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These guidelines provide information about the use of cookies on our website.

1. Definition of Cookies

Cookies are small text files stored by the browser on your device to retain certain information. When you revisit the website with the same device and browser, the information from the cookies is sent either to our website ("First Party Cookies") or to another website to which the cookie belongs ("Third Party Cookies").

This information enables the visited website to recognize that it has been accessed with the same browser before. Only the cookie itself is identified on the device. Personal data is stored only with explicit consent.

We use cookies that are not strictly necessary for providing our services on the website only with your consent. By clicking on "Accept Cookies," you agree to the use of these cookies.

3. Categories of Cookies

We differentiate cookies according to their purpose and function into:

3.1 Necessary Cookies

Necessary cookies are essential for the operation of the website and are used only by our website, making them First Party Cookies. They ensure that you remain logged in as a registered user when navigating through the website, without having to re-enter your login details on each page change.

The use of these cookies does not require consent as they are necessary for a technically flawless website (Article 6 (1) (f) GDPR). Therefore, these cookies cannot be deactivated or activated. However, there is the option to generally disable cookies in the browser (see point 4). These cookies are used for the following duration:

Deployed necessary cookies:

Name: specialinfoCookie

Description: Stores that certain overlay information will no longer be displayed.

Duration: 24 hours

3.2 Performance Cookies

No performance cookies are used on our website.

3.3 Marketing Cookies

No marketing cookies are used on our website.

4. Management and Deletion of Cookies

You can configure your browser to prevent the setting of cookies on your device or to ask for your permission each time. Already set cookies can be deleted at any time. Details on how to do this can be found in the help section of your browser. Please note that completely disabling cookies may lead to restrictions in using the website.

Susanna Bock Author
Casino Strategist

Susanna is a casino strategy expert and crypto gambling pioneer who uses her mathematical knowledge to develop and share detailed analysis and strategies for online casino games and crypto gambling.

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