The Ultimate Cardano Casino Guide 2023

Cryptocurrencies have been on everyone’s lips ever since Bitcoin revolutionized the financial world. Digital means of payment are becoming increasingly popular, and their possible uses are no longer limited to investments or payment in online retail. Online casinos in particular are now increasingly relying on cryptocurrencies, as their use in gambling offers plenty of advantages - both for the casino and for the customer.

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Best ADA Casinos 2023

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Best ADA Casinos 2023

After Bitcoin and Ethereum, more and more so-called Alt-Coins are establishing themselves as a recommended means of payment in online casinos. This guide deals specifically with the cryptocurrency Cardano and its possible uses in the casino. Because the currency offers great potential for players!

In the following article, you will find out everything you need to know about Cardano. We will explain to you what makes the cryptocurrency so special, what Cardano casinos are all about, and whether it is worth playing in a Cardano casino for you!

What exactly is Cardano?

But before we get into the Cardano Casino in more detail, we would like to explain to you exactly what Cardano is all about.

Cardano is actually a blockchain platform that specializes in executing smart contracts. But that is only mentioned in passing. We would now like to focus on the cryptocoin belonging to the same company: It also bears the name Cardano, ADA for short, and was developed in 2017 by the Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson.

Fun Fact: The Cardano coin is abbreviated to ADA for a reason. The currency is named after Ada Lovelace, a 19th-century British mathematician who is touted in some quarters as the world's first “computer programmer”.

The digital currency Cardano is bursting with potential to increase in value. Just a few weeks after the ADA token came onto the market, it immediately experienced a huge boom and developed into the new “shooting star” of the crypto scene. With a market capitalization of over 27 billion US dollars, Cardano currently ranks in a respectable 8th place worldwide (as of March 2022).

CEO Charles Hoskinson's stated goal is to fix all the disadvantages of his former hobbyhorse Ethereum at Cardano. And it is not without reason that Cardano is now referred to as the “Ethereum Killer”.

The ADA coin is ahead of other cryptocurrencies in several respects: you could almost compare the further development of the currency with a scientific process. Independent reviewers come into play when researching and solving problems and weaknesses that Cardano may have in the future. They evaluate potential changes to ensure quality assurance.

At Cardano, things are similarly professional as in research, drug development or other scientific areas. Of course, this has a very positive effect on the currency! Above all, scalability, security, the latest possible uses in practice and the social and economic integration are like that with Cardano advanced, like hardly any other cryptocoin.

Good to know: Crypto currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum currently still rely on the Proof-of-Work algorithm. This means that miners use the computing power of their computer to power the blockchain. Although this ensures a high level of security for transactions, it is extremely energy-intensive!

In contrast, Cardano uses what is known as a proof-of-stake algorithm. Computationally intensive mining processes are therefore a thing of the past with the ADA token. Cardano therefore uses significantly less energy than other crypto coins - can even be described as sustainable! Especially environmentally conscious players should seriously consider a Cardano casino.

Uses Proof-of-Stake - with validators instead of miners. Consumes less energy than traditional mining. Uses Proof-of-Work system – numerous complex calculations are required to keep the blockchain running. Therefore, it needs a lot of computing power.
The PoS protocol allows Cardano to process at least 250 transactions per second. Slow transaction time - can only process 15 transactions per second as of August 2022.
High speeds ensure that transaction costs are not high. Slow speed leads to high transaction costs.
Uses the peer review system and researches when changes to the system are needed. This ensures that there are fewer or no errors and glitches. The upcoming updates of the network (planned from August 2022) could lead to disruptions and significant fluctuations.

In summary, Cardano can be described as one of the most promising and innovative cryptocurrencies - which, of course, is also ideal for use in online casinos.

So, what is a Cardano Casino?

A Cardano Casino is an online casino that uses the digital cryptocurrency Cardano as a means of payment. ADA tokens are used in transactions at a Cardano casino.

The casino works more or less like a traditional casino. The difference is that the platforms don't use fiat currencies like USD, GBP or EUR. This enables almost anonymous gambling.

The big advantage for you as a player is that no intermediary is needed to process the transaction, which drastically reduces transaction fees. In addition, payments are usually processed much faster than other payment methods.

Crypto Casinos are a relatively new phenomenon. Not all online casinos have yet recognized the advantages of the young currency. However, some vendors in the market have already committed to ADA as their preferred cryptocurrency. With our help, you will find the best ADA casino.

The pros and cons of Cardano casinos compared to traditional casinos

Although they are very similar, a Cardano casino has many advantages over a traditional online casino. Let's focus on the most important ones.

Low transaction fees

Traditional payment methods such as credit cards or e-wallets often charge high fees for processing transactions. In contrast, you incur very low or no fees in a Cardano casino.

Transaction speed

When using other payment methods, it can sometimes take several days for a transaction to be processed. At a Cardano Casino, it only takes a few minutes to process payments.

Crypto casinos usually offer higher bonuses than traditional online casinos

This is because the provider incurs lower costs when using cryptocurrencies. The provider then passes these cost advantages on to the customer in the form of higher premiums. 

Anonymous accounts

You want to move anonymously in the online casino? When using a Cardano casino, your data is in safe hands. Most providers use the so-called “wallet ID” when registering instead of your personal data.

What are the disadvantages of Cardano casinos?

Although a Cardano casino has many advantages over a traditional online casino, there is also a disadvantage that you should be aware of.

Cryptocurrency Volatility

The prices of digital currencies can fluctuate massively and sometimes at lightning speed. Of course, this can also have a negative impact on your budget.

It is 100% legal to play with Cardano in casinos. It is only necessary to observe the respective legal situation in your country.

Are ADA Casinos Regulated? The answer is no. Cardano platforms do not trade fiat currencies, so the law does not require them to hold a gambling license.

This is an advantage for you as a player. Traditional casino platforms dealing with fiat currency take time to process withdrawal requests. However, at ADA casinos, deposits, and withdrawals are instant.

Now you might be wondering how safe it is to join Cardano casinos. There's a famous saying the house always wins. So how sure am I of winning considering Cardano casinos are unregulated?

Cardano casino games are regulated

Cardano gambling sites rarely create their own games. They use an extensive list of games that are also used by many other casinos.

Gambling associations regulate these software developers. This ensures that the games are fair and honest. Gambling governing bodies also test these software developers' random number generators to ensure they are indeed random.

Cardano casinos also use these random number generators to ensure the games are fair. So you can be sure that the casino games are fair, even if the casino itself is not regulated.

What games can I play at a Cardano Casino?

Cardano casinos are very similar to traditional online casinos. They offer a wide variety of casino games for you to choose from. As mentioned above, the same software developers that develop traditional casino games are also the Cardano casino games.

So if online casinos are not new to you, you will be familiar with some of them. On the other hand, if you are new to the casino world, here is an overview of the most important categories:

1. ADA slots

Cardano casino platforms have mysterious and exciting adventure slots that you can pick from with the click of a button. Whether you use ADA or Litecoin slots, some have interactive slots that guide you through a lead action. You'll be taken on an adventure as you try to hit the jackpot.

Slots are incredibly beginner-friendly as they are easy to pick up. You just have to understand reels and symbols. Then press the ‘SPIN’ button to get started.

The slots are suitable for both low stakes and high stakes players. You can set a limit before spinning the wheels.

2. Sports betting

You know what? Sports betting is one of the most popular gambling activities in the world and it is also available in most Cardano casinos. With sports betting, you bet on the outcome of a specific sporting event.

Although few platforms offer sports betting, platforms like TrustDice bet on thousands of markets.

The most popular sport to bet on is, of course, football. But you can also bet on basketball, rugby, tennis and baseball.

3. Progressive jackpots

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that gives you a chance to win. The payout continues to increase as people play. The jackpot is usually linked to a specific slot game or series of slots.

Occasionally, the games come from different individual casinos. As a result, the jackpot prize can even be worth millions of dollars - often life-changing amounts.

The best ways to get to Cardano

Unlike most cryptocurrencies, it is not possible to generate Cardano tokens through so-called mining. Here it is important to understand that the Cardano blockchain is not based on mining but on staking.

Briefly explained: Staking is a certain process: Crypto holders make their coins available temporarily so that the blockchain can be further written - in return, they receive a reward (usually in the form of other coins).

It is therefore very possible to generate passive income with Cardano without mining. However, a certain initial investment is necessary.

But if you are mainly looking to play with the cryptocurrency in a Cardano casino, we will now show you the most convenient and safest way to get ADA tokens:

Although Cardano is not quite as well known as its great role model Ethereum, the coin is traded on pretty much every established crypto exchange. On the open market you can buy the token on exchanges such as Binance, Bitpanda, Coinbase or Exodus.

As already mentioned, the market capitalization of Cardano is very impressive for such a young coin, but nevertheless far below that of Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co. So one can say that it is still relatively cheap to buy Cardano at the moment.

On the one hand, you can build up the starting capital for playing in the Cardano Casino of your choice without much effort. On the other hand, this fact also offers you an interesting investment opportunity.

What are the advantages of a high-quality Cardano Casino?

Compared to other online casinos, a Cardano casino has some characteristics that you can use to your advantage!

1. Cardano offers the highest security standards

Of course, the fact that Charles Hoskinson created the digital currency speaks volumes about the security of Cardano. As an Ethereum co-founder, Hoskinson is brimming with experience in the crypto world and has also used his extensive know-how with Cardano.

Cardano works with “peer reviews”, a scientific quality assurance measure. This means that the currency is constantly under the observation of independent experts and can therefore be classified as extremely safe! Of course, this also applies to gambling at Cardano Casino!

2. Cardano enables quick and easy transactions

Deposits and withdrawals with the ADA token work just as easily, securely and conveniently as with all other crypto coins. This is where the advantages that Cardano offers for playing in the online casino are particularly noticeable.

If you have found a suitable Cardano casino, you naturally want to start playing immediately. While transfers can often take a few days, after making a deposit with Cardano tokens, you can jump straight into casino fun.

Of course, the same applies to payouts: If you want to see your winnings in your account as quickly as possible, a Cardano casino is the right place for you.

3. Cardano is a sustainable cryptocurrency

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to other crypto coins for your online gambling? Then a Cardano Casino is the perfect option for you! Due to the proof-of-stake algorithm, the ADA token is much less energy-intensive than proof-of-work coins like Bitcoin. This means that you can play much more sustainably in a Cardano casino and also do good for the environment.

4. Cardano grants a high level of anonymity

In a Cardano casino, hardly any personal data needs to be given to start playing. E-mail address, username, password and your wallet ID are enough for a safe and anonymous casino experience.

Even if you want to have your winnings paid out, you only have to name the ID of your crypto wallet. But not the real name of the owner. This ensures that it is hardly possible for third parties to find out your sensitive data. A Cardano casino offers a high level of privacy.

What are the alternatives for Cardano casinos?

How do I recognize a reputable Cardano Casino?

1. Cardano Casino game catalog and license

A Cardano casino with an innumerable number of slot machines is undoubtedly attractive - however, these slots must also be regulated by an internationally renowned institution!

A good indicator of the seriousness of a Cardano casino is its gambling license. If you scroll down on the provider's website and click on “Legal” or “About Us” you should be able to see the license of the online casino.

Tip: A Cardano Casino that has a license from Malta or Curaçao is to be considered very reputable. To obtain a gambling license in these countries, online casinos must guarantee fair play!

2. Cardano Casino provides help through a customer support team

It may happen that questions about deposits and withdrawals or bonus offers etc. arise. For this reason, it is significant that a Cardano casino offers as many channels for support as possible.

A solid Cardano casino should have both an FAQ page and a live chat. In addition, an e-mail contact address and a telephone hotline can be offered. The online casino is to be classified as more serious, the more support it offers you!

3. Payments

Even though the Cardano casino accepts ADA payments, you should make sure that you can easily deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies can. You can see how long the respective promotions last on average in our casino reviews or in the FAQs of the providers.

Cardano Casino FAQ

The ADA token has long been available on all well-known crypto exchanges. Cardano can be purchased on exchanges such as Binance, Bitpanda, Coinbase or Exodus on fair terms.

The young cryptocurrency Cardano has not yet fully arrived in the gaming industry. So far, very few online casinos allow deposits with the ADA token.

But: You can definitely use this fact to your advantage! When an online casino introduces a new currency (in this case, ADA) to their repertoire, special bonus offers often occur to mark the occasion. If the Cardano Casino of your choice is still celebrating the launch of the token, you can most likely look forward to lucrative bonus offers!

Unfortunately, the wide acceptance that the ADA token enjoys on the open market has not yet spilled over to the gaming sector.

As already mentioned, very few online casinos have become aware of the Cardano coin as a means of payment. However, there is a consensus in the industry: Soon, most crypto-friendly gambling sites will have Cardano on offer.

If you would like to play with a young, solid cryptocurrency in the casino, you can use Cardano with a clear conscience. Especially important to mention: Your ecological footprint will also thank you if you play with Cardano.

Compared to other cryptocurrencies, the ADA token is considered a “green alternative” - ​​it does not consume nearly as much energy. So if you attach great importance to sustainability when gambling online, Cardano is definitely a good choice for you!

That depends entirely on your preferences. But as InsideBitcoins says:

"If you are looking for a casino game with the lowest house edge, your best bet is to stick with video poker. That's because some stocks have a house edge as low as 0.5%.

  1. Create at Binance or any other platform dedicated to buying and selling cryptocurrency.
  2. Verify your identity - the requirements are different for different platforms.
  3. Fund your account using a credit card or other provided means.
  4. Navigate to the “Buy” page, then ADA and indicate how much ADA you wish to trade.
  5. Confirm how much you want to buy and click Buy Now.
  6. ADA is deposited in your wallet.
Exchange Advantages Disadvantages
eToro Provides a beginner-friendly interface. Low minimum balance. Charges an inactivity fee. Not available in all US states. Various payment and deposit options available, fast account opening process, impressive customer support. Only offers CFD products.
Libertex Offers high leverage, regulated brokerage service, withdrawals processed in about 24 hours. Relatively clunky interface.
Binance Largest crypto exchange, high liquidity, wide transaction channels, advanced trading options are available. Not available in the US.
Coinbase Broad currency portfolio, top US crypto exchange, impressive number of services, user-friendly interface. Complex fee structure.
AvaTrade A regulated broker service, great for beginner traders, dedicated options trading platform. Complex fee structure, high inactivity fee.
Plus500 Impressive regulatory credentials, intuitive interface, negative balance protection. Charges an inactivity fee.

How to register and deposit money at a Cardano Casino?

At this point, you should have understood what a Cardano casino is and how it works. So, you want to join now? But what's the best way to start? Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step ä1: Choose the best Cardano casino (see the best Cardano casinos below)

In this step, you have to carry out a preliminary check - we are happy to support you with our detailed reviews. How fast do they process payments? Are they licensed? Are the cryptocurrencies used legitimate? These are just a few of the factors to consider.

Step #2: Open an account

Unlike traditional casinos that require your full name, address, date of birth and other personal information, only your email address and wallet ID are required at a Cardano casino. This means you remain largely anonymous.

Step #3: Deposit your ADA coins

In this step, you use your ADA coins that you bought in advance from an exchange. Go to the Account tab of your Cardano Casino profile. There, you will receive a unique deposit address. This is the address to which you send money.

The deposit works pretty fast in most cases. Now you can start playing.

Withdraw Cardano Casino winnings

So, you've played and now want to cash out your winnings?

Go to your Cardano wallet. Copy the unique address. Now go to the account section of your Cardano Casino account.

Click on “Withdraw Money”. Insert your unique address. Enter the amount of ADA coins you want to withdraw. Confirm the entered data to complete the process.

Depending on the amount, it may take some time before Cardano Casino releases the amount.

Conclusion: Cardano Casinos - optimal for players for whom security and sustainability are important 

Currently, Cardano seems to be in the fast lane in the cryptocurrency world! Many characteristics of the ADA coin speak for its solid future.

Cardano’s cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency are particularly important here. So if you are looking for a highly secure and sustainable gaming experience, a Cardano Casino will meet your needs.

Although the gaming industry has not yet fully become aware of the potential of the ADA, a handful of online casinos are already recognizing the many advantages of the young cryptocurrency. We would now like to introduce you to the best providers:

The best Cardano casinos

1. Fairspin: Large selection for long-term gaming fun

Fairspin Logo

The most important advantages at a glance:

To start, we would like to discuss Fairspin: Opened in 2018, Fairspin Casino was the first platform to offer players additional fair play control based on advanced blockchain technology.

The strengths of this casino consist of a wide range of almost 5,000 exciting games, a generous welcome package and an enormous variety of payment methods (including Cardano).

In the casino games section you can find many variations of casino slots such as Roulette, Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack and other card games.

Fairspin is undoubtedly one of the best crypto casinos out there.

2. Trueflip: Attractive cashback

TrueFlip Logo

The most important advantages at a glance:

Trueflip is in second place in our Cardano casino ranking: This casino attracts new customers with a considerable cashback bonus. At Trueflip, the cashback bonus is 10%. This means that if you lose 10 EUR, 1 EUR of that will be refunded to you automatically.

In addition to the cashback bonus, Trueflip shines above all with its game selection. Numerous high-quality online slot machines can be found in the online casino's portfolio. For example, players can enjoy the popular “Viking Clash” or “Book of Dead”.

3. Cloudbet: Lucrative bonus offer for new customers

Cloudbet Logo

The most important advantages at a glance:

Third on our list is Cloudbet: this Cardano casino offers new players a 100% deposit bonus up to 50,000 ADA. The payment of the Cloudbet bonus follows a special system. Players earn Loyalty Points for each round of play in a casino game.

For every 150 loyalty points earned, 20 ADA will be transferred directly to your Cloudbet account. Moreover, you also get 300 free spins! In addition, the game selection is expansive. So, you can be sure: The right game for you is definitely included!

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