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, so that the main advantages lie in the high transaction speed and strong anonymity.

How exactly does Ethereum work?

Many users wonder how cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, actually work. Basically, it can be said that Ethereum, like many other cryptocurrencies, is also based on blockchain technology, which is why the way it works is easily comparable.

Of course, the term blockchain itself also requires explanation, which is why you will find a detailed description of how the decentralized verification system works in the following section.

The Blockchain

When a user makes a transaction, a new block is appended to the blockchain as an element, which can be visualized as a string of pearls. Each individual block represents a transaction that has already been processed, but which immortalizes its imprint in the blockchain as a data record. This chaining continues to grow with each additional transaction, which in turn leaves a new element in the blockchain.

The great advantage of this system is that authorizations can be carried out with absolute certainty. Because the blockchain is order immutable, a transaction can be accurately identified by comparing the linked block before and after it.

Blockchain Infografik

So far so good: a transaction itself can be identified with complete certainty, but what about identifying the sender and recipient of a transaction? This question is all the more interesting given that cryptocurrencies like Ethereum allow their users a characteristically high degree of anonymity.

This supposed contradiction is resolved by using specific key files. Two encrypted identification numbers are used for a transaction via blockchain. One marks the recipient's wallet, while the sender uses a one-time private key. The code of the private key finally leaves the new element in the blockchain and conveys what amount, from which wallet and from which wallet it came.

In this way, the transaction can be identified with absolute accuracy, while the identity of the sender remains anonymous, since the wallet itself does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about private information about its owner. In contrast to a bank transfer, which requires an IBAN, which is always linked to a name and address.

Ethereum transaction

For quick reference if you want to read something again, here is a handy step-by-step overview of how a transaction works via blockchain:

  1. Transaction is initiated specifying the recipient's public key
  2. Sender generates private key
  3. Transaction is entered into blockchain
  4. After automatic verification, the transaction is carried out
  5. The entire process remains traceable thanks to the permanent, unchangeable blockchain

Transactions with Ethereum can basically be reduced to five steps, which is an extremely clear process, so you should not shy away from using Ethereum.

Difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum

Ethereum is a decentralized platform for digital contracts. So it involves an open peer-to-peer network that uses blockchain technology. While Bitcoin can transfer money, Ethereum has far more use cases. It provides an infrastructure for running decentralized applications and therefore allows you to create all kinds of applications.

A common example is the launch of a website. These are usually connected to just one server and one database. The decentralized variant of a website, on the other hand, corresponds to the numerous elements of a blockchain at the same time.

Bitcoin (BTC)Ether (ETH)
Market capitalization$ 376,593,166,156$ 177,865,435,095
Current circulation quantity>17 million>102 million
Maximum circulation21 millionNo upper limit
Current mining/release rate12.5 per block3 per block
Maximum transactions per second720
Approximate block validation time10 minutes15 seconds
Difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum (as of September 2022)

This variant has both advantages and disadvantages. Traditional websites work noticeably faster because they only need to refer back to a server. However, a decentralized website offers a much higher standard of security. This makes it much more difficult, if not impossible, for hackers to infiltrate every single element of the blockchain.

As explained, each element of the blockchain legitimizes the ones that follow, so subverting a single element will not allow the hacker to access the website. However, for this remarkable level of security, a decentralized site also behaves a little more sluggishly.

Whether a central server or a decentralized blockchain is better suited for a website should therefore depend on the requirements and function of the website. Bitcoin does not yet offer this function for programming applications and will probably never be able to do so. So Ethereum was fundamentally developed with this holistic claim.

How to get Ethereum?

As with Bitcoin, this is where mining comes into play. The creation of blocks involves a lot of effort. In Ethereum, a miner creates a new block every 10-15 seconds. Transactions related to smart contracts are written to the blockchain as transfers. If you want to perform a function, you also have to pay a small fee. So just reading data from a smart contract is not considered a transaction.

The most common alternative is to buy Ethereum on one of the well-known crypto exchanges. Good addresses for this are:

bitpanda logo
binance logo
coinbase logo

However, this method requires an equally high level of preparation. The first thing to do is to choose a suitable crypto exchange. You should make this decision mainly depending on which exchange offers the best layout for you and provides the functions that are important to you. Once this is done, it is advisable to keep a close eye on the price movements of Ethereum and only strike when you can buy ether cheaply.

One method that promises both excitement and fun is to play at dedicated Ethereum casinos. Here it is easily possible with skill and luck in the game to get more Ether. Therefore, Ethereum casinos represent a powerful opportunity for Ether owners to expand their holdings without having to invest huge sums of money.

Advantages of the cryptocurrency Ethereum

Compared to conventional currencies, cryptocurrencies offer numerous advantages that make them very convenient to use. These advantages also have a positive effect on the online casinos industry, so that there are now numerous Ethereum casinos, that convince their users with practical features. In the following we show you the central of Ethereum, the advantages of playing in online casinos are positive.

1. Ethereum offers its users a high degree of anonymity


One of the most relevant advantages is the anonymity that Ethereum guarantees its users. This feature is made possible by the fact that it is not necessary to provide personal information in order to receive the cryptocurrency. Thus, you can create a suitable wallet anonymously.

This also applies to the registration at an online casino that offers Ethereum. Thus, it is sufficient to enter one's wallet ID when registering. The anonymity benefits users especially in the context of online casinos. As a rule, gambling is considered a private topic. It is therefore very convenient that no sensitive data has to be provided in an Ethereum casino. For this reason, you can be sure that your data is safe while playing at an Ethereum casino, which is conducive to a good gaming experience.

2. Transactions with Ethereum run at high speed

Fast transactions

The next key advantage is the high speed that cryptocurrencies like Ethereum guarantee. Since cryptocurrencies only work digitally and have no intermediate instance, real-time transactions are guaranteed. Compared to many traditional transaction options that can take a few days, such as bank transfers, this is an immense advantage, especially in the context of online casinos.

Once they have discovered an interesting provider, players can transfer ether and start playing. The high speed of cryptocurrencies also proves to be helpful when processing payouts. It is important to many players to be able to access their winnings as quickly and easily as possible. With a payout in Ether, your profit is available almost instantly.

3. Ethereum is suitable as a promising value investment


While Ethereum can't keep up with Bitcoin in terms of market cap, it takes a strong second place. This has the advantage that it is easier to get your hands on the cryptocurrency and benefit from future increases in value, since Ethereum is also growing in market value. A corresponding online casino is therefore an excellent opportunity to obtain large amounts of ether and to benefit from it in the future. Not to mention that playing at the casino is also fun and exciting.

4. Apps and smart contracts can be programmed with Ethereum

Another advantage of Ethereum over other cryptocurrencies is that it also acts as a tool to program applications and websites for which the globally distributed, decentralized servers are used.

So if you want to get deeply acquainted with the cryptocurrency code, Ethereum has the advantage of developing your knowledge in a useful and profitable way. Other cryptocurrencies do not offer such advanced functionality, with which the use of Ethereum goes far beyond its use as a mere means of payment. So if you are interested in familiarizing yourself with a diverse system in the long term, Ethereum is the perfect combination solution for you.

New Ethereum casinos Review
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up to: 20% Cashback
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- Cashback is credited daily at 00:10 (UTC)
- The cashback is valid 3 days after receipt and 7 days after its activation
- The wagering requirement for the cashback bonus is x3
Up to 5 Bitcoin + 300 Freespins
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer

- Bonus cannot be combined with other offers
- Minimum deposit: 0.005 BTC / 0.12 ETH / 0.4 BCH / 1.2 LTC / 4,800 DOGE / 200 USDT
- The first bonus amount must be wagered 35 times
- Free spins & 40x wagered and are active for 14 days
TrustDice Review
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- Minimum deposit is 0.0003 BTC
- The bonus amount must be wagered 40x
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How is an Ethereum gambling different from traditional online casinos?

In addition to the special advantages, however, the question arises as to whether there are other key features that distinguish an Ethereum casino from online casinos. In the following we answer the question of whether a provider with the popular cryptocurrency is suitable for you.

How does signing up at an Ethereum casino work?

In fact, registering at an Ethereum casino is very different from signing up for an account at a traditional online casino.

These usually require a lot of personal data to create a new account. You must provide your full name and phone number. In principle, you do not have to provide this information to register in an Ethereum casino.

Instead, it is enough to simply enter the contact of your own crypto wallet and the registration is already complete. As a rule, however, you will be asked to provide an e-mail address in order to avoid multiple registrations.

As you can see, signing up at an Ethereum casino is quick and easy. This allows the player to start playing in the casino quite spontaneously.

Step-by-step guide to signing up at an Ethereum Casino

Using TrustDice, we will now show you the exact steps from opening to depositing in an Ethereum Casino.

Step 1: Account creation with TrustDice

Visit the TrustDice website first. Use this link to get an exclusive Get a bonus of up to $25. There you will go directly to the log-in field. Then click on “Create Account”.

TrustDice login

Now enter your personal data and a password. Then accept the terms and conditions and optionally register for the newsletter.

You will now receive an email with which you can activate your account. Click on the link that will take you to the TrustDice homepage.

Step 2: Make the first deposit

TrustDice offers different deposit options. You can either transfer cryptocurrencies directly via your wallet or purchase your favorite coins directly from trustworthy TrustDice partners with your credit card or Paypal.

Before making the first deposit, activate the welcome bonus (left). After making your deposit, you will have the amount in your player account in just a few minutes.

You can also grab your first gifts via “Rewards” and enter the exclusive code “FS202203280937” under “Bonuses” in your profile. This gives you 10 free spins on Fire Lightning.

Step 3: Start playing

As soon as you have made your first deposit, you can start playing. Choose from a wide range of slots, card games, sports betting and much more.

What games are offered at an Ethereum casino?

Basically, the game portfolio for Ethereum does not differ from the range of games that are available for conventional currencies. This is because cryptocurrencies have now established themselves as a reliable means of payment, and many providers recognized the advantages early on. It is therefore possible to play almost every casino game with Ether. So you can be sure that the complete game portfolio for the cryptocurrency is available in a professional Ethereum Casino.

So you can access all high-quality and popular slots, such as "Book of Dead" or "Quickhit". Ethereum users do not have to cut back on table games either. Almost all providers offer blackjack and roulette for the cryptocurrency as standard.

With conventional casinos, which only offered cryptocurrencies afterwards, things can look different. These often only release part of the offer for playing with Ethereum and Co.

Can you get a bonus for gambling with Ethereum?

What applies to the game selection is also the rule for the bonus offer. You can receive all common bonus types in Ether as well. Once again, however, this is highly dependent on the provider. Thus, casinos that do not accept Ethereum as a currency logically do not offer bonuses for the cryptocurrency. In an Ethereum casino, however, there are always rewarding bonus offers that make it immensely easier for new players to get started.

Ethereum Casino
Example of a generated Ethereum address at TrustDice Casino

The most common example is a deposit bonus that greatly increases the player's starting capital. So, it is common for the casino to offer a 100% deposit bonus that doubles the player's first deposit. So, you can deposit 2 ethers and play with 4 ethers in total.

As with conventional online casinos, the offer is often supplemented by free spins, which allow you to try out the casino's offer and earn your first winnings.

So, all in all, you won't have any disadvantages if you choose Ethereum as your casino currency, as you can enjoy all the popular bonus offers with the right provider.


Our tests have shown that a deposit of the equivalent of around €100 incurs costs of around €20. However, the casino does not charge these costs. Transactions with Ethereum incur fees that are unfortunately comparatively high for Ethereum.

Is it possible to play with Ethereum in a mobile casino?


Nowadays, many users need to be able to access their favorite games flexibly on the go. So people always have their smartphones with them and enjoy playing a few rounds on their way to work or during their lunch break.

The providers are aware of this trend, so that every professional online casino relies on high-quality mobile implementation.

Almost every Ethereum casino also offers its users a quality mobile casino so that you can also enjoy your favorite games with Ether on the go. The cryptocurrency is also ideal for a mobile gaming experience, as deposits with Ethereum are instantaneous.

Users of the cryptocurrency enjoy even greater flexibility in this area compared to players who bet on conventional currencies.  

Ethereum FAQ

Questions about the use of Ethereum in casinos keep coming up from our readers. We have summarized the most common ones for you here.

1. Where can I get Ethereum?

As the second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum can be purchased on all major crypto exchanges, such as Bitpanda. There you will also be assigned a wallet that you can use for all further transactions. Even if we advise transferring cryptocurrencies to a personal wallet due to security concerns, you can also store them there for a longer period of time.

bitpanda logo
binance logo
coinbase logo

Authentication is required to purchase Ethereum for the first time. The registration procedure is a bit tedious with all established providers. However, trading is all the easier afterwards.


Tip: Winnings from gambling are usually tax-free. However, taxes may apply when buying and selling Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies. The respective crypto exchanges offer detailed records of your trades.

2. Do crypto casinos offer a special Ethereum casino bonus?

The bonus offers we have, which are mostly listed in Bitcoin or Euro, usually apply to Ethereum to the same extent. We decided to do this because it enables a better comparison of the individual providers.

However, this has no influence on the claiming of a bonus offer. So if you are interested in a welcome bonus, select Ethereum when registering to receive the credit in that currency.

The deposit bonus at 7BitCasino is 100% up to 1.5 BTC on the first transaction, with a total of up to Bitcoins up for grabs. This therefore applies to the same amount for Ethereum or any other cryptocurrencies offered. It is important to state this when registering.

7bit casino anmeldung
Wähle die von Dir gewünschte Währung aus.

The following applies: If you deposit with Ethereum in the casino, the winnings are also paid out in Ethereum. A subsequent exchange is usually only possible on the respective crypto exchange.

3) In which countries am I allowed to trade Ethereum?

In general, there are only a handful of countries that specifically prohibit cryptocurrency trading. These currently include Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Bolivia, Nepal and China (as of November 2021; source). In some other countries, digital currencies are not prohibited, but are only tolerated.

More and more countries, including Germany, are trying to adapt trading in Ethereum and Co. to events on the capital market. This clearly speaks for government acceptance so that cryptocurrencies can be traded and used for services.

Warning Sign

Find out about the regulations in your country before purchasing cryptocurrencies. If these are banned in your country, there can be significant problems, especially when paying out to a bank account in a fiat currency.

4) How much is ETH currently worth?

The value of cryptocurrencies is known to be very volatile. This is due to the free market and its lack of regulation.

The price is thus determined solely by supply and demand. In addition to clever marketing campaigns that can lead to hype for individual coins, Ethereum stands out due to the technology behind it. This also gave the cryptocurrency the second-highest market capitalization at the moment.

However, citing the exact value of Ethereum here makes little sense. The value will no longer be correct after just a few minutes. You can get daily updated prices at the mentioned crypto exchanges.

5) How do I choose reputable Ethereum casinos?

A crypto casino should generally have a license. This ensures that this is checked by a higher authority. We have put all the casinos on this page through their paces. So, you can be sure that you are dealing with reputable casinos.

6) How long does it take to make a withdrawal with Ethereum?

The duration of the payout depends on two factors:

  1. If the amount in ETH is paid out to your wallet, it usually only takes a few minutes.
  2. Especially classic casinos that have added cryptocurrencies as a payment option only afterwards, the amount is usually converted into a traditional currency such as euros before the transaction. After that, the transfer usually takes two to four business days.


Tip: We particularly like to play in casinos that have focused on cryptocurrencies and therefore do not even offer fiat currencies as a payment method. This ensures low fees and fast transactions for us.

Conclusion: Ethereum is a strong alternative to traditional currencies with special advantages

As has been shown, Ethereum as a casino currency offers numerous advantages that players can take advantage of. Especially for players who value their privacy, the cryptocurrency is ideal for maintaining their anonymity. Mobile players will also appreciate the high speed of Ethereum.

But Ethereum is also a suitable currency for players who are looking for an authentic casino experience. There is no disadvantage in using the cryptocurrency, as all common bonus offers and games are also offered for Ether.

Especially in comparison with other cryptocurrencies, gambling with Ethereum makes a good showing. Thus, it is hard for players who are interested in Bitcoin to get hold of the cryptocurrency. Ethereum, on the other hand, is easier to afford as its market value is not too high. Nevertheless, it tends to increase, so it is worth investing and playing in online casinos.

The Best Online Casinos for Ethereum Gambling

After we have looked at all the advantages and features of an Ethereum casino, it is now a matter of finding the best providers for you.

We focus on casinos that best implement the advantages of the cryptocurrency and provide particularly attractive offers for Ethereum. So you can easily choose the Ethereum Casino that you like the most and that best suits your needs.

Cloudbet: Booker with a heart for Ethereum Gambling

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Strong bonus offer
  • High quality game selection
  • High quality mobile casino
Logo Cloudbet

The first promising Ethereum casino that we would like to introduce to you is Cloudbet. Although the provider sees itself mainly as a booker for online sports betting, it also offers a well-developed casino area. Another feature that makes Cloudbet Casino stand out is that it only offers cryptocurrencies for transactions.

Considering this, the team has a great deal of experience in dealing with electronic currencies and knows what is important when it comes to good service on the subject of Ethereum Gambling.

New players notice this advantage right away when they make their first deposit. Cloudbet offers a large welcome bonus that you can use for yourself. For new players, the provider provides a deposit bonus of 100% that doubles your starting capital. This allows you to try out a large part of the game portfolio and see which titles appeal to you the most.

The scope of the bonus is also to be rated positively: With a maximum amount of 5 ethers, the upper limit is large so that you can secure lucrative additional capital. The minimum deposit is also customer-friendly and allows players to decide for themselves to what extent they want to take advantage of the bonus. The bonus in this Ethereum Casino can already be unlocked with a deposit of only 0.01 Ether.

In addition to the bonus, the other qualities of Cloudbet are also impressive. For example, a large part of the portfolio comes from the game forges of popular developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming. Also appealing is the mobile casino, which is stable and allows players on the go access to the full game selection.

Read the full review

BitStarz: An Ethereum Casino for Long-Term Players

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Long-term bonus system with a large scope
  • No deposit bonus
  • Competent support around the clock
BitStarz Casino Logo

The next interesting Ethereum casino that we would like to introduce to you is BitStarz. This provider convinces at first glance with its bonus offer, which not only consists of an additional payment, but also offers several consecutive stages.

This Ethereum Casino already provides a bonus before the player has even deposited Ether. This no deposit bonus comes with 20 free spins that you can use to explore the best games at BitStarz Casino - plus there's a chance of winning.

If the provider appeals to you, and you think that it is the right casino for Ethereum Gambling, it is recommended that you make your first deposit. Another bonus is waiting for you for this: A surcharge of 100% ensures that your deposit is doubled up to a bonus amount of 1 ether.

But there are also similar offers for the following three deposits, so that you can receive a bonus amount of up to 5 ethers in the long term. This system not only makes it easier for new players to join, but also rewards the loyalty of regular customers and creates long-term benefits.

In addition to this sophisticated bonus system, BitStarz offers other advantages that make it an attractive place for Ethereum gambling. Above all, the customer service should be mentioned, which is active around the clock and is available with advice and action.

The competent service team can be reached either using the practical live chat or by e-mail. Alternatively, the site also offers a comprehensive FAQ in which the provider answers the most frequently asked questions in advance.

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7Bit: Ethereum Casino with a high level of comfort

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Long-term bonus system
  • Additional free spins
  • No deposit fees for Ethereum
7BitCasino Logo

7Bit is another worthwhile Ethereum casino that offers many benefits for players. The program already starts with the welcome bonus, which you can activate with a minimum deposit of 0.014. The bonus is capped at 0.65 Ether, which is added to your actual deposit. So if you want to make the most of the bonus, you should deposit 0.65 Ether, giving you a total of 1.3 Ether.

The bonus is rounded off by 100 additional free spins, which you can use to explore what 7Bit has to offer even further. But you can also get a bonus for the next three deposits in this Ethereum Casino. A total of 3 additional ethers can be unlocked in this way so that you can enjoy long-term advantages for your Ethereum gambling.

Even apart from the bonus, 7Bit is suitable for Ethereum users thanks to its properties. An important aspect is that you do not have to pay any transaction fees for deposits with the cryptocurrency. This is an important advantage. This is how fees accumulate over time, so they can be a big hidden cost.

The absence of such fees at 7Bit indicates the large degree of customer proximity. This is also supported by the professional service you can reach daily. An e-mail contact is available for this purpose, which is rounded off by a practical FAQ.

Since Ethereum is a valuable cryptocurrency, you should inform yourself in detail about the casino before you make a deposit. The 7-bit support makes a good impression.

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1xBit: The perfect all-round package for Ethereum Gambling

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Extensive and long-term bonus program
  • Reliable support including live chat
  • High quality game selection
1xbit Logo

1xBit Casino is also one of our recommended providers for Ethereum gambling. As the name suggests, this online casino is also an expert for cryptocurrencies, which explains the large selection of digital payment methods. The attractive bonus program is also available for each of these currencies, including Ethereum.

Again, this is a tiered bonus offer that activates a bonus balance of up to 7 ethers over four individual deposits. It debuts with a 100% first deposit bonus, which can be used to receive up to 1 additional Ether.

The bonus for the fourth deposit, which can include a total of 3 ethers, is particularly noteworthy. That's why it's worth staying tuned to this Ethereum casino, as only permanent players can enjoy this lucrative bonus.

The game selection of 1xBit is also impressive. Especially fans of slot machines will get their money's worth here. First and foremost, Evolution Gaming provides a convincing Ethereum gambling experience with exciting and visually appealing games.

The customer service rounds off the overall package of 1xBit perfectly. The casino offers a live chat that you can reach 24/7. In this way, simple matters in particular can be clarified quickly and unbureaucratically - so you don't have to wait for an e-mail answer or spend time in the queue.

Alternatively, however, several e-mail addresses are available, which are responsible for different concerns. This ensures a quick and qualified answer.

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Cryptowild: A beginner-friendly Ethereum casino

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Great bonus offer with lucrative entry bonus
  • No deposit fees for Ethereum
  • Popular developers provide strong game selection

Finally, we can warmly recommend Cryptowild Casino. This cryptocurrency expert also offers an exciting experience when it comes to Ethereum gambling.

Firstly, the game portfolio can convince with titles from the popular developers Ezugi and Pragmatic Play, which always know how to inspire with dynamic game mechanics. There is also the friendly basic design of the casino, which makes it easier for new players in particular to find their way around thanks to its clear layout.

The Cryptowild bonus is also aimed in particular at Ethereum users, as a specially weighted bonus offer is available for this cryptocurrency. An amount of up to 10 ethers can be received for the first deposit.

The rate is 150%, so this bonus gives you a lucrative jump-start. But you will also receive 10 Ether for each of the following three deposits. However, at the weaker rate of 50%. Nevertheless, the first deposit bonus in particular is a strong advantage for new players who want to try Ethereum Gambling. This is especially true since the bonus is rounded off by a full 150 free spins, which gives you as a new player even more chances of early winnings.

Another feature of Cryptowild is that the provider does not charge any fees for Ethereum deposits. This benefit ensures that hidden costs don't accumulate over time without players realizing it. Again, this makes it easier for new players to get started, but is also especially useful for long-term players who make many deposits. Furthermore, the free transactions ensure that Cryptowild is an excellent Ethereum casino, since no valuable ether has to be spent on fees.

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