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Are you trying to find the finest Litecoin casinos? The finest Litecoin casinos are listed in this post after extensive study and testing. You can learn everything there is to know about Litecoin and casinos in this post, including all the details, benefits, and drawbacks. Move along!

For ease of comparison, the listed sums are given in Bitcoin, however the same amounts can also be claimed in Litecoin.

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What exactly is Litecoin?

Let's first explain what Litecoin is before moving on to the benefits of a Litecoin casino. Litecoin is a cryptocurrency that adheres to the open-source philosophy, much like Bitcoin. In theory, anyone with a personal computer can download the required software and use its processing power to create Litecoin. Mining is the name of this process.

But because mining methods need a lot of processing time and computing power, these private individuals frequently band together to form mining pools. The Litecoin they produce is combined and distributed among them.

The Litecoins acquired in this manner can be exchanged or used to make online purchases. Of course, using this cryptocurrency at an online casino is also a wonderful fit.

The History of Litecoin

Charlie Lee created Litecoin (LTC), which was originally made available in October 2011. It is intended to give users faster transaction speeds and less expensive transaction rates. By 2014, Litecoin had grown to be a well-known cryptocurrency and was able to achieve highs of $44 per coin. LTC's price soared to $254 towards the end of 2017 as a result of growing interest in cryptocurrencies.

Although Litecoin had peaked in the market, the inventor Lee donated and sold all his Litecoin tokens. Despite this new development, public interest in the altcoin has not diminished, and Litecoin remains one of the most popular digital investments for many people around the world.

The prices at the start of each year are listed in the following table:

Date Price Volume Market capitalization
April 2013 $ 4.37 $ 0.00 $ 75.28M
January 2014 $ 22.30 $ 21.07M $ 519.36M
January 2015 $ 1.34 $ 1.22M $ 47.29M
January 2016 $ 3.48 $ 1.86M $ 152.39M
January 2017 $ 3.96 $ 12.57M $ 195.75M
January 2018 $ 254.77 $ 1.31B $ 13.72B
January 2019 $ 32.46 $ 412.00M $ 1.87B
January 2020 $ 58.29 $ 2.66B $ 3.55B
January 2021 $ 143.96 $ 11.43B $ 9.45B
January 2022 $ 131.57 $ 963.67M $ 9.39B

How does using Litecoin at online casinos work?

Online casinos that accept LTC as a form of payment are known as Litecoin casinos. Blockchain technology is used to accept Litecoin transactions. This secures your transactions and makes it harder for hackers to steal your virtual money. Before joining an LTC casino, you need to register an account, provide your personal information and deposit funds to start playing.

The best ways to get Litecoin

The original kind of mining for Litecoin was carried out by private people, and it is described above. But to do this effectively, mining needs the appropriate tools. Additionally, mining requires a lot of power and takes time. This is a truth that shouldn't be disregarded, especially now that energy prices are so high.

Therefore, it makes sense to purchase Litecoin on the open market rather than mining it continuously if you only require seed money to play at the Litecoin casino of your choosing. Except for a few outliers, you can see from the price table that Litecoin has increased consistently throughout time. As a result, investing in cryptocurrencies might also be a wise decision.

The following methods are also available for obtaining Litecoin:

Bitpanda Logo

Binance Logo

Coinbase Logo

After purchasing Litecoins, you must find a place to keep them. With a Litecoin wallet, you can keep your cryptocurrency safe until you need it to play at the casino.

Besten Crypto Wallets

Step-by-Step Guide: Playing in a Litecoin Casino

Are you prepared to gamble with Litecoins? You can get started in a matter of minutes if you follow these straightforward guidelines. The registration procedure is based on TrustDice, the test winner.

1. Create a Litecoin wallet

Before you can play in a Litecoin casino, you require an associated wallet in which you can store your digital coins. Joining a crypto exchange and registering is the simplest way to achieve this.

2. Buy Litecoin

Once the wallet is set up, you can buy the first Litecoins using any of the methods mentioned above.

3. Registration with TrustDice

As a dependable partner for the greatest Litecoin Casino experience, we suggest TrustDice.

Visit the TrustDice website first to complete this. To secure a wonderful no deposit bonus of up to $25, we advise following our link. You will be directed accurately and directly from the log-in mask to the “Create account” button.

TrustDice Login

Your username, email address, and password must be entered. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you can already create your account.

TrustDice Registration

Soon after, you ought to get an email allowing you to confirm your account.

4. Make deposit

Decide how much money you want to deposit. You can send the desired amount to the wallet address TrustDice displays. Your transfer is immediate, and it will take only a short while for it to show up on the casino account.

TrustDice Deposit

Be sure to activate the welcome bonus before making your first investment (left). You will receive the payment in your player account shortly after making your deposit.

5. Start playing!

You can play your favorite games once you've created an account with an online casino.

Additionally, you can get your first presents by going to “Rewards” and entering the special code “FS202203280937” in the “Bonuses” section of your profile. You now have 10 bonus spins on “Fire Lightning.”

LTC Casino: Advantages

There are certain unique benefits waiting for you if you choose a Litecoin Casino that are not offered by traditional online casinos.

These benefits have their origins in the characteristics of cryptocurrencies that benefit online transactions in general and also enhance the enjoyment of playing at online casinos.

Before we go into the points in detail, here is a brief overview:

Advantages Disadvantages
+ Anonymity - Volatility
+ Transaction speed - Acceptance
+ Bonus - Licenses
+ Transaction fees
+ Investment
+ Security

1. Litecoin allows a high degree of anonymity

The players' ability to remain anonymous in an online casino as a result of Litecoin is the first significant benefit. To buy Litecoin, you don't need to give any personal information.

No personal information is required to create a matching wallet, and participants in mining pools operate anonymously. This trait directly translates to the Litecoin Casino. Typically, all that is required to register is a username, password, and email address before you can begin playing.

This feature of Litecoin is helpful, especially in the context of gaming. Online casinos are frequently seen as a private concern. It is very practical that Litecoin makes it nearly difficult for private information to get into the wrong hands.

2. Litecoin offers high speed for transactions

Real-time transactions are ensured by the fact that Litecoin is entirely digital. This helps in many scenarios and is especially beneficial while playing in an online casino. If you have located a Litecoin Casino that is ideal for you, you naturally want to begin playing right away.

In contrast to a typical bank transfer, which could take several days, when you make your deposit using Litecoin, you can start playing your favorite games right away.

Withdrawals follow the same rules. If receiving your earnings promptly is vital to you, Litecoin ensures a prompt payout.

3. Better bonus offers

Cryptocurrency payments are rapid and cost-effective for online casinos that accept them. As a result, Litecoin casinos offer their customers greater bonuses when using cryptocurrencies rather than deposits and withdrawals made using fiat money.

4. Low transaction fees

Your fees for Litecoin transactions are lower than most traditional payment methods. The transaction costs at Litecoin casinos are much lower than those at other digital currencies like Bitcoin. You may be able to save some money because the difference is only a few cents.

For instance, when you use a credit card to make a deposit, the card issuer levies a 3% transaction fee that you ultimately have to pay. However, the transaction fees for Litecoin are often just a few cents each transfer. 

5. Investment potential

The possibility of making investments is another benefit of using a Litecoin casino. This is a result of Litecoin's skyrocketing price, which has increased by more than 200% in 2020 and is predicted to do so again. Therefore, as the value of Litecoin continues to rise eventually, playing at an LTC casino increases the value of your casino account. As a result, your rewards can increase to reflect these value changes.

6. Security

Among networks, blockchain technology is one of the safest. Therefore, you increase security by using Litecoin at an online casino. Your money is safe and the likelihood that it will be stolen is decreased thanks to this high level of protection.

Litecoin Casino: Disadvantages

Although Litecoin is typically great for online gaming, there are some drawbacks. In the sentences that follow, we'll go into more depth on each of these.

1. Volatility

What was formerly described as an advantage may now turn out to be a drawback. Because cryptocurrencies are so volatile in general, the value of a coin may change day to day. Similar to how Bitcoin and Ethereum are less stable than Litecoin, so it is. As a result, your deposit from the day before can suddenly be worth much less. Of course, it is also possible for this to work the other way.

2. Acceptance not guaranteed everywhere

Despite an increase, there are still a minority of online casinos that accept LTC. In contrast to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin is not widely recognized in casinos.

Additionally, gamers may not be able to play with Litecoin on some websites that accept LTC deposits. In this scenario, you make the payment in Litecoin, and the casino receives the funds in fiat money. This is not the best option because you can lose money as a result of an unfavorable exchange rate.

3. Licensing Issues

You should confirm that an online casino has a valid license before playing there. Some cryptocurrency gambling establishments, including LTC gaming sites, lack the necessary licenses. Therefore, you can be putting your money at danger if you invest your digital coins in such services.

To be on the safe side, read our Reviews and find out about the pros and cons of each casino.

How do you choose the best Litecoin Casino?

Before you can begin using a Litecoin casino, you must understand how to pick the ideal choice for your requirements and spending limit. To prevent falling prey to con artists or shady casinos, do this. The following are the most crucial elements to consider while selecting an LTC casino.

Selection criteria Description
Security & Licensing Make sure a Litecoin casino you choose has a valid license from a trustworthy authority. Your cryptocurrency on the casino account is quite safe because a compliant casino has legitimate credentials. Most Curacao-based Litecoin gaming sites have licenses.
Litecoin Compatibility Make sure the online casino you pick supports Litecoin. You may also see if different cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, are accepted. You can find the best casino for you if you do this.
Game options Pick a Litecoin casino with a good collection of slots and a wide range of top-notch games like blackjack and roulette.
Customer support By gauging the response of the customer service staff, you may determine whether an LTC casino is legitimate. This enables you to ascertain whether they are reacting based on messages sent over several channels, including live chat, phone, and email. An ideal casino should offer round-the-clock customer service to make sure that problems with deposits and withdrawals may be handled immediately.
Litecoin Bonuses and Promotions Litecoin casinos offer bonuses just like traditional casinos; therefore, users are entitled to a deposit bonus, free spins and much more. . Before deciding on a casino, you should compare the bonuses and promotions on offer to determine if they are worth the investment.
Minimum Deposits and Withdrawals Deposits are a crucial aspect to consider while selecting a Litecoin casino. To decide if the casino is ideal for you, pay special attention to the minimum deposit. It could be challenging to begin with a tiny amount of cryptocurrencies if the deposit is too huge. Withdrawals must also be quick and easy. Verify how long it will take for your payout to appear in your Litecoin wallet.
User interface For the majority of users, an online casino's usability is crucial. You should select a Litecoin casino that is simple to use, has quick loading times, and is optimized for mobile use while making your decision.
Loyalty program Some Litecoin casinos have loyalty programs for players who keep coming back. If you are a loyal member, you will receive rewards such as cashback on deposits, exclusive promotions and loss insurance for certain casino games. You should take this into account when looking for an online casino.
Software provider A good casino works with trustworthy and reputable game providers. These providers are important because they ensure fair and random odds on every spin and create enticing games that players love.
When it comes to online gambling, some of the most common game providers are Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Blueprint, Greentube, Playtech and Red Tiger Games. If you choose a Litecoin casino, you can make sure that it uses one of these providers.
Proven fair Utilizing cryptocurrency casinos with provably fair software is advised. This is crucial since it prevents cheating by both players and the online casino. Blockchain technology and decentralized platforms are what most Litecoin casinos employ to prove their fairness. As a result, you are free to verify the odds and outcomes for all casino games; the data is presented in an open manner.

What games can be played in a Litecoin casino?

Basically, a Litecoin casino offers all the well-known casino games. Since cryptocurrencies are well-established in the casino sector, many developers offer substantial portions of their game libraries for Litecoin.

Nevertheless, there are limitations based on the supplier. Only a small portion of the games offered by online casinos that take numerous other currencies might be available for Litecoin. You will undoubtedly be dissatisfied if the game you enjoy the most cannot be played using cryptocurrency.

For this reason, before registering, make sure the provider has your preferred Litecoin games in its library. As an alternative, you can register exclusively with a casino that only accepts Litecoin, as you can be certain that these providers take Litecoin for their complete library of games.

The following game categories can be found in Litecoin casinos:

Game category Description
Slots At Litecoin Casinos, these are the most well-liked LTC games. While you can place a wager using LTC, casinos also let you exchange your virtual money for fiat or other cryptocurrencies while you're playing.
Poker You can play poker at a number of LTC casinos.
Blackjack If you prefer table games, you can play blackjack at Litecoin casinos.
Roulette You can play traditional roulette, light roulette, double ball games and even soccer roulette.
Game category Description

Litecoin payments

Most Litecoin casinos rapidly process their customers' payments. But how specifically do they handle deposits and withdrawals? This is a breakdown.

Litecoin deposits

Deposits with Litecoin are easy to do. Just follow these simple steps:

Litecoin withdrawals

After you hit the jackpot at a Litecoin casino, you will naturally want to make a withdrawal. This works as follows:

Keep in mind that to withdraw crypto from an online casino, first-time players may need to identify themselves. “Know Your Customer” (KYC) is known and can take between 1 and 3 days. To simplify the withdrawal process, make sure you enter the correct location in your profile to avoid country restrictions issues.

Are there any fees when depositing and withdrawing with Litecoin?

The fees are extremely minimal, which is one benefit of using Litecoin in online casino games. Like other cryptocurrencies that use blockchain technology to execute transfers, Litecoin is subject to network fees that change based on network usage.

Caution: In addition, your wallet provider may charge you a percentage depending on how much you transfer. Online casinos also charge you a fee when converting Litecoin to fiat currency.

The fees for Litecoin transactions are, nevertheless, quite modest when compared to more conventional payment methods that are made with dollars, pounds, or euros. To confirm the precise fees, it is advised to check the terms and conditions of the Litecoin casinos and your Litecoin wallet.

Is there a Litecoin bonus in online casinos?

The fact that players can take advantage of the same bonus offer that is provided in conventional online casinos is another benefit of Litecoin casinos. These deals make it simpler for new players, in particular, to begin going because they provide more start-up money and flexibility.

The deposit bonus is one of the most well-liked bonus categories. You will be charged a percentage extra based on the size of your deposit.

It frequently reaches 100%. Therefore, if you deposit 10 Litecoin, you can use a total of 20 Litecoin. Players who desire to make both modest and large deposits can use this benefit as a powerful kick-start.

A deposit bonus is frequently given in addition to free spins. Before playing for actual stakes, you can use these to test out the casino's offerings and determine which games suit you the best.

Free spins ensure that new players in particular have a good Litecoin Casino experience.

There are of course numerous other advantages, which are shown in detail in our article on different types of bonus.

Litecoin compared to other cryptocurrencies

Before you start gambling online at Litecoin casinos, you should know that there are other cryptocurrency options. While some sites only accept Bitcoin, other online casinos accept digital coins like Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash on. So, how does Litecoin compare to other cryptocurrencies in online gambling?

Here you will find an overview of common currencies. Below are two examples.

Litecoin (LTC) Bitcoin (BTC) Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Ethereum (ETH) NEO (NEO)
Launch 2011 2009 2017 2015 2014
Market capitalization $3,975,862,176 $379,054,588,948 $2,253,901,923 $179,264,816,791 $628,349,053
Current circulation quantity >71 Millionen >19 Millionen >19 Millionen >122 Millionen >70 Millionen
Maximum circulation 84 million 21 million 21 million No upper limit 100 million
Current mining/release rate 25 per block 12.5 per block 12.5 per block 3 per block Up to 15 million per year
Transactions per second (maximum) 56 7 60 20 1000
Network Ethereum NEO
Block validation time (approx.) 2 minutes 30 seconds 10 minutes 10 minutes 15 seconds 15 seconds

Litecoin vs. Bitcoin

Bitcoin and Litecoin are two examples of decentralized cryptocurrencies that perform transfers using blockchain technology. They are available for purchase, mining, and usage in online gambling.

Since most online casinos treat cryptocurrencies equally, using Litecoin or Bitcoin incurs no deposit or withdrawal fees. However, the cryptocurrency would impose a transaction fee for both digital coins.

In comparison to Bitcoin, Litecoin has cheaper transaction fees and processes transactions significantly more quickly.

Because Scrypt, a cutting-edge technology, is used in Litecoin transactions, they are quicker. The SHA-256 algorithm employed by Bitcoin, however, offers a higher level of security.

And while Litecoin casinos are on the rise, Crypto casinos are still in the majority. Most game developers create Bitcoin-specific games; therefore, some online casinos only have offers specific to bitcoin.

Although the bonus offers on our site and the casino sites are almost always only listed in Bitcoin, they nevertheless hold true for Litecoin and other currencies in the same way. Read the terms and conditions provided by the specific provider because the quantities may differ significantly.

Litecoin vs. Bitcoin Cash

To offer users faster transactions and lower fees, Bitcoin Cash was introduced. Consequently, it resembles Litecoin more. But because Bitcoin Cash has a more secure network than Litecoin, they are different in several ways. Although transaction fees are comparable, Bitcoin Cash is more steady than Litecoin and tends to be more volatile.

Security in Litecoin Casinos

Verify that online gambling is permitted in your nation or state before participating in a Litecoin casino. It could be tough to withdraw wins from Litecoin casinos if your nation has restrictions. It is crucial that you do due diligence as a result.

Important: Before playing, confirm if the casino is authorized to operate in your nation. Generally speaking, we advise against utilizing a VPN because issues could occur, most likely with the payout.

Additionally, you ought to only sign up with recognized and secure Litecoin casinos. There are more and more cases of fraud; therefore, you need to protect yourself to avoid your money and personal information getting to scammers.

When visiting a Litecoin casino for the first time, make sure it is authorized, provides games that can be proven to be fair, and has SSL encryption. Our reviews and information are frequently updated because they are checked frequently. But to be on the safe side and avoid putting your money at risk, conduct your research.

Before purchasing Litecoin, you should carefully read the Terms and Conditions. The terms and conditions that apply to services and goods like payments, bonuses, and promotions are the same for all Litecoin casinos. You should read these terms and conditions if this is your first time playing to comprehend how the online casino functions.

Conclusion: Litecoin casinos are an attractive alternative

Overall, Litecoin casinos have numerous benefits that make them an appealing choice for casino enthusiasts. A comfortable casino experience is ensured by the cryptocurrency's high-speed and necessary anonymity.

Nevertheless, you should pay attention to which casino you choose to play with Litecoin. The Litecoin casino should offer a wide range of bonuses and games.

The best Litecoin casinos

As you can see, enjoying yourself at Litecoin casinos is a good pastime. This is especially true if you choose your Litecoin casino by using our advice. These make it simple for you to select the Litecoin casino that best meets your requirements.

Despite everything, finding the finest Litecoin casino can be time-consuming. This is entirely because there are so many worthwhile suppliers. It also doesn't get any simpler because the market is always expanding.

As a result, we'll provide you some pointers and recommend the top 5 Litecoin casinos. You will be able to start playing more quickly if you utilize this list as a starting point for your search.

TrustDice: An all-round strong Litecoin Casino

TrustDice Logo

The most important advantages of the test winner:

Since quite some time, TrustDice has been at the top of our list of the best online casinos. It is also our top pick in this category. Before making your initial payment, you can use several no deposit bonus offers to evaluate the service without taking any risks. This situation is incredibly fair and gives each participant the freedom to form their opinion.

TrustDice Casino also provides a wide range of other cryptocurrencies in addition to Litecoin. The variety of slots, cards, and wagers is particularly astounding. Not yet persuaded? Try it out for yourself, and you'll soon be a member of the TrustDice Satoshi Club as well!

Read the full review!

1xBit: Big welcome bonus offers a strong start

1xbit Logo

The main advantages:

The provider 1xBit is responsible for the second entry in our collection. This Litecoin casino is ideal for new players, thanks in large part to its welcome bonus. Up to 7 Bitcoins, or its equivalent in another cryptocurrency like Litecoin, may be obtained altogether.

As a result, receiving a sizable total sum of Litecoin is achievable. The bonus is distributed throughout the first four deposits, rather than being awarded all at once. So, it makes sense to select 1xBit eventually.

At 1xBit, the strong welcome bonus can also be used to its fullest potential. The service provider offers a wide range of games, including the traditional table games and a substantial selection of slots. The use of software from reputable developers like Evolution Gaming helps to assure the high caliber of the games.

Read the full review!

BitStarz: Beginner-friendly offering for new players

Bitstarz Logo

The main advantages:

The service BitStarz is the following Litecoin casino in our list. This service also provides a tempting welcome bonus to new players. This time, you can get up to four bitcoins or the equal amount in another cryptocurrency.

Once more, the sum is distributed across the first four deposits. A special advantage, however, is that you can get a bonus of 20 free spins without deposit at BitStarz - to unlock these free spins, you just have to register at the casino. Utilize the 20 free spins to test out the available Litecoin games; with a bit of good fortune and skill, you might even start winning.

Read the full review!

CryptoWild: Free spins ensure a dynamic game start

CryptoWild Logo

The main advantages:

The third spot on our list belongs to the service provider Crypto Wild, which, as its name implies, also has experience with Litecoin. Looking at the welcome incentive, which is specifically targeted at Litecoin users, makes this apparent.

A 150% bonus for the initial investment is offered, with which up to 50 Litecoin additional may be obtained. This greatly raises the initial investment needed by newcomers. A long-term incentive is also offered by Crypto Wild, as successive deposits are eligible for a 50% bonus up to a maximum of 50 Litecoin apiece.

The 150 free spins that are added on top of this strong deal after your initial deposit provide you even more opportunities to play.

All of this is done to make sure that players have a simple and speedy beginning at this Litecoin casino. Other aspects also help to continue this idea. With Litecoin, for example, transactions can be handled instantly.

Additionally, both deposits and withdrawals are free. Hidden expenditures are eliminated in this method. As a result, Crypto Wild places a high value on making players feel at home in the casino, and it succeeds!

Read the full review!

7Bit Casino: A varied selection of games ensures long-term motivation

7BitCasino Logo

The main advantages:

Another Litecoin casino that is advisable is the 7 Bit Casino. The complex bonus system is the primary factor once again in this case. The first four deposits must be made to receive the welcome bonus at 7 Bit Casino.

This service will give you a total bonus of 8 Litecoins. Even if this sum isn't excessive, it can be ideal for gamers that favor playing with little stakes. It's also important to note that you'll receive 100 free spins along with your first deposit, providing you even more chances to check out this Litecoin casino.

The game selection is the second aspect of Bit Casino that is a significant plus. Overall, players can anticipate a wide variety of themed slots and an excellent assortment of table games. As a result, it is made sure that every type of player gets value for their money.

The fact that the game selection comes from so many developers, which increases the game pool's variety, is another significant benefit. Numerous games are produced by world-class companies including NetEnt, Microgaming, and Evolution Gaming.

Read the full review!

PlayAmo: A convincing all-round package

PlayAmo Logo

The main advantages:

Finally, allow us to introduce you to PlayAmo, a Litecoin gambling establishment. A strong roster of developers is also available on PlayAmo, which can improve your gaming experience. For instance, this Litecoin casino's catalog includes games from well-known developers NetEnt and Microgaming.

Among other things, you can enjoy the Egypt slot “Book of Dead” and go searching for the great pharaoh treasures. At PlayAmo, fans of conventional table games will also feel at home. For instance, there is a whole area devoted to blackjack alone. As a result, there are many various variations of this well-known card game to pick from. The well-appointed live casino is, incidentally, subject to the same rules.

Players will instantly feel at home in our Litecoin casino thanks to the high quality of the game selection. Other features, however, significantly improve this effect. Real-time transactions are extremely common with Litecoin.

So, you don't have to wait until your deposit has been approved if you wish to play a round at random. You don't have to worry about these typical hidden costs because there are no fees for deposits or withdrawals.

Read the full review!

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