Bitcoin Baccarat 2024: Traditional Card Game Meets Modern Currency

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Cryptocurrencies are experiencing a boom and are on everyone's lips! No wonder that the online casino industry has discovered cryptocurrencies for themselves and their players. Especially Bitcoin as the strongest cryptocurrency, enjoys great popularity and is offered by many providers as a means of payment, which is why one often speaks of Bitcoin casinos.

However, the number of games available for Bitcoin has also increased, so players in possession of the cryptocurrency can now enjoy the majority of the game selection. For this reason, it can be especially difficult for new players to decide on the right game. Therefore, in this article, we will take a close look at Bitcoin Baccarat. In the following, you will learn the main rules and gameplay of Bitcoin Baccarat and why the card game Baccarat is especially suitable to be played with Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin Baccarat: The Basics

Baccarat is one of the classic table games in casinos, which is why the game has a long history. Some sources date the emergence of baccarat to the 16th century, while more recent research can prove the game only at the beginning of the 19th century. In any case, the game is part of the standard repertoire of any professional online casino.

Bitcoin Baccarat is played with a total of six decks of 52 cards each, which results in a total number of cards of 312. The cards are passed from player to player by the croupier with a card slide. This tradition makes much of the special charm of the game, and is the reason that one calls baccarat in France colloquially railroad. Thus, the card carriage is reminiscent of a small train that moves from player to player in turn.

The goal of the game is to reach a total value of 9 with his cards, or to be closer to the value than the other players. The value is determined with 2 or 3 cards, whose values are added. The points resulting from the individual cards are as follows:

Bitcoin Baccara Cards

Differences between traditional Baccarat and Bitcoin Baccarat

There are no differences in the basics or gameplay between traditional Baccarat and Bitcoin Baccarat. They are largely the same game. The only difference is that Bitcoin Baccarat is a more modern version where bets are made with BTC and winnings are paid out in BTC. This makes the game interesting for all crypto enthusiasts. Moreover, this small but significant difference brings some unique features such as greater anonymity and faster transactions than, for example, bank transfers.

Variants of Baccarat

Baccarat is not the same as Baccarat, as there are different variants. This is no different with Bitcoin Baccarat, so you can choose between different games. In the following, we would like to introduce you to the most important variants. You can assume that they are available in most online casinos.

Punto Banco

Punto Banco is by far the most common variant. Punto Banco is often even called Baccarat. The rules of the game usually correspond to the standard rules of Baccarat. Deviations from the rules are rare. The special feature of this variant is that all participants bet against the house.

Mini Baccarat

As the name suggests, Mini Baccarat is a smaller version of the classic game. There are fewer players, a smaller table, and lower bets. Apart from that, there are hardly any differences. However, Mini Baccarat is played much faster than other variants of Bitcoin Baccarat. Therefore, it is only suitable for players with a small budget to a limited extent. Although the bets are lower, the pace is much faster. If you sit at a table for a long time and have bad luck, you can lose a lot of money in a short time. Therefore, good bankroll management is a must.

Chemin de Fer

Chemin de Fer is a traditional variant of the game that means “railroad” and was played in France hundreds of years ago. Some may know this variant from the James Bond movies - it is, after all, the agent's favorite game. As you can imagine, things move pretty quickly with Chemin de Fer. The version is slightly more complicated than Punto Banco or Mini Baccarat. It can be played with multiple decks and up to twelve players. In addition, players take turns playing the role of the bank. Due to the higher complexity, Chemin de Fer is less suitable for beginners than Punto Banco or the standard version of the game.

Baccarat Banque

Baccarat Banque has the same rules as Chemin de Fer. There is only one difference, but it is significant: players do not take on the role of the bank. Instead, a professional croupier is responsible for that. This variant is much more common in Bitcoin casinos than Chemin de Fer. You will only find it in France at terrestrial casinos.

Bitcoin Baccarat: Gameplay

At first glance, the rules of Bitcoin Baccarat may seem a bit complicated, but this is not the case on closer inspection. Quite the contrary! In fact, baccarat is one of the fastest card games to learn, which is because the player does not have to make any major strategic decisions - unlike poker and blackjack. As you can read below, the bank takes care of most of the gameplay and the moves usually come naturally.

1. Preparations

At the beginning, the player to the right of the croupier is appointed the banker. This player places his planned bet as the bankroll.

Then the rest of the players place their bets. The player who has placed the highest bet is called the ponte and he is the first to face the bank.

When dealing cards, the banker always deals a face-down card to himself and to the ponte alternately until both hold a total of two cards.

2. Reveal the cards

After both players have received their cards, it is time to determine the further course of the game: First, the Ponte takes a look at his two cards and adds their value. In doing so, it is important that an added value of 10 becomes 0. If the sum exceeds 10, it will be reduced by 10. So, if Ponte has an 8 and a 7 in his hand, their sum of 15 becomes a 5.

Depending on how large the sum is, different results arise for the Ponte:

Total Result
0 – 4 - The player receives another card face down.
5 - The player may choose whether or not to pick up another card.
6 or 7 - He places his face-down cards on top of each other and does not receive another card.
8 or 9 - This result is called a "small strike" or " big strike": The player reveals his card and the round is over.

After the Ponte, it is the banker's turn to determine the sum of his cards. For him, too, it applies that a 10 corresponds to the value 0 and that sums above 10 are reduced by 10. However, the consequences for the further game round are strikingly different from those of the Ponte and are strikingly more complex:

Total Result
0-2 - The banker draws a third card
3 - If he deals the Porte an 8, he draws another card.
- If he gives him a 9, the banker gets to decide for himself.- For all other cards dealt, he draws a third card.
4 - If the banker gives the ponte a 1, 8, 9, 10 or any of the face cards, he does not draw another card.
- In all other cases, the banker draws a third card.
5 - If the banker gives the ponte a 5, 6, or 7, he draws another card.
- If he dealt a 4 to the ponte, he may decide whether to pick up a third card.- In all other possibilities, he does not draw another card.
6 - The banker draws another card when he has dealt a 6 or 7 to the ponte.
7 - The banker does not draw another card.

3. The determination of results and distribution of profits

The round goes to the player with the highest number of points. If the banker wins, he adds the Ponte's bet to his bank amount. However, 5% of the amount won will be given to the casino. After winning a game, the banker retains his function in the following game round and can play as banker again. If the Ponte wins, he receives a win equal to his bet and in the next round, the player to the right of the current banker becomes the banker.

Playing Baccarat with other cryptocurrencies

When you hear the term Bitcoin Baccarat, you may be wondering if you can play the card game with other cryptocurrencies. We can confirm that you can. There are some crypto casinos that allow playing Baccarat in different currencies.

For example, Ethereum Baccarat is no longer uncommon. However, you should be prepared that there is not a corresponding Baccarat for every cryptocurrency. In most online casinos, Baccarat is only available for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies with high market capitalization.

Tips and Strategies for Baccarat

Bitcoin Baccarat cannot be compared to Bitcoin Blackjack or Bitcoin Poker. Unlike the other two card games, skill plays a much smaller role in Baccarat. Baccarat is much more about luck, but that doesn't mean that strategies are useless. For this reason, we have compiled some tips for you.

1. Manage Your Bankroll

As with other table games, managing your bankroll is crucial to your experience. Ultimately, it's about effectively and responsibly managing your money. Good management can minimize your losses.

2. Play at a Reputable Online Casino

It should be self-explanatory, but we still want to remind you that you should always play Bitcoin Baccarat at a reputable online casino. If you don't, there could be payout problems, for example.

3. Avoid Betting on Ties

The house advantage is higher for certain bets than for others. The house has the lowest advantage when you bet on the banker. In the regular version, it's 1.06%. Even when betting on the player, the house advantage is relatively low at 1.24%. It's different when betting on ties.

The house advantage is about 14.4%, significantly higher than the other two options. While you get paid more for a tie, the possible gain is not proportional to the house advantage. Therefore, you should only place bets on the banker or player.

4. Avoid Side Bets

Side bets are similar to ties. Some side bets may seem very interesting at first glance. Take the “Dragon 7” side bet, for example, which is very popular among Chinese players. If the banker has three cards with a total value of 7, the player will receive 40 times his or her winnings with a correct bet. That sounds good, but the house advantage is higher than with standard bets, as with other side bets.

5. Stay Rational and Calm

The pace of Baccarat can be quite fast, depending on the variation. Therefore, many players are tempted to act impulsively, but repeatedly betting on “Dragon 7” or similar actions is a questionable strategy. Therefore, you should always keep a cool head. Place your bets as rationally as possible. This is the most likely way to achieve long-term success.

6. Calculate Probabilities

Unlike Blackjack or Poker, even with card counting, you don't have a significant advantage in Bitcoin Baccarat. However, it can still be worthwhile to keep an eye on the cards in some variations. This is especially true for Baccarat Banque and Chemin de Fer. Calculating certain game outcomes can make a difference.

7. Practice, Practice, Practice

In itself, Bitcoin Baccarat is not a difficult game. Even novices usually quickly get the hang of the card game. However, that doesn't mean you should start playing blindly. It's better if you first familiarize yourself with the different variations of the game. Some crypto casinos allow you to play Bitcoin Baccarat for free and without registration.

Conclusion: Why Bitcoin Baccarat instead of a game with conventional currency?

As you can see, baccarat is a card game that can be learned quickly. This is especially true if you play as a Ponte. That way, the banker has to follow the most comprehensive rules. This low entry threshold alone makes Baccara well suited for Bitcoin. If you're a Bitcoin user with no casino experience yet, you can enjoy a quick entry into the game with Bitcoin Baccarat and enjoy good chances of winning.

FAQ: The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Bitcoin Baccarat

The rules of play in Bitcoin Baccarat are essentially the same as in the traditional version. The only difference is that bets are placed with BTC.

The most popular version of Baccarat is Punto Banco. The game is particularly popular in online casinos and land-based casinos in the United States.

The player's skills play a lesser role in Bitcoin Baccarat than, for example, in Bitcoin Poker. Although skill can influence the outcome of the game in some variants, luck is the primary factor.

There are not only Bitcoin Baccarat, but also Baccarat games using other cryptocurrencies. The most popular alternative is Ethereum Baccarat.

Susanna Bock Author
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