Bitcoin Betting - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Online betting is very popular because it enables exciting betting experiences in your own home. This means that a betting shop does not have to be visited, which makes online betting extremely flexible. In addition, the full selection of providers, sports, and games is available. But a lot has happened on the online betting market. The cryptocurrency Bitcoin has established itself in the field of online betting so that there are now numerous providers who make Bitcoin bets available and have even specialized in it. In addition to the Bitcoin Casino topic, we are also devoting ourselves to this lucrative article.

This bitcoin sports betting guide is aimed at all players who are interested in getting started with bitcoin betting. This is a good idea for gamblers looking to switch to Bitcoin, as well as those who already own the popular cryptocurrency and are interested in sports betting.

In the following, we first show what advantages Bitcoin bets bring and how to place your first bet. We then introduce you to the most popular sports for bitcoin betting, so you can choose the one you like the most. Finally, we offer some helpful tips and tricks.

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Why should you prefer bitcoin betting?

Compared to sports betting with traditional fiat currencies, Bitcoin betting offers several advantages that can neatly enhance the betting experience of players:

Fast transactions enable high flexibility

Fast transactions

Bitcoin stands out in the betting sector mainly due to the high speed with which transactions are carried out. Since the procedure is exclusively digital and there are no intermediary control instances, transfers are completed instantaneously. This feature offers players a high degree of flexibility.

So if you happen to find a game that interests you with your betting provider and you reckon you have a good chance of winning a bet, it is easy to get started quickly.

Bitcoin sports betting offers players a lot of security


Since no personal data has to be provided for the use of Bitcoin, this cryptocurrency offers a high level of security - as well for sports betting with online bookmakers. Since all transactions take place via the Bitcoin wallet, the private data is also secure when betting with Bitcoin so that it cannot fall into the hands of third parties and data misuse is ruled out.

Also, well-known fraud methods, such as fraud when transferring money back to a credit card, cannot occur with Bitcoin betting. This way, players can also enjoy a high level of security regarding the whereabouts of their cryptocurrency.

How can you start betting with Bitcoin?

Theoretically, starting with Bitcoin sports betting is simple. Nevertheless, there are a few tips that can make it noticeably easier to get started. Below, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to get started efficiently.

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1. Find the best bitcoin betting provider

If you already have a Bitcoin wallet, you can start looking for the right booker for your Bitcoin bets. There are many aspects to consider with betting providers so that you can find the best provider for your needs. However, there are a few features you should always pay attention to:

Choice of sportsThe offer of the booker is particularly important. Of course, you would most like to bet on sports that interest you and that you are familiar with. For this reason, you should thoroughly check the bookmaker’s offer before registering. In this way, you avoid the annoying moment when you want to bet on tennis, for example, but exactly this game is not offered.
Take advantage of bonus offersMany providers offer new customers a bonus for Bitcoin bets. If new players use this, it can make it a lot easier for them to get started. A common type of bonus is bonus credit, which you can use to place your first bets. If you find a booker who has lucrative welcome offers ready for you, you will receive an attractive jump-start so that you can get started right away.
Pay attention to the seriousnessIt is just as important that the provider is reputable. Bitcoin is a very valuable cryptocurrency, the price of which is constantly increasing. For this reason, your Bitcoin should be in good hands and protected from fraud attempts. When looking for the right booker, you play it safe if you check whether the provider has a state gaming license. Betting providers have to meet high requirements to obtain these licenses, which speaks for a high degree of seriousness. In general, providers with a license from Malta or Curaçao are recommended. These gambling licenses are commonly perceived as high-quality security guarantors.
Good customer serviceThe customer is king. This should also apply to bitcoin bets. As a rule, you should prefer providers that offer reliable support. It ensures security when competent employees are available to answer your questions and problems. This is particularly important for new players, since they are usually not very familiar with the processes. Make sure the bookmaker offers live chat, email contact or a hotline.

2. Set up your account

Once you have found the right provider, you can start to register. Usually, the button for registration is visible and located at the top of the homepage. When registering, your wallet ID must be entered so that transactions can be carried out.

You should pay attention to whether the provider offers a bonus with bonus code. The bonus code often has to be entered during registration so that the bonus amount is credited to you after registration. This is mostly the case when it comes to a no-deposit bonus.

3. Choose a game that you like

Now it's time to find the right game for your Bitcoin bet. Basically, you should choose a sport that interests you and in which you have good knowledge. The specific game should also be well-chosen, maybe your favorite team is playing or there is a match-up that you have dealt with in detail.

4. Do your bet

When you have finally decided on a game, the time has come, and you can place your bet. It is important to consider which team or player you want to bet on. Specific bets are also possible, so you can not only bet on the winner, but also on a specific game result.

You should make the amount of your stake dependent on your personal budget. How sure you are about the outcome of the game can also affect the amount of your bet. So, it makes sense to place higher Bitcoin bets if you have informed yourself well about the game and are confident that your own prediction will come true.

The best sports for bitcoin betting

In case you need help with the initial orientation, we present the most popular sports for Bitcoin betting below. Who knows? Maybe your favorite sport is already included.

1. Soccer

King soccer rules not only in the stadiums of the world, but also in the virtual betting shops. Soccer is one of the most popular games for sports betting worldwide. This is also reflected in Bitcoin betting. In the classic way, bets can be placed on the victory of the favored team or on a draw. Over time, however, a further differentiation was added, so that with today's Bitcoin betting you can also bet on specific results.

Among other things, it is very popular to bet on the number of goals to be scored, regardless of the team. Popular odds include 0.5; 1.5; 2.5; 3.5. This may seem complicated at first glance, but it is briefly explained: As a rule, an under and an over bet is specified for a game. The player now selects a quota and bets whether it will fall below or exceed it.

For example, if Bremen plays against Schalke, you can bet that the goals will be under the odds of 2.5. If the game then scores two or fewer goals, the bet is won. The odds of 2.5 are also the most popular with most players, as they reflect an average result for both over and under.

2. Basketball

Basketball erfreut sich besonders im US-amerikanischen Raum großer Beliebtheit. Doch auch bei Sportwetten-Fans in Deutschland etabliert sich die Ballsportart langsam. Den Fußballwetten verwandt, wird hier am liebsten auf den Sieg einer Mannschaft gewettet. Dennoch lassen sich auch ohne Probleme Under- und Over-Wetten auf Quoten abgeben.

3. Horseracing

Betting on horse races has a decades-long tradition. So, it's no wonder that this sport is also very popular for Bitcoin bets. There are also many options open to the player as to how they can bet on their “best horse”.

The classic variant is, of course, to bet on your personal favorite taking first place. However, this approach can be quite risky. The "Place" variant offers more leeway - the bet is considered won if the horse comes in first or second place. Another exciting method is to determine the top 3 in the correct order. However, this type of bet requires that you are familiar with the performance and qualities of the individual horses and riders.


4. Tennis

Bitcoin bets on tennis work just like football bets. Again, there are odds to bet on, making for an appealing variety of different betting opportunities. In contrast to team sports, however, a closer look should always be taken at the daily form of the respective players. The player's success depends solely on himself and the result cannot be influenced by any team dynamics.

5. Tips and Tricks

Finally, we offer you some helpful tips and tricks that can help you get started with Bitcoin sports betting. These are hints useful for all types of players:

  1. Use bonus offers: Almost every digital betting shop has attractive bonus offers available to new customers. Such a bonus can give you a great advantage and ensure that you may already get the first winning bet before you have even deposited your own Bitcoin with the booker. A no deposit bonus is best for new players as it only requires signing up with the bookmaker. In return, you receive a fixed amount that you can invest in the first bets. So, you can try the providers without obligation and without risk.
  2. Don't just bet on your favorite team: Most sports are genuinely emotional affairs for fans, and you want to be loyal to your favorite team. However, this setting should be discarded in most cases when betting. So, you should always pay attention to whom the favorite is and what form both teams are in. This is the best basis for estimating which outcome to bet on.
  3. Gather information about the players in advance: Sports betting is mostly not about luck. Of course, the daily form of the team can often lead to unexpected results - but if you want to be successful in the long-term bitcoin betting, you must always stay up to date. This way, the chance factor can be kept as small as possible and lasting success in betting can be achieved. Basically, it is important to pick an announced match and gather a lot of information in advance: Which team is currently on a winning streak? Are there any absences due to illness? Does home field advantage play a role? Thus prepared, confident bets with good chances of success can be placed.
  4. Making the right bet: Finding the right bet depends on several factors. Firstly, you should keep your budget in mind. In addition, it is more worthwhile to place larger bets if you are relatively certain that your forecast is correct. Another strategy is to bet on multiple games with smaller stakes and make a profit on the overall result.

With the right preparation, bitcoin betting offers excitement and a sense of achievement

Overall, Bitcoin betting is a worthwhile pursuit for owners of the popular cryptocurrency. With good preparation and a bit of luck, it's possible to make fairly consistent profits. This is particularly worthwhile in the case of cryptocurrency, as the price is constantly growing.

The range of different providers and sports is also considerable so that everyone should find a suitable betting offer for themselves. The most important thing is to choose the right provider, who preferably has attractive bonus offers for new customers. With sufficient preparation, this starting credit can be used to successfully place the first bets.


Here you can find the most frequently asked questions regarding bitcoin betting.

How to buy bitcoin for betting?

The process of buying bitcoin for betting is no different from regular purchases. After registering with an exchange, you can buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies there for fiat currency, which you then transfer to your respective wallet with a betting provider.

Which bitcoin exchanges accept betting site payments?

Generally, all exchanges accept cryptocurrency payments. Control is hardly possible, as the individual wallets have a certain degree of anonymity that makes it almost impossible to trace them back to a betting site.

How does Bitcoin work for sports betting?

Most bookies do not count on full Bitcoin or Ethereum when betting, but use a smaller unit: mBitcoin or mEthereum. This makes it easier to keep track of the rising prices for cryptocurrencies.

The best online casinos for Bitcoin betting

Although you have now received the most important information about Bitcoin bets, you are still missing one key clue to get started: the best casinos for Bitcoin bets. Therefore, below you will find a selection of providers who offer you the best conditions for Bitcoin bets.

Above all, value is placed on bookers who offer a particularly large or high-quality portfolio of Bitcoin bets. Another criterion is the bonus offer, since a strong bonus can make your start with betting a lot easier. Reliable customer service and the license are also considered.

Cloudbet: Bitcoin bets on cloud nine!

The most important advantages at a glance with the test winner:

  • Practical and easy to use interface
  • Varied game selection, which covers most sports
  • Extensive bonus offer of up to 5 Bitcoin
Logo Cloudbet

The first provider of this listing is Cloudbet. An experienced booker specializing in sports betting with Bitcoin. Even the first glance looks promising - the layout of the homepage is clear, which should help new players in particular with their orientation.

You can switch between sports betting and the casino at the top of the screen, while currently running games are displayed in the center of the page. The exciting thing is that you can also switch back and forth between the individual sports. This offers a good overview and allows players quick and spontaneous access to interesting Bitcoin bets.

The number of sports represented is also impressive. The most popular sports at Cloudbet include football, tennis, basketball and baseball, which covers the most important points. But the list of other sports is also impressive. Cloudbet can also serve many niches and expert requests with bets for golf, boxing, football and many types of sports.

So far, Cloudbet offers a strong foundation that can entertain sports betting fans for a long time and provides everything you need. However, an important aspect for new players is the bonus offer, as it can greatly facilitate the entry by providing additional starting capital. This offer is a deposit bonus that can include up to 5 bitcoin. This is a very generous amount that makes signing up to Cloudbet worthwhile.

The special feature, however, is that the entire amount can be received for just one deposit. With many providers, the bonus is credited over up to four individual deposits – not so with Cloudbet, where players are provided with the entire bonus at once. Thereby, the deposit bonus follows a rate of 100%. This means that you need to make a deposit of 5 Bitcoin to get the full benefit of the bonus. However, if you like Cloudbet and are willing to make this deposit, you can get started at the casino with an impressive 10 Bitcoin.

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Gunsbet: Bitcoin bets like in the Wild West

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Coherent design and exciting atmosphere
  • Varied selection of games
  • No transaction fees for Bitcoin
Gunsbet Logo

The next crypto casino that offers an attractive Bitcoin sports betting offer is Gunsbet. The basic design of the homepage already makes an interesting impression, as it is in western style. As a player, you are immediately reminded of cowboy films and exciting games of chance in the saloon.

Western fans will find their perfect place to go to enjoy Bitcoin bets in a harmonious environment. But which sports does Gunsbet offer players?

In this regard, you can rest easy, the western look does not distract the provider from the quality of the sports betting. On the contrary: Gunsbet offers a wide range of the most popular sports.

Football, basketball, tennis and ice hockey can be found in the provider's portfolio. However, football is by far the most popular sport used in Gunsbet for bitcoin betting. But the selection of less used sports is also impressive. You can also regularly place Bitcoin sports bets on games such as football, cricket, boxing or baseball.

If Gunsbet has convinced you so far, the next important question is whether the bonus program also has lucrative offers for you. In fact, Gunsbet offers a 100% deposit bonus that doubles your first deposit.

The maximum bonus amount is 0.05 Bitcoin. That doesn't sound like a lot compared to the other providers, but when you consider how much the cryptocurrency has increased in value, it's still a worthwhile amount. Moreover, you only have to make a minimum deposit of 0.002 bitcoin for this bonus. This way, the bonus can be accessed quickly without having to make too big of a deposit. This makes the bonus well suited mainly for new players.

Another advantage that is particularly important for Bitcoin users is the non-existent fees at Gunsbet. With the payment service CoinsPaid, the provider does not charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals. This prevents hidden costs from piling up while you bet on your favorite games with the booker. Especially if you bet Bitcoin in the long term, this feature can save you high costs.

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1xBit: Bitcoin bets with a strong bonus for long-term players

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Extensive bonus offer
  • Huge betting portfolio
  • Professional customer service
1xbit Logo

1xBit is also a promising sports betting provider that understands how to deal with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The provider's home page can seem a bit colorful, but that's no wonder given the rich portfolio.

So, there is an extensive casino offer mixed in with the sports betting area. However, it is good that the two sections for sports betting and live sports betting are listed first and can therefore still be found quickly.

However, the feature that makes 1xBit one of the best providers for bitcoin betting is the bonus offer. So, new players can get up to 7 bitcoin in total at 1xBit. However, you cannot receive the bonus in one go. Instead, the amount is divided over four consecutive deposits. The conditions of the individual bonuses also differ. To give you a better overview, we have listed them for you:

  • First deposit 100% up to 1 Bitcoin
  • Second deposit 50% up to 1 Bitcoin
  • Third deposit 100% up to 2 Bitcoin
  • Fourth deposit 50% up to 3 Bitcoin

As you can see, the first deposit bonus comes with standard terms and conditions, while the second one comes with slightly weaker terms. It gets interesting with the last two bonuses. The third deposit can convince with a surcharge of 100% up to 2 Bitcoin.

This means that if you deposit 2 bitcoins, the amount is doubled, and you have a total of 4 bitcoins at your disposal. Finally, for the last deposit, 3 Bitcoin can be obtained, but at a weaker rate of 50%. However, if you have been loyal to 1xBit for so long, this bonus represents a strong conclusion to the bonus package.

Another strength of 1xBit is its well-developed customer service. So, you can access the live chat at any time, where you will be quickly helped with questions and problems regarding bitcoin betting. The alternative is to contact the 1xBit team via email. However, the provider does not limit itself to just one address, but offers several specialized ones. Thus, you can directly address your questions to an expert for qualified answers.

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Bettilt: Well sorted and up to date

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • International offer of Bitcoin betting for soccer
  • Extensive portfolio in the e-sports sector
  • Strong license from Curacao speaks for seriousness
Bettilt Casino Logo

The last provider on this list is Bettilt. A particular strength of the booker lies in ​​Bitcoin bets for football. This feature is evident from the first glance at the website. There is a clear listing of the different leagues on the left edge of the screen.

This ranges from the German Bundesliga to the UEFA Champions League and the Premier League. You also have a wide range of international games at your disposal. In addition, you can also concentrate on your favorite league without having to laboriously search for the right games from the entire range of games. But Bettilt can also convince regarding the remaining games and offers popular sports such as tennis, basketball and football.

In addition, the large section that focuses on e-sports should be mentioned positively. So, if you are not a fan of traditional sports and feel that you belong to the gamer scene, you will be well served in this respect as well. You can bet on a whole range of popular online titles at Bettilt. For example, the selection includes League of Legends, Overwatch, StarCraft, Call of Duty and Rainbow Six, to name just the most popular games.

Finally, the high professionalism and seriousness of Bettilt should be pointed out. The provider has the gambling license from Curaçao. This is only issued by the state. Accordingly, gambling and betting providers have to meet high requirements in the areas of service and security to be able to obtain such a license. Added to this is the good support, which supports players with a quick live chat and email contact. The detailed FAQ is also worth mentioning. This allows players to inform themselves about frequently asked questions which can save time.

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