The Ultimate Shiba Inu Casino Guide 2023

For anyone who is a little concerned with cryptocurrencies, there has long been much more behind the term Shiba Inu than just a Japanese dog breed. In August 2020, the so-called Shiba-Coin, or SHIB for short, was introduced, which has since enjoyed increasing popularity and is now also offered in online casinos as a means of payment - a so-called Shiba Inu Casino.

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Best SHIB Casinos 2023

Unfortunately, the sector in which Shiba Inu cannot quite hold a candle to its big competitor Dogecoin is the number of online casinos that accept the SHIB as a means of payment. Meanwhile, a few casinos have become aware of the Shiba Inu phenomenon and offer their customers various options to play with the coin. However, the selection is currently still more than manageable. What should not be ignored here: The digital currency is still relatively young. Therefore, it can be assumed that the range of Shiba Inu casinos will also multiply considerably in the near future.

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Visually, the digital currency is based on the phenomenon Dogecoin, but it is also based on a dog meme circulating on the Internet. Otherwise, the two coins have little in common. In their basic concept, they even differ greatly from each other. It is not without reason that Shiba Inu is now referred to as the “Dogecoin Killer”.

The developers of the currency have set themselves the task of compensating for any weaknesses in the Dogecoin and their success proves them right: In 2021, Shiba Inu with its very high market capitalization literally overran the Dogecoin and at the end of the year was already ranked 9th among the most successful cryptocurrencies of all time.

Interesting: Even if the young Shiba coin is generally considered a meme or satire currency, its developers have also devoted themselves to serious topics. Shiba Inu is one of the first cryptocurrencies to support numerous social projects and aid organizations that are actively involved in protecting the dog breed of the same name. With every token you buy, you are also doing good.

Nevertheless, here you will learn everything you need to know about Shiba Inu and whether a Shiba Inu casino is right for you. We will simply explain to you how to get Shiba Inu Coins and what advantages you can predominantly achieve in the casino by using this currency. We will also discuss what makes a good Shiba Inu casino and show you the best providers where you can play with the cryptocurrency.

How to get Shiba Inu?

There are basically two ways to get Shiba Inu:


With the download of special programs (e.g.,: Hive OS), you have the possibility to create Shiba Inu at home with the processing power of your computer. Eventually, you can save the purchase of Shiba-Coins. However, a not to be underestimated period of time must be planned until you have generated enough coins to play in the Shiba Inu Casino.

Shopping in the open market

The slightly faster and more convenient option is to buy Shiba Inu Coins from crypto exchanges. Meanwhile, many Austrian and German stock exchanges, such as Bitpanda or eToro, have already included the coin in their range. Another aspect that underlines the seriousness and acceptance of the cryptocurrency.

Caution: Nevertheless, it should be said at this point that Shiba Inu, like many cryptocurrencies, involves a certain risk as an investment option. Due to its high volatility potential, the price development is difficult to assess in the long term.

However, this is only relevant to a limited extent for the casino experience. The very low market value of Shiba Coins compared to other cryptocurrencies allows for quick results when purchasing them. With an investment of just a few euros, you can buy several thousand coins and thus enter a Shiba Inu casino.

But beware: Shiba Inu's low price per coin is by no means an indicator of high potential for strong growth. The so-called market capitalization is more meaningful here, to be able to estimate the actual trading volume of Shiba Inu. The SHIB coin currently ranks 15th here compared to all other cryptocurrencies (as of March 2022).

What advantages does a Shiba Inu Casino offer?

What advantages does a Shiba Inu Casino offer?

1. Low price from Shiba Inu

As we have already explained, Shiba Inu is currently characterized by a low market value. This makes it possible to purchase the cryptocurrency at a relatively low price, and can of course also be translated into the Shiba Inu casino experience: Anyone who invests in Shiba Inu for a few euros can call numerous Shiba coins their own and also use them in the casino.

The currency therefore invites players to play with relatively small amounts, which makes losses easier to bear. Consequently, the player naturally has more opportunities to try out different slots. Especially online casino beginners should like this fact, to approach playing in a crypto casino with little risk.

2. Ethereum blockchain security

Unlike Dogecoin, which is strongly tied to Litecoin fluctuations, Shiba Inu Coin is based on the Ethereum blockchain. In other words, on the ERC-20 protocol. This leads to the fact that with Shiba Inu, a similarly high level of security is achieved as with the firmly established cryptocurrency Ethereum. In terms of protection, Shiba Inu is thus in no way inferior to the competition. And of course, this also applies to playing in cryptocasinos.

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Interesting: The Shiba Inu Coin is a so-called deflationary currency. This means: Because the number of SHIBs is limited, similar to Bitcoin, the currency increases in value as soon as demand increases. Initially, 1 quadrillion Shiba coins were put into circulation. The special thing about the Shiba Inu model is the following. With every transaction made with Shiba Inu, the developers “burn” a small portion of the tokens to artificially maintain deflation. This ensures that the course of the Shiba Inus can be stabilized in the long term.

3. Potential of the young currency

Shiba Inu has not been on the market for long and, with a current market capitalization of about $11 billion, is already worth more than many well-known companies. For this very reason, it can be said that the currency offers enormous potential. Top dogs in the crypto sector like Elon Musk or Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin showed interest in Shiba Inu again and again. This led to a lot of media attention in the recent past. Due to the appealing market capitalization, Shiba Inu can therefore be considered an attractive product.

4. Anonymity

At Shiba Inu Casino, it is not necessary to provide any personal information when signing up. Email address, username, password, and your wallet ID are enough for a safe and anonymous casino experience. Thus, it is impossible for your name or other sensitive data to fall into the hands of third parties. Furthermore, you can quickly and worry-free start doing what you are here for: gambling.

Shiba Inu Casino alternatives

How do I recognize a good Shiba Inu Casino?

Scroll to the bottom of the provider's homepage, or click on the “About us” or “Legal” sections and take a closer look at the casino's license. If a Shiba Inu casino does not have a license, you should rather leave it alone right away. The opposite is true if the provider has a state gambling license from Curaçao or Malta. To receive these awards, online casinos have to achieve certain payout ratios, guarantee fair play and ensure reliable support. Therefore, you and your SHIB coins are in good hands at providers with these licenses.

Good to know: The fact that Shiba Inu has not yet completely arrived in the gambling industry does not necessarily have to be negative, and can even be used by players to their advantage. Of course, it is an impossibility to predict the future price development of the SHIB. Because the coin can be bought relatively cheaply currently, you can save up a considerable gaming budget in the event of an increase in value. And even if the price collapses, the loss is not too serious for a smaller investment.

Games at Shiba Inu Casinos

When it comes to game selection, Shiba Inu Coin Casinos hold their own against traditional casinos and even surpass them in some aspects. The variety of games available ultimately depends on the specific online casino you choose to play at. Here's a glimpse of the games you can find in Shiba Inu Casinos.

Slot Games

It's no surprise that Shiba Inu Casinos offer a vast array of slot games. Renowned software developers like Amusnet, Hacksaw Gaming, Play'n GO, Pragmatic Play, and Push Gaming are almost always represented. The selection can range from hundreds to thousands of different slot games. In addition to regular slots, there are also jackpot slots where a single spin can land you a progressive jackpot win. The size of the jackpot depends on the bets placed by other players.

Crypto Games

Shiba Inu Casinos are crypto casinos, which means crypto games are part of the portfolio. What sets crypto games apart isn't just the use of cryptocurrencies for bets, but also the incorporation of blockchain technology and unique gameplay mechanics. Many crypto games are known for their fast-paced rounds that come with an adrenaline rush. Popular titles in this category include Aviator, Dice, Keno, Mines, and Plinko.

Table Games and Live Games

Table games encompass classics like Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette. Unlike slot games, some of these games require discipline, experience, or strategic thinking, especially when it comes to Poker. Poker is the only form of gambling that has evolved into a sport over time. Consequently, there are professional poker players who compete against each other in tournaments, sometimes playing for substantial prize pools. Some Shiba Inu Coin Casinos even host their poker tournaments. Live games are also table games, but they utilize XR technologies to create a more immersive atmosphere for players. With these games, you put your luck to the test at a virtual gaming table.

Sports Betting

Not every Shiba Inu Casino offers sports betting, but you can find a few gambling providers that offer a comprehensive range of sports wagering options. Football betting is particularly widespread, but enthusiasts can also choose from other sports. The popularity of eSports has been on the rise recently, so if you're a passionate gamer, you can even place bets on your favorite teams in games like Call of Duty, League of Legends, and Overwatch.

Bonuses at Shiba Inu Coin Casinos

Every Shiba Inu Coin Casino aims to pamper its players with various bonuses. While most bonuses aren't necessarily tied to a specific fiat or cryptocurrency, some may require a deposit in Shiba Inu. Here's what players can expect in terms of bonuses:


With this type of bonus, you get a percentage of your losses back if luck isn't on your side. Cashbacks can range from 5% to 20% or even higher in some cases. Although higher cashback percentages are less common, they're not unheard of. Like other bonuses, cashbacks typically come with wagering requirements. You'll need to play through your cashback amount several times before you can withdraw it.

Deposit Bonuses

The most common type of bonus by far is the deposit bonus, which comes in the form of both reload bonuses and welcome bonuses. There isn't a significant difference between the two. However, you'll only receive the welcome bonus as a new customer, while reload bonuses are intended for subsequent deposits. A deposit bonus credits a certain percentage of your deposit as bonus funds. For example, you might get a 50%, 100%, or 200% deposit bonus. If you deposit €200 with a 50% deposit bonus, you'll receive an additional €100. When you can withdraw the bonus amount and any winnings derived from it depends on the bonus terms and conditions.

Free Spins

As the name suggests, free spins are complimentary spins on slot games. Bonus free spins are often tied to a specific slot and can't be used on just any slot game. In addition to free spins, there are similar bonuses like free bets for sports betting. Online casinos that focus on free bets commonly offer them as part of their welcome bonuses with deposit bonuses.

Prize Drops

What makes prize drops thrilling is that you never know when they'll come your way. They're essentially bonuses that randomly reward players. Prize drops originate from a prize pool that can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands or even millions of euros. The amount and likelihood of prize drops vary from one online casino to another. Some crypto casinos are quite generous, so players can potentially win big with a stroke of luck. This includes a few Shiba Inu Coin Casinos as well.

What is Shibarium?

Shibarium is a scaling solution implemented within the Shiba Inu Coin ecosystem since August 16, 2023. This scaling solution was developed to make the cryptocurrency more autonomous, user-friendly, and comprehensive. Its primary goal was to address typical issues seen in the Ethereum network, such as high transaction costs. The architecture of Shibarium is based on three layers, with the first being the Ethereum layer consisting of smart contracts. The second layer, known as Heimdall, features Proof-of-Stake validators responsible for monitoring the staking contracts. The third layer, called Bor, functions as the main sidechain responsible for both block production and transaction validation.

Shibarium offers several advantages, including:

Currently, Shiba Inu Casinos are relatively rare. However, given the benefits of Shibarium, it's possible that their numbers may increase in the coming years. After all, there are only a few ERC-20 tokens that have their ecosystem. Most tokens rely exclusively on the Ethereum network and produce few of their innovations over the years. With Shibarium, Shiba Inu has demonstrated that it is more than just a meme coin. Over time, it has evolved from a fun product into a cryptocurrency that could potentially establish itself in the financial market eventually. Many experts even believe that Shiba Inu has more potential than Dogecoin.

What's the Deal with Shiba Inu Burning?

Currently, there are over 500 quadrillion Shiba Inu tokens in circulation – a staggering number. Consequently, the idea of this digital currency ever reaching even a single cent in value seems highly unlikely. To address this, periodic Shiba Inu Burnings come into play. During a burning event, a specific quantity of Shiba Inu coins is intentionally destroyed or taken out of circulation. This action makes the cryptocurrency scarcer, with the goal of driving up prices. Burning is a strategy exclusive to deflationary coins; otherwise, new Shiba Inu tokens could simply flood the market.

Shiba Inu Burning

What Lies Ahead for Shiba Inu Coin Casinos?

Few cryptocurrencies enjoy a reputation as strong as Shiba Inu's. This is primarily because of its history of jaw-dropping price surges, which have already minted many millionaires. Furthermore, Shiba Inu has continually evolved over the past few years, as evidenced by the implementation of Shibarium. Shibarium, featuring an integrated burning mechanism, carries immense potential. This could potentially lead to a growing popularity of Shiba Inu Casinos eventually. Such a development wouldn't be surprising, as many crypto enthusiasts hold the coin in high regard and enjoy spending their leisure time at online casinos.

Conclusion: A Shiba Inu casino is ideal for players who want to take their first steps in gambling

If you already know a bit about cryptocurrencies, but have no experience with playing in online casinos, then a Shiba Inu casino could be just the thing for you. Compared to other crypto coins, Shiba Inu tends to be more of a smaller sum. This, of course, also limits the loss that the player can suffer. Because all classic games (including: Dice, Mines, Crash, Blackjack, Roulette) are offered, beginners can approach gambling with little risk. Fun and a relaxed atmosphere are guaranteed!

Currently, only a few online casinos have become aware of the SHIB, but the currency clearly has the potential to overtake other cryptos (such as Dogecoin, which also started as a meme coin) in the gaming sector. There is also a possibility that the young Shiba coin will increase in value, which means that playing with Shiba Inu could also be worthwhile eventually.

Shiba Inu FAQ

All well-known crypto exchanges have the Shiba Inu in their offer and treat the young coin with great acceptance. At Coinbase, Binance, Bitpanda or Exodus, the digital currency can be purchased within a few minutes at fair conditions.

The fact that the Shiba Inu coin is based on the Ethereum blockchain ensures a high level of security. Of course, this also applies to the use of the digital currency in Shiba Inu casinos.

Nowadays, crypto casinos are classified as demonstrably fair almost by the bank, since they work with the Bitcoin blockchain. This is used to be able to transparently disclose the gaming results. Meanwhile, it no longer makes a difference for customers whether they play with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, such as Shiba Inu.

Nowadays, crypto casinos are classified as demonstrably fair almost by the bank, since they work with the Bitcoin blockchain. This is used to be able to transparently disclose the gaming results. Meanwhile, it no longer makes a difference for customers whether they play with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, such as Shiba Inu.

If you want to play with a young, solid cryptocurrency with the potential to increase in value in the casino, you can fall back on Shiba Inu with a clear conscience. However, hardly any online casinos have so far offered the SHIB coin. All those who like to play with their crypto coins in various casinos will quickly be shown the limits due to the small selection that awaits them with Shiba Inu.

Details on our Shiba Inu Casino recommendations

At this point, it should be mentioned again that there are still very few online casinos that accept the young Shiba coin. And most of them could not convince us because of different points of view. If you have now got the taste for putting your newly acquired knowledge about SHIB and the possibilities that the coin offers you in the online casino world into practice, we still have a promising recommendation for you.

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This online casino shines through:

Anyone who chooses a Shiba Inu Casino naturally does not want to be limited in their selection of games. BC.Game meets exactly this requirement. The casino offers its customers all the games available at the casino, regardless of what currency they pick to use. In addition, BC.Game has increased its repertoire considerably in the recent past. The provider now has over 1000 different ways to play with Shiba coins.

For example:

What should also not go unmentioned are the bonus offers that make the online casino particularly attractive for new customers. Thus, one receives up to 180% bonus for each of his first three deposits on the platform. With the fourth deposit, it is even up to 240%.

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