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100% up to 1 Bitcoin + 20 Free spins

Bspin Review

Max Reichelt Author
Casino Tester

For Bitcoin owners, finding the right Bitcoin casino is usually a difficult decision. The casino must offer a wide range of games and also be a reputable partner. Fortunately, there are numerous providers that meet these criteria and also shine with attractive offers.

In this article, we offer you a comprehensive casino review that provides you with all the information about this provider. In this way, you can check exactly whether the Casino meets your requirements and is suitable for you.

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Step 2

Sign up and take advantage of the deposit bonus of up to one Bitcoin.

Step 3

You will be credited with 20 free spins for “Fruit Zen”. You can start playing right away!

Tip: With the Backpocket bonus, you get up to 20 no deposit free spins per day - these can be activated immediately! You can find details below.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bspin

Advantages Disadvantages
Freebies for all players Live chat not available around the clock
Wide choice of payment methods Few bonuses with free spins
Exciting games for every taste
Loyalty program for loyal players
Extensive deposit bonus

Registration at Bspin Casino

Before we delve into bonuses, games, support, and other topics, let's focus on the registration process. As with most other casinos, the initial sign-up process is not too difficult.

Bspin Registration

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to proceed:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Scroll down in the left-hand menu and select the German language.
  3. Click on “
  4. Sign Up.”
  5. Register using your email address, Google, or MetaMask.
  6. Verify your email address.

That's it! Once the registration is complete, you can deposit money using one of the available payment methods and play to your heart's content. More information will be required only if you want to withdraw your winnings. In that case, you have 48 hours to complete a KYC verification. Bspin Casino requires three things:

  • A copy of a valid driver's license, ID card, or passport.
  • A proof of address that is not older than three months.
  • A selfie with the identification document.

Once you have submitted everything, the documents will be reviewed within three business days. Please send the documents to the email address [email protected]. They will only be accepted if the email address provided in the online casino matches the sender's email address. Ensure that all the information provided is accurate; otherwise, it may lead to temporary or even permanent closure of your account.

Extensive deposit bonus for Bitcoin users

The first feature that makes Casino a strong provider is the welcome bonus tailored specifically for Bitcoin. For new players, a bonus of 100% is available on their first deposit. This means that the first deposit is doubled! This offer opens up many opportunities for new players to try out the game portfolio and earn big winnings right from the start. The bonus is capped at an amount of 1,000,000 MicroBitcoin, which is equivalent to 1 Bitcoin.

Bspin Deposit Bonus

This means that if you deposit 1 Bitcoin after signing up, you have already made the most of the bonus. But that's not all: additionally, the bonus is rounded off by 20 free spins for the popular slot “Fruit Zen”, which helps a new player with their first orientation at the casino. This extensive bonus program has convinced us very much in our casino review.

Reload Bonus - more cash for the second and third deposit.

After the welcome bonus, it's over? Quite the opposite: Bspin offers you a reload bonus for the second and third deposit. At the first account reload, there is a bonus of 50% for up to 1,000,000 μBTC and 20 free spins for the slot game “Fruit Zen”. At the second reload the bonus is even 75% - again up to 1,000,000 μBTC - and 20 free spins for “Fruit Zen”.

Fruit Zen is a slot game from Betsoft Gaming. It is a simple slot game where fruits are presented in front of a picturesque scenery. The expanding wild allows for big wins. Both reload bonuses are subject to 35x wagering requirements. Slots contribute 100%, table games 20% and live games 10%.

Backpocket for gifts

The Backpocket feature at Bspin is a no deposit bonus. You can get five free spins every 45 minutes. The maximum is 20 free spins per day.

From rank 2 of the VIP program, you unlock another feature. You then have the opportunity to receive 20 Satoshi every 20 minutes. Since Bspin continuously fills your backpocket with money, whether you are logged in or not, you theoretically always have credit to play in the online casino.

Bspin Backpocket

Loyalty program with 20 levels of benefits.

Most players would rather not be rewarded only at registration and subsequent deposits. They want to know that their loyalty pays off. That's exactly why Bspin has a loyalty program with twenty levels. As befits a VIP program, all levels have certain requirements and bonuses.

Bsping Loyalty Program

Level Rank Maximum Deposit Daily Withdrawal Rank Bonus Cashback
20 One above all 1,000 ฿ 1,000,000 µ฿ 200,000 µ฿ 20%
19 The Ultimate Deity 900 ฿ 800,000 µ฿ 150,000 µ฿ 19%
18 The Almighty 800 ฿ 500,000 µ฿ 100,000 µ฿ 18%
17 Mogul Royale 700 ฿ 400,000 µ฿ 50,000 µ฿ 17%
16 The Overlord 500 ฿ 300,000 µ฿ 50,000 µ฿ 16%
15 The Legend 400 ฿ 200,000 µ฿ 50,000 µ฿ 15%
14 The Idol 200 ฿ 150,000 µ฿ 30,000 µ฿ 14%
13 The Emperor 150 ฿ 125,000 µ฿ 30,000 µ฿ 13%
12 The Conquistador 100 ฿ 100,000 µ฿ 20,000 µ฿ 12%
11 The Conqueror 75 ฿ 90,000 µ฿ 15,000 µ฿ 11%
10 ΑΩ 50 ฿ 80,000 µ฿ 10,000 µ฿ 10%
9 Hall of Famer 25 ฿ 70,000 µ฿ 5,000 µ฿ 9%
8 Mogul Royale 10 ฿ 60,000 µ฿ 3,000 µ฿ 8%
7 Spinbender 5 ฿ 50,000 µ฿ 2,000 µ฿ 7%
6 Beleuchtete Eins 1 ฿ 40,000 µ฿ 1,000 µ฿ 6%
5 Löwenherz 0.5 ฿ 30,000 µ฿ 500 µ฿ 5%
4 Airborne 0.1 ฿ 20,000 µ฿ 200 µ฿ 4%
3 Aufstrebender Stern 0.07 ฿ 15,000 µ฿ 200 µ฿ 3%
2 Neue Hoffnung 0.05 ฿ 10,000 µ฿ 100 µ฿ 2%
1 Spin-Walker 0 ฿ 5,000 µ฿ 0 µ฿ 1%

In general, the rule is: the more you bet – the higher your rank – the more cashback you receive.

Cashback is paid out on Mondays according to your current rank on the day of cashback payment. You must withdraw the amount by Friday of that week at the latest.

Once you have reached a rank, you cannot lose it.

Show your skills in tournaments and win Bitcoins

You are a talented gambler and want to prove your skills? That's accurately what tournaments are for. You can always find out which tournaments Bspin is currently hosting on the online casino's website. Simply click on the menu item “Tournaments”. What we liked directly: When you open the page, you will see a timer that shows you exactly when the next tournament will take place.

Bspin Tournaments

As it should be, you will also see information about the tournament. For example, you can find out what prizes are available for which place. As you would expect, the prizes are BTC. Usually, the first 20 places get a prize. So, the chance to win something is not so small. Besides the prize distribution, you can also see the rules of the game.

Infinite Runner - A Different Kind of Casino Game

With Infinite Runner, Bspin offers not your ordinary slot game. You take on the role of a block and collect Bitcoin. The goal is to score as many points as possible and thus break the high score.

Bspin Price

The whole thing is completely free and only requires registration. The top 30 placements receive Litecoin as a reward: Bspin Infinite Runner Prizes

You use your keyboard as a control module or your fingers on mobile devices:

The block starts moving very slowly but speeds up over time, which significantly increases the difficulty. Along the way, you can collect different power-ups:

  • Multiplier: Increases the value of the collected coins for a short time.
  • Safety goggles: Protects you from collisions for a short time.
  • Magnet: Automatically collects nearby coins.

The overview shows you how much time you have left to beat the high score.

Bspin Infinite Runner

Upon our inquiry, the game is intended to be a long-term part of the casino. So sign up now and prove your skill!

Large game selection inspires in the Casino Review

The next plus point of the provider is the good game selection. For example, Casino has more than 2,500 different slots. This way, it is ensured that you will find slot machines that suit your taste. Foremost is the slot “Fruit Zen”, for which you can also use the 20 free spins.

Bspin Casino Games

The table games category also leaves nothing to be desired, with fans of card games having the free choice between the classics blackjack, Baccarat and Poker. Moreover, Roulette is represented in several variants. In addition to the pure quantity, the quality of the games can also convince. Thus, many titles come from the popular developers Pragmatic Play and Evolution Gaming.

Payment methods leave nothing to be desired

One of the decisive features of our Bspin experience was undoubtedly the payment methods. As it should be, Bspin offers you several options to deposit money. What surprised us was the sheer variety. If you enjoy paying and playing with cryptocurrencies, you will love Bspin Casino. You can deposit money using the following coins, among others:

As you can see, there are more than enough options to choose from. Bspin has definitely earned its title as a crypto-casino. Unlike some other crypto casinos, where you can only pay with Bitcoin or one or two other coins, that is not the case here.

Bspin Cryptocurrencies

Interesting blog about gambling and crypto

Do you like to read? You are interested in gambling and crypto? Then, we have good news for you: Bspin offers a blog on its website that is all about casino games and cryptocurrencies. For example, you can inform yourself about different games and their rules. This is especially useful for live games and table games. The numerous reviews on slot games are also interesting. You want to try out a slot machine, but are still unsure? Then just take a look at a review to get a better picture of the game.

Multilingual website with a simple layout

Some online casinos have unnecessarily complicated websites. Bspin, on the other hand, avoids all the frills and opts for a simple layout with intuitive navigation. On the left side, you have a small menu where you can find all the information about bonuses and games. If you scroll down, you can change the language. The default language is English, but you can switch to German or any other language at any time. The online casino excels with a wide range of language options, including Chinese, Danish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Turkish, and Spanish.

Bspin Languages

Mobile version for smartphones and tablets

Do you enjoy playing on your smartphone or tablet? Then you'll be pleased to know that Bspin Casino offers a mobile version. Unlike many other online casinos that rely on a “Responsive Design” that automatically adapts to your device, Bspin allows you to access the mobile version directly on their website. To achieve this, simply scroll down a bit on the left-hand menu and click on “Switch to the mobile version.” You will be automatically redirected to the version optimized for mobile devices. The selection of games is in no way inferior, and you won't have to compromise on any other features either.

Bspin Mobile Version

Social channels as a practical source of information

Some online casinos have so many promotions and events that it's not easy to keep track of everything. Luckily, Bspin Casino is present on several social channels. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and Twitter. Simply follow one of these channels to stay updated at all times. Of course, you can also use social media to communicate with the online casino or other players. The comment function exists for a reason, after all.

Reliable support leaves a good impression

In our Bspin Casino review, we were able to reach the customer service on two channels. The fastest variant is the live chat. This can be accessed via an icon at the bottom right of the homepage. The alternative is a contact via email. Here, too, you can be sure that the service will quickly take care of your concerns.

Reviews speak a clear language

With so many crypto-casinos available now, it's easy to lose track. That's why comparison platforms, like ours, thoroughly test online casinos. The results speak for themselves: In most cases, the casinos received either four or five stars. Such ratings are something to be proud of.

Conclusion: A strong partner for Bitcoin users

Overall, the Bspin Casino was able to fully convince us in the review. Above all, the 1 Bitcoin bonus makes it easy for new players to enter the casino. With the large and high-quality game selection, offers a comprehensive and high-quality casino experience.


All questions and answers at a glance:

You can get up to 1 Bitcoin as a deposit bonus.

No, there is no bonus code required.

There is a wide selection of slot games and table games.

Yes, there is a loyalty program with ten levels from “Spin-walker” to "AΩ".

The choice of payment methods is wide and includes more than ten cryptocurrencies.

Max Reichelt Author
Casino Tester

Max is a seasoned casino expert with nearly a decade of experience who specializes in analyzing bonus offers and enhancing the player experience through his in-depth industry knowledge and strategic gaming tips.

Last updated on 03/26/2024 um 1:27 p.m.
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