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Gamdom Review

Max Reichelt Author
Casino Tester

Gamdom is a crypto casino that opened its doors in 2016 and holds a license from Curaçao. This means the gambling provider has been in the market for several years. So far, the online casino has garnered some positive reviews. Naturally, we wanted to verify if these reviews align with reality.

Therefore, we took a closer look at the company's website. In our review, we provide you with an overview of all the crucial aspects of the Gamdom Casino. Afterward, you can decide for yourself whether the provider meets your personal expectations.

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Make your first deposit.

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Climb the VIP Club ladder and benefit from up to 60% rakeback and numerous other bonus offers!

Advantages and disadvantages of Gamdom

Advantages Disadvantages
Large selection of games No ordinary welcome bonus
User friendly website No telephone support
Active user chat No German translation
Regular promotions
Fast payouts
Variety of payment options
Security and fairness
Loyalty program for regular customers

Registration at Gamdom Online Casino

Before you can start playing at the online casino, you'll need to create an account. Unfortunately, German is not available as a language option, so you'll have to complete the registration process in English. But don't worry, the whole process is not complicated, and we'll guide you through it step by step. Here's how the registration works:

  1. Click on the green button that says 'Create Account.'
  2. Enter a username, email address, and password.
  3. Agree to the online casino's terms and conditions.
  4. Click on the green button that says 'Start Playing.'
  5. You'll be automatically redirected to Gamdom's dashboard.
  6. Verify your email address through the confirmation email.

With that, the registration process is essentially complete, and you can start playing in the casino. However, you'll only be able to get started once you've funded your account with money.

Additionally, it's important to be aware that the online casino will eventually conduct a KYC (Know Your Customer) verification. Therefore, you should have proof of address and identity ready.

Gamdom Registration

Bonus Offers at Gamdom Casino

The online gambling market is highly competitive, which is why online casinos need to distinguish themselves from the competition in some way. Most do so by offering their customers an extensive range of bonuses. Gamdom is no exception, but there was a surprise.

Gandom Unique Rewards

At the Gamdom Casino, it's a different ball game altogether, and the best part? You don't even have to stress about those pesky wagering requirements!

Unlike most other gambling sites, the bonuses you score at Gamdom Casino don't come with any annoying wagering requirements. The only exception is for certain deposits, like those for skins, which do need to be played through at least once. So, you can enjoy your winnings without any strings attached!

Surprisingly, No Welcome Bonus

Typically, every online casino offers a welcome bonus, whether they deal with fiat or crypto. That's why we were very surprised that in our experience with Gamdom, we couldn't find a bonus for new customers.

If you don't want to miss out on a welcome bonus with deposit bonuses and free spins, you'll have to turn to other platforms.

Get up to 60% cashback as a welcome bonus for new customers!

When you sign up for the online casino through our link, you'll receive a fantastic Gamdom bonus for new players. This bonus comes in the form of an immediate 15% cashback that lasts for 7 days. In total, you have the opportunity to score a whopping 60% cashback.

Gamdom Cashback Bonus

So, what does this mean for you? It means that you'll get a portion of your wagered money back. To put it into perspective: if you were to wager 1,000 Euros, thanks to the welcome bonus, you could potentially get back up to 600 Euros of your hard-earned cash.

That's a substantial amount and definitely an aspect that should make your Gamdom experience a positive one.

Exciting Tournaments with High Cash Prizes

The online casino regularly hosts tournaments where players can win substantial cash prizes. How they perform in these tournaments depends on their bets. The more they play, the more points they earn.

Gamdom Tournaments

Especially the top three places can win big. It's not uncommon for the first-place winner to receive a cash prize of more than €100,000.

VIP Program Forms the Core of the Bonus Offering

Just because Gamdom Casino doesn't offer its players a welcome bonus doesn't mean you have to completely forego bonuses. After all, the heart of the online casino is its VIP program. It includes the following levels:

  • Level 1-10
Gamdom Tier 1-10

  • Level 11-20
Gamdom Tier 11-20

  • Level 21-30
Gamdom Tier 21-30

  • Level 31-40
Gamdom Tier 31-40

  • Level 41-50
Gamdom Tier 41-50

  • Royalty 1
Gamdom Royalty 1

  • Royalty 2
Gamdom Royalty 2

  • Royalty 3
Gamdom Royalty 3

  • Royalty 4
Gamdom Royalty 4

  • Royal
Gamdom Royal

  • Lord
Gamdom Lord

  • VIP
Gamdom VIP

If you reach the last stage, “VIP,” the bonuses are tailored to you, and you'll have a personal VIP manager. To give you a better idea of what to expect, let's take a look at the bonuses of the second-to-last stage, “Lord.”

  • Monthly Rakeback of 5%
  • Instant Rakeback of 15%
  • Daily surprise of up to 35%
  • Weekly Rakeback of 5%

As with other VIP programs, you'll need to play as much as possible to reach the next level. Things start getting fascinating from the “Royalty Club” stage onward.

Bring joy to other players with Gamdom Giftcards!

If you've had a great experience with Gamdom, why not surprise your friends or acquaintances? You can actually purchase official Gamdom Giftcards. These gift cards come in various denominations, ranging from 5 US dollars to 100 US dollars.

Gamdom Giftcards

If you want to give more, you can simply order multiple gift cards. The lucky recipient can then redeem them gradually. We think it's great that the casino offers this option to its customers, allowing you to share the excitement and fun with your loved ones.

What Games are Offered at the Online Casino?

As you can imagine, Gamdom offers a wide selection of games. In fact, there are more than 3,000 different online casino games available. Most of these games come from renowned game providers that have released some top-notch titles over the years, including:

  • Amusnet
  • Caleta Gaming
  • Hacksaw Gaming
  • NetEnt
  • Nolimit City
  • OneTouch
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Red Tiger Gaming
  • Relax Gaming
  • Spinomenal

Many of the games in the online casino are slot machines, making up the majority of the available games.

Gamdom Software

In addition to slots with various payout percentages and themes, there are also table games like Baccarat, Poker, or Roulette. These games are also offered as live games in a great atmosphere, with a real croupier or dealer.

Finally, there are the sports betting offering. The sports betting section covers both regular sports and e-sports. So, you can bet not only on traditional sports like soccer, handball, or tennis, but also on online games like Dota 2, League of Legends, and Valorant, providing an exciting alternative for those who enjoy esports.

Exclusive Games at Gamdom Casino

In addition to the games mentioned earlier, Gamdom offers a fantastic selection of exclusive games. These casino games are a response to platforms that struggle to stand out in terms of game variety.

Just like with other games, you have the chance to win big with these exclusives. You'll find these exclusive games right on the homepage. Just click on the menu icon and under "Originals," you'll see four different games. Additionally, under the "Casino" section, you'll find the patented Slot Battles.

Gamdom Crash

Gamdom Crash is a typical crypto game that's based on blockchain technology, and it's quite different from your standard slot machines. As the name suggests, Gamdom Crash is a crash game. You place your bet, start the round, and then watch as the multiplier slowly climbs.

Gamdom Crash

The longer you wait, the higher the multiplier goes. In theory, you could win more than a thousand times your bet. But here's the catch: the game can crash at any moment. If that happens, you lose all your bets and winnings. So, you have to choose the right moment to cash out.

Gamdom Dice

Gamdom Dice is essentially a dice game, but it's not played with a regular six-sided die. Instead, it uses a hundred-sided die. You simply place your bet and pick a value between 1.99/2.00 and 97.99/98.00.

Gamdom Dice

Then, you decide whether the result of the next roll will be higher or lower than your chosen value. If you guess correctly, you win. If not, you lose your bet. The game's principle is quite straightforward.

A quick note: You can always place very safe bets, but the multiplier in this case is so low that you can win several times in a row and still not win much. So, it's better to aim for medium values, where you at least get double your bet back. Otherwise, the excitement might not match that of playing slots.

Gamdom HiLo

Due to its simplicity, this card game is one of the best at Gamdom Casino. At the beginning of each round, a card is revealed. Then, all participating players have a short time to guess whether the next card will be higher or lower.

Gamdom Casino HiLo

The multipliers for both options are displayed, so players can immediately see which bet is riskier. Besides these two options, there are numerous others available. Here's the selection with their respective multipliers:

  • Red (2.00x)
  • Black (2.00x)
  • 2–9 (1.50x)
  • J, Q, K, A (3.00x)
  • A (12.00x)
  • Joker (24.00x)

Because of the wide range of possible bets, Gamdom HiLo is much more interesting than most other versions of the game.

Gamdom Roulette

With this roulette variant, Gamdom offers an intriguing alternative to the popular table game. Unlike regular roulette, the game only has 15 numbers instead of 37.

Gamdom Casino Roulette

Numbers 1 to 7 are red, numbers 8 to 14 are black, and there's the green 0. Before each round, players must decide how much they want to bet and whether the next spin will result in a green, red, or black number.

That's pretty much all you need to know to play. This variant is even simpler than classic roulette.

Patented Slot Battles

Gamdom offers a unique form of exclusive games with its patented Slot Battles. Here, you have several casino games to choose from where you can challenge other players.

Gamdom Battles

If they accept your challenge, you'll compete against each other on two screens, ensuring transparency. Of course, you can not only challenge other players but also accept challenges from them.

What's exciting about these games is that the winner takes the loser's bet. So, whoever ends up winning the most also gets some extra cash on top.

What Payment Methods are Available?

The Crypto Casino offers several methods for both deposits and withdrawals. The number of available payment options depends on your country, and each country has its own specific options.

However, it's important to note that there are typically more deposit options than withdrawal options.

Gamdom Deposit Methods

For deposits, you can use methods such as bank transfers, cryptocurrencies, and payment service providers. However, for withdrawals, you can exclusively use the following cryptocurrencies:

Gamdom Withdrawal Methods

Since withdrawals are only possible with cryptocurrencies, you can expect your funds to be credited to your wallet quickly. Typically, you won't have to wait for many working days to receive your withdrawal.


Bitcoin Logo

Almost every casino that accepts cryptocurrencies as a payment method allows transactions with Bitcoin. This is understandable, as Bitcoin is the mother of all cryptocurrencies. To this day, Bitcoin remains the digital currency with the highest market capitalization.

This is likely to remain the case in the future as well. Many experts even believe that one day, a single Bitcoin could be worth 500,000 euros or even a million euros.


Ethereum Logo

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that you can find in almost every casino. Unlike Bitcoin, however, Ethereum is not primarily intended for use as a currency. Instead, it is designed to facilitate the execution of smart contracts.

Smart contracts are digital agreements on the blockchain that automatically execute when certain conditions are met. Ethereum has the second-highest market capitalization after Bitcoin. Many altcoins are based on the Ethereum protocol because it allows for the creation of ERC-20 tokens.


Litecoin Logo

One of the best alternatives to Bitcoin is Litecoin. This cryptocurrency is based on Bitcoin's source code but offers some advantages that, at least in theory, make it a better payment method.

Unlike Bitcoin, Litecoin uses a simpler algorithm, allowing it to process a block four times faster than Bitcoin. This results in cheaper and faster transactions, which many customers in Germany appreciate. Given these advantages, it's possible that Litecoin may gain popularity in the coming years.


Tether Logo

Tether is suitable for cryptocurrency enthusiasts who want to play in a casino with digital currencies but are concerned about the high volatility.

Tether is a stablecoin whose value is pegged to the US dollar. This means that players can comfortably play in the casino without worrying about losing a significant amount of money due to sudden price fluctuations.


Tron Logo

Tron aims to create a global, free, and entertainment-focused platform. This cryptocurrency's goal aligns well with various types of games, including those in online casinos.

In general, Tron focuses on various digital content. Therefore, it's not surprising that many players are interested in this cryptocurrency for use in gaming and entertainment contexts.

Attention! In Gamdom Casino, withdrawals are exclusively available in cryptocurrencies. If you choose to play here, make sure you have a wallet for the mentioned cryptocurrencies.

Multilingual website

The casino strives to provide the best possible experience for its customers, and this is evident in the availability of the site in multiple languages. In addition to English, you can set the website to languages such as Chinese, French, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Czech, and Thai.

Gamdom Languages

Gamdom Casino has partnerships with celebrities and companies.

As Gamdom is a legitimate online casino with a license, it's no surprise that the gambling provider has entered into several partnerships with celebrities and companies over the course of its existence. Some of these partners may be familiar to users in Germany.

Gamdom Ambassador

This certainly applies to the brand ambassador, Usain Bolt, who is still the fastest man in the world. Additionally, Gamdom Casino is the official sponsor of the esports team Imperial Esports. Imperial Esports is a professional team from Brazil and is considered one of the best in esports.

Can I play for free at Gamdom Casino?

Customers can try out some games on the website for free. When it comes to slot games, in particular, there are almost no restrictions in this regard.

Gamdom Casino Demo

If you want to play for free, don't bother signing up; instead, simply click on one of the slot machines. You'll be automatically redirected, and you can test the game using the "BTC+Amount" fun currency. It's as simple as that!

Customer Service at Gamdom Casino


If you encounter any issues, you can contact the live chat support at any time. To accomplish this, simply go to the menu, select 'Support,' and then click on 'Live Support.' A FAQ will appear initially.

If the FAQ doesn't address your query, just click on 'Messages' and then 'Send us a message.' You can then explain your issue to a support representative.

Alternatively, you can reach out via email at [email protected]. The average response time is approximately two hours.

Live Chats with Other Players Enhance Entertainment

If you enjoy socializing with fellow players, you'll likely appreciate the live chat feature. Here, you can engage in conversations and share your gaming experiences at any time. Just be cautious not to unintentionally disclose sensitive information.

Gamdom Live Chat

Can I Play Games on Mobile Devices?


You have two options for playing games at Gamdom Casino on mobile devices. You can either visit the mobile-optimized website or download the online casino's app. Both options work seamlessly, whether you're using a smartphone or tablet.

Conclusion: Gamdom Promises a Lot of Fun for Crypto Enthusiasts

Admittedly, it was surprising that the online casino doesn't offer a welcome bonus. Despite this drawback, our experience with Gamdom was largely positive.

The casino has several merits, including more than 3,000 different games, an extensive VIP program, and tournaments with substantial cash prizes. As it is fitting for a crypto casino, you can deposit and withdraw funds using cryptocurrencies. All of this makes the casino, at the very least, a viable option for crypto enthusiasts.

Gamdom FAQ

In fact, the online casino offers two live chats. One for communication with other players and one for support.

Yes, you will have to perform KYC verification with proof of address and identity at the latest when you make your first withdrawal.

You can also deposit money with fiat currencies. However, withdrawals are only possible with cryptocurrencies.

Gandom Casino offers some crypto games like Crash, Dice and HiLo.

Max Reichelt Author
Casino Tester

Max is a seasoned casino expert with nearly a decade of experience who specializes in analyzing bonus offers and enhancing the player experience through his in-depth industry knowledge and strategic gaming tips.

Last updated on 10/16/2023 um 2:03 p.m.
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