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- Cashback wird auf der Grundlage von 10 % des Gesamtverlustes während eines 7-Tage-Zeitraums berechnet
- Keine Umsatzbedingungen
- VIP-Spieler erhalten nicht den üblichen wöchentlichen Cashback. VIP-Spieler erhalten einen speziellen Cashback entsprechend ihrer VIP-Stufe.
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- Mindesteinzahlung in Höhe von 1€
- Bonus muss 50x umgesetzt werden
- Mit dem Bonus können maximal 100€ gewonnen werden.
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in cryptocurrencies.
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- Minimum deposit 10€
- Der erste Bonusbetrag muss 40x umgesetzt werden, der zweite 45x
- Pro Drehung können max. 5€gesetzt werdeny
- Keine maximale Auszahlung
15% Cashback
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- Minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC
- Minimum deposit for free spins equivalent of 50$
- Maximum win of free spins 100$
- Free spins expire after three days
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1 Bitcoin
+ 10% daily cashback.
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- Minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC
- Amount must be wagered at least 100x
-Cube games count as 0.7x rollover

Best Bitcoin Casinos 2022

Welcome to the homepage of BTCasino.info! We are the platform for Bitcoin casinos. Here you will find exciting and informative reports on the latest casinos as well as great bonus offers for the perfect entry into the world of Bitcoin casinos.

Bitcoin casino

Bitcoin Poker


Poker is a card game based on a five-card hand. The player who has the most significant hand wins. Poker is divided into different types, including "Five Card Stud", "Seven Card Stud" and "Five Card Draw".

Bitcoin Slots


Slot machines - or slots - come in countless forms. The best known is the one-armed bandit. Depending on the game, the rules and winning opportunities vary. We have taken a closer look at the most exciting casino games for you.

Bitcoin Roulette


Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world. Here you bet on numbers or certain properties of numbers, which are determined by the random course of a ball in a cauldron.

New Bitcoin Gambling Sites

Symbol Spades
bc.game Review
4.8 rating
Up to 2 Bitcoin
+ $3 without deposit
+ 1 Bitcoin on the Wheel of Fortune
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer
- Glücksrad bereits nach der Anmeldung verfügbar
- 1-3$ in BCD bereits nach der Anmeldung verfügbar.
- Mindesteinzahlung umgerechnet 30 $ für Einzahlungsbonus
Bets.io Review
4.8 rating
up to: 20% Cashback
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer

- Cashback is credited daily at 00:10 (UTC)
- The cashback is valid 3 days after receipt and 7 days after its activation
- The wagering requirement for the cashback bonus is x3
Up to 5 Bitcoin + 300 Freespins
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer

- Bonus cannot be combined with other offers
- Minimum deposit: 0.005 BTC / 0.12 ETH / 0.4 BCH / 1.2 LTC / 4,800 DOGE / 200 USDT
- The first bonus amount must be wagered 35 times
- Free spins & 40x wagered and are active for 14 days
Symbol cards

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Icon

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, which is exclusively available digitally. The name Bitcoin is composed of the words "Bit" and "Coin". "Bit" stands for the smallest digital storage unit. "Coin" is the English word for coin. Bitcoin was created more than ten years ago and is still the best known and strongest cryptocurrency on the market. Similar to the Euro, Bitcoin also has a symbol, "BTC". There are now thousands of different "coins", the best known of which include Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash (" more on cryptocurrencies at the casino).

Cryptocurrencies appear with different characteristics, whereby they Cryptocurrencies are generated digitally and then traded on marketplaces. You can also secure the coins on digital wallets. To produce a bitcoin, for example, you need the enormous processing power of computers. The process is called "mining" in reference to mining. The smallest Bitcoin unit is called "Satoshi". The term goes back to Satoshi Nakamoto, who is still the presumed founder and inventor.


Fun Fact: To this day, it is not clear who invented Bitcoin. Whether Satoshi Nakamoto is a person or a group is also not known. In the meantime, many people have claimed the invention. The myth that has arisen can be seen as a partial success for cryptocurrencies.

Crypto gambling & Bitcoin gambling: Our guide for casino players

Cryptocurrencies have taken online trading and stock markets by storm. In the meantime, the digital, state-independent currencies have long been established and have proven themselves as a means of payment. This doesn't just apply to online shopping or the stock market - crypto gambling and bitcoin gambling have become popular alternatives to traditional online casinos. In addition, bookmakers are increasingly offering the opportunity to place bets with Bitcoin. There is now a considerable selection of providers and we will help you to find a casino that suits you.

Below you will learn how to prepare for playing at a Bitcoin casino. From choosing and obtaining cryptocurrency to the best games for crypto gambling and bitcoin gambling.

1. Choose a cryptocurrency

The first step to crypto gambling is to choose the right cryptocurrency. The market is booming and there are many digital currencies, so it can be hard to get an overview. Basically, there are some coins that are particularly well suited for crypto gambling - first and foremost Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency is on everyone's lips and can boast the largest market capitalization. For this reason, the biggest profits have been made with Bitcoin in the past.

Ethereum Icon
Dogecoin Icon
Bitcoin Cash Icon
Bitcoin Cash

A popular alternative is Ethereum, the cryptocurrency with the second highest market capitalization. For players who like to gamble with cryptocurrencies using smaller alternatives, Dogecoin or Bitcoin Cash offer good options.

Warning Sign

Caution: Don't be fooled by the price of a cryptocurrency. A very low price could indicate a low market capitalization and thus be an indicator of great growth potential. However, it could also be that there are already many coins in circulation, meaning that the supply is much higher than the actual demand. New cryptocurrencies such as Shiba Inu take advantage of the ignorance of new investors in order to make them believe that there is a high profit potential with a price that seems low at first glance. Below you will learn how to prepare for playing at a Bitcoin casino. From choosing and obtaining cryptocurrency to the best games for crypto gambling and bitcoin gambling.

2. Create a wallet

The next step is to get a suitable wallet. The wallet is a digital wallet in which you collect the coins of your cryptocurrency. With your special wallet ID, you can make deposits and withdrawals in crypto gambling. The ID is comparable to an IBAN for bank transfers. Note, however, that there are different types of wallets - some are integrated into crypto exchanges, others require additional hardware.

3. Buy the cryptocurrency of your choice

Once you have created the wallet, you need to acquire cryptocurrency in order to be able to play in bitcoin casinos. The easiest way is to buy your cryptocurrency directly from an exchange or start with the vendor Faucet , build up a first capital.

bitpanda logo
binance logo
coinbase logo

Which Bitcoin casino should I start playing at?

Choosing the right casino is very important for a good gambling experience. Luckily, there are a few points where you can quickly spot a quality bitcoin casino:

1. Pay attention to the accepted payment methods

The first thing to look out for is that the casino of your choice accepts your cryptocurrency as a form of payment. If you only find out after registering that you cannot play with Dogecoins with the provider, for example, you have wasted a lot of time. But you can avoid this by paying attention in advance to which cryptocurrencies are accepted by the respective casino. Players who are looking for Bitcoin Gambling have an advantage. Since bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency, every bitcoin casino makes this currency available as a payment method.


All casinos advertised on this page offer Bitcoin as a deposit and withdrawal method. For other cryptocurrencies, you can check the respective review. At the bottom of each review you will find a list of accepted coins. We try to keep the list as up to date as possible.

2. Check the trustworthiness of the provider


Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, have been steadily gaining in value over the past few years. For this reason, you should pay close attention to which provider you entrust your cryptocurrency to. It is important that the casino offers reliable customer support. With a professional service, you enjoy a safe atmosphere and have a contact person in case questions or problems arise.

Casino Licence

The second central aspect is that the respective Bitcoin Casino has a state gambling license. Gambling licenses are quality guarantors, because online casinos have to meet certain requirements in order to obtain them. For example, demonstrate high payout ratios and ensure fair gaming conditions. The gambling licenses from Malta and Curacao in particular are considered to be of high quality, as they require the most demanding conditions for gambling operations. The casinos we test are only included if they are legal and meet our high standards.


Caution: Should you read about "Bitcoin casinos without a license", then this does not automatically mean a dubious provider. Just currently, this refers to casinos that do not adhere to the German transition rules and consequently refer to their international authorization to operate gambling. These providers have a license, however, this is not necessarily from the respective country. The player protection and the seriousness of the provider can still be given.

3. Take advantage of bonus offers

Last but not least, you should always have a look at the bonus offers. These can make getting started with bitcoin gambling immensely easier and help you earn profits. There are numerous types of bonus offers that are suitable for crypto gambling. A no deposit bonus offers some initial credit that you can use to play your first rounds of games. Far more common, however, are deposit bonuses that credit you with a percentage markup on your first deposit. Just as often, free spins can also be found in the bonus offer. These offer the opportunity to try out the provider's game portfolio, often free of charge.

Which casino games are suitable for Bitcoin gambling?

Since cryptocurrencies are now widely used in the casino industry, there are numerous worthwhile games that can be played profitably with Bitcoin and Co:

1. Bitcoin Poker

Poker Cards

Poker, the classic card game in the casino. For Bitcoin gambling, poker is particularly suitable because there is a steady learning curve. Thus, it is possible to earn big winnings with a little luck and skill. Since it is most exciting to poke against other players, you should make sure that the provider makes this available in their live casino.

2. Bitcoin Blackjack

Blackjack Cards

Blackjack is the safer option if you want to enjoy Bitcoin gambling with a card game. With blackjack, players have a small but important advantage over the bank. For this reason, Blackjack may not offer the highest winnings, but the best odds.

3. Bitcoin Roulette


One of the most famous table games in online casinos is Roulette. It embodies the classic casino atmosphere like no other game. If luck is right, big prizes can be won - thrills are guaranteed! Safe playing strategies also exist, making roulette a flexible game for Bitcoin gambling.

Advantages and disadvantages at a glance

If you don't have a lot of time, just take a look at the pros and cons of a Bitcoin casino in this table. If you want to learn more, you can find more information below.


+ Fast speed

+ Anonymity

+ Bitcoin as an investment

+ No fees


- No remittances

- Loss of access data

- Entry can be difficult

- Price fluctuations

Bitcoin gambling: Advantages

The advantages of betting with Bitcoin in online casino are numerous. Basically, these advantages are related to the characteristics of the currency itself. A key aspect of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is that there is no controlling entity. Thus, cryptocurrencies are independent of government action or banking. This makes Bitcoin a very flexible and user-oriented means of payment. Especially in the field of online casinos, these characteristics benefit the player in the form of strong advantages:

1. Fast speed


Once you've chosen an online casino, you'll want to get started right away and try out the numerous games. If you have decided to make a deposit using a bank transfer, the processing of the transaction may well take several days. A transaction with Bitcoin, on the other hand, is much faster. Since Bitcoin is a purely digital currency, deposits are processed in real time. This way, you can start playing within a few minutes - regardless of the processing times of a bank. You will also benefit from the high speed of withdrawals. Here, too, you can access your winnings almost in real time.

2. No fees


Anyone who often makes transfers on the Internet will be familiar with it: As a rule, fees are incurred. This can be a small percentage of the amount transferred or a fixed amount of a few euros. No matter which fee is incurred, it is always annoying. Especially in an online casino, a percentage fee reduces your winnings. Again, playing with Bitcoin benefits you here, because the cryptocurrency, as already mentioned, does not require a central authority. Often, in an online casino, the fees come from the bank or the payment service provider, which earn from each transaction. In a Bitcoin casino, this does not apply, so you can save large amounts over time. Only a network fee is retained - but this is usually manageable.

3. Anonymity


The next advantage is the high degree of anonymity that Bitcoin users enjoy. This advantage also comes from the fact that there is no central authority for Bitcoin. The casino does not require any sensitive data during the initial account creation. Unlike traditional online casinos, where you have to provide both your name and address. However, in a Bitcoin casino you can be sure that your personal data will stay with you and not fall into the hands of third parties.

4. Bitcoin as an investment


The predictions that the so-called "Bitcoin bubble" would burst have already proven to be wrong several times. Although the cryptocurrency shows strong price fluctuations, the value of Bitcoin has nevertheless grown steadily on average. For this reason, the cryptocurrency has now established itself as a financially strong store of value. Thus, the market price is becoming more and more expensive, while private Bitcoin mining is becoming more and more elaborate.

A Bitcoin casino is an effective alternative to increase your Bitcoin holdings. If you already own Bitcoin, getting started is easy and with a little luck and skill in the game you can increase your Bitcoins with little effort.

5. Bitcoin casinos are proven to be fair


The term "Provably Fair" is a new technology that enriches online gambling. The technology is mainly used in Bitcoin or crypto casinos and games. For definition, "provably fair" is an algorithm that checks and verifies the fairness of an online casino to its players. It takes away the fear of most players that they will be ripped off by online gambling sites. Accordingly, every action can be checked for fairness, which means that fraud on the part of the casino can be largely ruled out.

BTC gambling: Possible disadvantages

Apart from the important advantages, a Bitcoin casino has certain disadvantages. Most of them also depend on the lack of a controlling authority. However, these disadvantages are situational and rarely occur. If you are aware of the disadvantages and pay attention to your dealings with Bitcoin, you can avoid them in advance.

1. No remittances possible

Transaction Error

It can happen quickly that you make a wrong transaction online. For example, it can easily happen that you confuse a decimal place with a decimal place before the decimal point. Errors can also creep into the recipient's address, so that your amount arrives at the wrong recipient. If such a situation occurs during a bank transfer, you can contact your bank and cancel the transaction. However, since Bitcoin has no control, there would be no way for you to get your wrongly sent Bitcoins back.


Be very careful when dealing with Bitcoin. Check the data of each transaction several times before you confirm it. Especially with higher amounts, it is advisable to have a trusted person do a cross-check or submit a small test amount in advance.

2. Possible loss of access data


If you want to create an account at a Bitcoin casino, you usually only need to provide your Bitcoin wallet ID, a username and a password. However, if you lose your credentials, it will be difficult to recover them. Since Bitcoin Casino does not allow you to enter any personal information, it is not possible to verify your identity again.

In this situation, the actually positive anonymity can become a problem, whereby your acquired cryptocurrencies are in danger. Accordingly, it is recommended that you store your valuable access data in several places. In case you misplace a note or you forget your credentials, you have more notes in reserve. Leave a note of your access data on your laptop and cell phone and perhaps leave a handwritten note in your apartment or purse. This way you minimize the risk of losing your irrecoverable access data. However, a two-factor authentication should not be missing!

Warning Sign

Important tip for security: If you keep your cryptocurrencies on a personal wallet, you must especially keep your secret key secret. If this is lost, access to your cryptocurrencies is no longer possible.

Most of the bitcoin casinos on our site value the anonymity of their customers, which is why you should take extra care to secure your login details. Recovery is often difficult or impossible.

3. Getting started can be difficult


One disadvantage that can be problematic, especially for new players, is the somewhat more difficult entry into a Bitcoin casino. Although it is now possible to purchase Bitcoin via exchanges, it still requires a certain basic technical knowledge. The ever-increasing price of Bitcoin can also be a deterrent at first glance, as this also means that there is the potential for a stronger price correction.

4. Bitcoin price fluctuations


Many users perceive Bitcoin's price fluctuations as a disadvantage. However, price fluctuations are quite ordinary phenomena of a free market. It has been shown that the Bitcoin price recovers quickly after a low, so that the value of the cryptocurrency has steadily increased on average over the past few years. If you find yourself in a situation where the Bitcoin price is falling again, it is recommended that you remain calm at all costs. Do not immediately withdraw your deposited Bitcoins from the BTC Casino. This way you can possibly avoid exchange rate losses. The Bitcoin rate will most likely recover sooner or later. This way you can avoid unnecessary losses that result from emotions.

Many users perceive Bitcoin's price fluctuations as a disadvantage. However, price fluctuations are quite ordinary phenomena of a free market. It has been shown that the Bitcoin price recovers quickly after a low, so that the value of the cryptocurrency has risen steadily on average in recent years.

Why is Bitcoin the most popular currency in cryptocurrency casinos?

Many newbies wonder why Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in casinos. The reason is that Bitcoin is the most desirable cryptocurrency on the market and has the highest market cap. It has also been shown that the price of Bitcoin for a cryptocurrency is relatively stable and is growing steadily on average. For this reason, you will often find Bitcoin as an additional deposit and withdrawal option in online casinos that do not specialize in cryptocurrencies. But even if you own alternative cryptocurrencies, there are numerous casinos that offer a variety of different cryptocurrencies as a payment option.

Different units of Bitcoin

The Bitcoin price has been chasing from one record high to the next in recent years. Thus, it is no longer so easy to buy a whole Bitcoin. Accordingly, fractions of the digital currencies can be purchased on the various exchanges almost at will. The smaller unit of Bitcoin is called "Satoshi". Casinos, on the other hand, have largely agreed on the subdivision of the following units:

  1. mBTC - Here we are talking about milli-Bitcoin. One mBTC is therefore converted to 0.001 Bitcoin.
  2. µBTC - This is Micro Bitcoin. One µBTC is equal to 0.000001 BTC.

So that you as a player do not have to laboriously count the zeros in the fractions of a Bitcoin and thus possible errors creep in, these subdivisions are used for assistance.

The game selection at BTC casinos

The heart of any online casino is its selection of games. For this reason, you will find numerous detailed game reviews at btcasino.info. This way we help you to find the right slots, table or card games.

Im Kontext von Bitcoin Casinos ist es wichtig zu wissen, dass sich die Auswahl der Spiele zu herkömmlichen Onlinecasinos kaum unterscheidet. Die Spieleauswahl stellt demnach beim Wechsel von einem herkömmlichen Onlinecasino keine Hürde dar.

The following are the main types of games that you may encounter in a Bitcoin casino:

1. Slots in Bitcoin casinos

Bitcoin Slots

Slots refers to slot machines. Slots are among the most popular games in online casinos. The basic principle of slots is usually very similar: a slot offers a specific number of reels, usually five, which feature a large number of different symbols. When a game round is started, the reels start rotating vertically. The player must stop the reels and depending on which symbols are displayed, smaller or larger wins can be obtained. Not only the type of symbols is important, but also the order in which they appear. Thus, there are winning sequences that need to be taken into account. For example, you will only get winnings if a certain symbol appears from left to right on each reel at the same height.

The choice of symbols depends on the theme of the slot. The selection is so large that you can be sure to find a slot that suits your taste. Especially popular themes are slots in Egypt or Western look. Classic designs like fruits are also very popular because they remind of arcades with mechanical slot machines.

2. Table games at Bitcoin casinos

Bitcoin Roulette

Table games are as much a part of an authentic Bitcoin Casino experience as slots. In the table games section you will find all the well-known games that are also offered in real casinos. These include, for example, the ever-popular Blackjack or other card games, such as Poker. A high-quality roulette table is also part of every professional casino. In addition, most casinos offer baccarat as an alternative to the other card games. Thanks to online casinos, you can play these timeless classics from the comfort of your home. So you can experience real casino atmosphere in peace.

What's especially exciting is that the card games have an important strategic component, so your success doesn't depend on luck alone. This feature is especially important when playing with Bitcoin, as you can use your talent to win big.

But also dice games are finding more and more followers and promise fair winning opportunities.

3. Live casinos with bitcoin

Bitcoin Poker

What is true for the table games is equally true for the Live Casino. If the casino atmosphere of the table games is not enough for you, you will find what you are looking for in the live casino. Professional online casinos offer a separate category in which they offer live games. In live games, you link up with like-minded players via the Internet and play exciting table games in real time. For these games, real staff is also employed. For example, there is a professional dealer for blackjack in the live casino. German Bitcoin casinos have also discovered the Live Casino theme for themselves, so you can play in real time for the coveted cryptocurrency.

The game portfolio in the live casino usually corresponds to the game selection of the table games. This means that you can also enjoy Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and Baccara in the Live Casino. If you want to enjoy exciting game rounds together with other players, you are in good hands at the Live Casino.

Possibilities of a Bitcoin Casino Bonus

In addition to the game selection, the bonus offer of an online casino is the most important aspect for many players. A well thought-out welcome bonus can make it noticeably easier for new players to get started. Also in the case of a bitcoin casino, a strong bonus can ensure that players have greater chances of winning worthwhile profits. The bonus types hardly differ between conventional online casinos and Bitcoin casinos. Both casinos offer the same types of bonuses. The most common types of bonuses are presented below. This way you can check which bonus you like the most and take that into account when choosing a new bitcoin casino.

Bitcoin deposit bonus

One of the most famous bonuses is the deposit bonus. Also in Bitcoin casinos deposit bonuses are very popular. With a deposit bonus, the player receives a percentage markup on their deposit. Here is an example:

  •      One casino offers new customers a deposit bonus of 100% on up to two Bitcoin.
  •      As a new customer you are ready to deposit 0.25 BTC.

            Your deposit will be doubled, giving you a total of 0.5 BTC at your disposal


Important: Pay attention to the respective turnover conditions! The bonus provided to you is linked to conditions in almost all cases. You can find all the necessary information under the T&Cs of the respective providers at btcasino.info.

An example of such a condition is that the bonus amount must be wagered 30 times. In our example, the player would have to wager a total of 0.25 x 30 = 7.5 Bitcoin in the casino before he can withdraw his bonus of 0.25 Bitcoin. These conditions are usually set very high and are therefore relatively difficult to achieve. Ultimately, however, this is to be seen positively: If you are actually successful, you will have doubled your deposit and presumably made some decent winnings along the way.

Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus

An alternative to the deposit bonus is the no deposit bonus. In this case, the player receives an amount of money that is independent of the amount of his deposit made. A no deposit bonus is offered less frequently than a deposit bonus. Oftentimes, a no deposit bonus is associated with a Bonus Code that must be provided in order to unlock the bonus. Since such a bonus is free credit, it is always advisable to use it. This is especially true for Bitcoin casinos in German, since such a bonus is rarely offered there. Here, too, certain sales conditions usually apply before payout.

TrustDice no deposit bonus en
25$ no deposit betting bonus at TrustDice

Bitcoin casino freespins

Another popular bonus type at Bitcoin Casino are freespins. Often these are offered by online casinos in addition to a deposit bonus. freespins are free game rounds on slots that players can use to experience extra gaming fun and earn additional winnings. Often, the casino offers selected games for which the free spins can be used. This limits you a bit, but you have the opportunity to get to know new slots without taking a risk. In some cases, the full game portfolio is available to you.

Bitcoin casino cashback bonus

Another type of bonus is the cashback bonus. Cashback means money back and offers the player the advantage that a portion of his money used in games, is paid back into his account. This passive effect is especially interesting for players who are safety-minded and want to minimize their losses. There are two different types of cashback bonuses. In the first variant, a small percentage of the total money wagered is returned. The other variant replaces only a portion of the actual losses.

Deposits and withdrawals at Bitcoin Casinos

Online casinos offer their customers a wide range of methods for deposits and withdrawals. This way, they can ensure a high level of convenience for their customers. For example, in every professional online casino, credit cards and eWallets such as Skrill or Neteller can be found in the selection of deposit and withdrawal methods. In a Bitcoin casino, however, these payment options are not used or are only offered in addition. Instead, different cryptocurrencies are available for selection. This streamlines the area of deposits and withdrawals and provides a better overview.

Bitcoin mobile casino

Today's gamers want to be able to access their favorite games flexibly while on the go. This gaming behavior is the trend of the future, as every adult and young person always has their smartphone with them. Accordingly, modern casino players like to use their commute or their lunch break to briefly enjoy their favorite games in their online casino. Online casinos recognized this trend early on and invested in mobile casinos. For this reason, every professional online casino now offers a mobile version that allows convenient gaming on the go. Bitcoin casinos are no exception here either. For this reason you can be sure that your selected Bitcoin Casino is also available in a mobile version.

Basically, there are two types of mobile casinos. The first option is that the provider offers a Casino-App . You have to download this via the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. However, this variant is now outdated, so most Bitcoin casinos have discovered another alternative for themselves: An optimized version of the website for smartphones. Here, the mobile casino can be opened with the web browser of a smartphone or tablet. This variant has two advantages:

  1. The player does not need to download an app.
  2. The mobile version of the casino works regardless of the operating system of the smartphone.

Bitcoin casino FAQs

Bitcoin is no longer a novelty as a payment method in casinos, but also beyond that. Nevertheless, questions can arise especially with regard to deposits and withdrawals as well as transactions.

Here we have collected the most important questions about Bitcoin casinos, but also other countries and answer them compactly and in as simple language as possible:

1. How much are the fees for payments with bitcoin in the casino?

Casinos charge no fees for transactions with BTC in most cases. However, network fees are often incurred when sending cryptocurrencies. These are usually very low, which means that the digital currency can be seen as an alternative to classic currencies.

2. Can bitcoin actually be used to play in the casino?

This question deals with whether Bitcoin or a smaller unit like mBTC can be wagered in the casino or whether a conversion to a traditional currency is necessary.

This question cannot be answered across the board for all casinos. In general, more and more providers are focusing on alternative digital currencies. While some casinos convert BTC into euros before playing, especially newer casinos that specialize in cryptocurrencies also allow you to play in the digital currency.


Tip: If a bonus is offered in bitcoin at our providers, chances are good that the provider allows wagers in cryptocurrencies.

3. How long does it take to make a withdrawal with bitcoin?

Fast transactions

In contrast to a classic payout as a bank transfer, a Bitcoin payout takes only a few minutes. For this, the transaction must take place via a recognized wallet or exchange. This fact is a significant advantage over traditional forms of withdrawal, which take at least a day.

4. Which Bitcoin casino offers the best new customer bonus?

Almost every casino offers a new customer bonus. It's no different at Bitcoin casinos. But don't be blinded by the amount of money - it is at least as important to take a look at the wagering requirements. We continuously test the most attractive bonus offers on the market and summarize the most important information for you.

At the moment, TrustDice has the fairest and best offer on the market. There you will receive up to the equivalent of $ 25 in Bitcoin and all without a deposit. On top of that there are free spins, deposit bonuses and much more.

5. What happens in the casino when the Bitcoin rate changes?

The Bitcoin course has been extremely volatile since its inception. This consequently leads to a higher risk for you. Winnings from a casino can therefore have a positive as well as a negative effect on the result due to price fluctuations. We have researched more information for you here .

6. Is a bitcoin casino reputable?

In principle, this question can be answered with “Yes”. Seriousness mainly depends on the license. A casino that allows deposits with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies differs only slightly from traditional providers. Of course there are black sheep everywhere. But no fear! That's where we come in. We put all providers through their paces so that you can be sure to find a reputable provider

 7. Can I cancel a Bitcoin payment?

No. The transaction with a cryptocurrency cannot be reversed due to the blockchain encryption. The only option is to contact the customer service of the respective Bitcoin casino to cancel the deposit. Whether fees are incurred or whether this is possible at all can be found in the respective T&Cs.

8. What are Hybrid Casinos?

By hybrid casinos we mean providers that accept both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. In contrast, you can now find numerous providers on the market that exclusively offer cryptocurrencies. We recommend these casinos first. There you can be sure that bonus offers and games are tailored to digital currencies.

9. Can I use PayPal at Bitcoin casino?

This is not possible in pure crypto casinos. There you can only deposit with different cryptocurrencies. However, there are hybrid casinos that additionally accept fiat currencies and in some cases also accept deposits with Paypal.

10. What are Bitcoin slot machines?

Bitcoin Slots are no different from traditional slot machines. However, there are some slots that were created exclusively for cryptocurrencies and that you will only find in Bitcoin casinos.

A Bitcoin casino represents a strong opportunity for casino and crypto fans!

As you could read, crypto gambling and bitcoin gambling represent a strong alternative to conventional online casinos. Cryptocurrencies are generally enjoying increasing popularity, with a large selection of different providers with specialized bonus programs. Playing in a bitcoin casino offers you advantages that are not available in a traditional online casino. So you can enjoy fast transactions for deposits and withdrawals and low to no fees.

Also, no other currency offers such a high level of anonymity, so you can be sure that your personal data is safe. Of course, cryptocurrencies also have some disadvantages, but these can be avoided with a little preparation and careful handling in advance. Bitcoin casinos are in no way inferior to conventional online casinos in terms of functionality. Thus, you have the same choice of bonus offers that you can also use in regular casinos. In a Bitcoin casino you can access the entire game portfolio. This way, you can enjoy your favorite games as well as all new releases.

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