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HiLo, also known as “High Low,” is a card game that has evolved into a crypto game over time. As a result, it is often referred to as Crypto HiLo. How HiLo is played with crypto can vary from one online casino to another, or depending on the specific variant. In this article, we will introduce you to the two most common variants and answer the key questions about HiLo.


The best HiLo Casinos 2024

There are many crypto casinos that offer one or both of the mentioned variants. As you can probably imagine, we have already examined some of these HiLo casinos in our reviews. Among the HiLo casinos we have tested are:

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All of them offer not only HiLo but also other crypto games like Aviator, Mines, and Plinko. So, you have several alternatives to choose from. If you can't decide between any of the mentioned casinos or none of them appeals to you, you can always take a look at our reviews. There, you'll find all the essential information about bonuses, usability, payment methods, and more.

How to Play HiLo?

HiLo follows a straightforward gameplay, making it accessible even to inexperienced card players. The specific rules of the game can vary depending on the variant being played. We primarily want to introduce you to HiLo with cards and HiLo with crypto. In both variants, you're essentially playing a crypto game where you place bets using cryptocurrencies. The key difference lies in what you're betting on, which we'll explain shortly.

HiLo with Cards

In HiLo with cards, the deck is shuffled at the beginning of the game. Then, one card is placed face up, and another card is placed face down on the table. After determining your bet, you need to predict whether the face-down card is higher or lower in value than the face-up card. If you make the correct prediction, you can either collect the pot or choose to gamble for a doubling of your winnings. The gambling aspect for doubling is even simpler than HiLo itself. Usually, you just need to predict whether the next drawn card is red or black. If you're wrong, you'll lose both your bet and your winnings.

HiLo with Crypto

The gameplay of HiLo with crypto is somewhat similar to HiLo with cards. However, instead of betting on higher or lower cards, you're betting on whether the price of a specific cryptocurrency will rise or fall. Essentially, it's not much different from day trading. In both cases, you're wagering on short-term price movements. How much you can win in this variant depends on your bet, accuracy, rules, and the volatility of the cryptocurrency.

Other Variants of HiLo

In addition to the two mentioned variants, there are various other forms of HiLo due to its simple gameplay. For example, there are HiLo variants where you bet on the outcomes of lottery numbers, sports events, or dice rolls.

How to Sign Up at a HiLo Casino?

Most HiLo casinos offer a quick registration process, allowing you to start playing within minutes. The specific process may vary slightly from one gambling provider to another, but the differences are minor. Therefore, we'd like to illustrate the registration process at a HiLo casino using FreshBet as an example. Here's how you can sign up step by step:

  1. Click on the orange “Sign Up” button.
  2. Provide your first and last name, along with an email address.
  3. Choose a unique username that is still available.
  4. Select your country and preferred currency.
  5. Create a strong password.
  6. If you have a bonus code, enter it.
  7. Agree to the privacy policy and terms and conditions.
  8. Log in to FreshBet, deposit funds, and start playing HiLo.

With these steps, your registration is complete. The registration process may vary slightly at other online casinos, but in general, it follows a similar pattern. In most cases, you will need to undergo verification at some point. Verifying your email address or phone number is usually required right away. More extensive verification is typically necessary when you make your first withdrawal.

Freshbet Registration

Payout Rates in HiLo

As you can probably imagine, payout rates in HiLo vary significantly depending on the specific variant, but the house edge is relatively low. This is because there are only two possible outcomes. Additionally, you can assess the situation yourself and realistically evaluate your chances of winning.

For example, in HiLo with cards, if a very low card is drawn, it's likely that the face-down card has a higher value. However, it can still be worthwhile to bet on a low card because if you make the correct prediction, you can win more.

Can I play HiLo on Autoplay?

In most casino games, you can simply click on Autoplay to allow the game to continue on its own. This option is useful when you need to attend to something briefly but don't want to pause the game. However, in HiLo, this option is not available. You must make a fresh decision for each round, whether you're betting on a lower or higher outcome. This approach makes sense given the gameplay of HiLo.

Betting Limits in HiLo

The minimum and maximum betting limits in HiLo depend on both the casino and the variant being played. However, you can generally expect minimum bets to be around 20 Eurocents and maximum bets to be approximately €1,000 or the equivalent value in cryptocurrencies. Since HiLo has evolved into a crypto game on the blockchain, most online casinos offer it with cryptocurrencies. Common cryptocurrencies include:

However, just because it's a crypto game doesn't mean you can't wager with fiat currencies. In fact, many online casinos offer the game with popular fiat currencies such as the Euro or US Dollar. Even if they don't, you can expect the corresponding value in fiat to be displayed, ensuring you always have an overview of your bets and winnings.

Is HiLo available as a live game?

Whether you can play HiLo Live often depends on the variant. However, HiLo with cards does offer a live version. HiLo Live is a popular variation of the game based on extended reality. You sit at a virtual gaming table with a real dealer and wait for them to reveal the cards. Atmospherically, HiLo Live offers a lot more than its alternatives. This is one of the reasons it's among the favorite crypto games for fans of card games.

Advantages and disadvantages of HiLo

Like any other crypto game, HiLo has its pros and cons. As a player, you should know both sides to get a better overview of the game. Therefore, we would like to take a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of the game.

Advantages Disadvantages
Simple rules for all variants Only two betting options
Flexible inserts High addiction potential
Wide range of variants
Fast rounds

Vorteile von HiLo

Simple Rules in All Variants: Regardless of the variant of Crypto HiLo, the rules are always simple, involving a choice between two possible events. Since the odds are proportional to the potential winnings, there's no need for a strategic approach.

Flexible Bets: You have the freedom to determine how much you want to wager. There are no predefined bets or significant restrictions on minimum or maximum bets.

Wide Variety of Variants: HiLo offers a greater variety of different variants than most other crypto games. If you're not fond of HiLo with cards or cryptocurrencies, you can still choose from numerous alternatives. This choice doesn't affect your betting options; you can continue to wager with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or any other cryptocurrency.

Quick Rounds: While you can't use Autoplay, rounds don't take long. Once you've placed your bet, you can see the result immediately in most variants and start the next round.

Nachteile von HiLo

Only Two Betting Options: What's an advantage on one hand can also be a disadvantage. In HiLo, you can only bet on “High” or “Low.” With just two possible outcomes, strategic depth is lacking.

High Potential for Addiction: The chance of quick wins and the straightforward gameplay can trigger addiction in some players. Therefore, responsible gaming is crucial. For example, setting a maximum budget from the beginning is a good practice.

In conclusion, HiLo offers simplicity and flexibility, making it an attractive choice for players seeking straightforward and quick gameplay. However, it lacks strategic depth due to its limited betting options, and players should be cautious about the potential for addiction and practice responsible gaming.

Is there a free version of HiLo?

As long as it doesn't have to be HiLo Live right away, you shouldn't have any trouble finding a free version. Many online casinos offer you the opportunity to test their crypto games for free. Neither registration nor downloading is required for this. Just go to the website of your desired online casino and check if a free version of HiLo is available. The great thing about it is that you're truly taking no risks, and you can familiarize yourself with the gameplay.

We can recommend Katsubet for this, as they offer HiLo as a free option without registration.

Katsubet HiLo

HiLo Tournaments

Due to the high popularity of the Crypto Game, you'll find HiLo tournaments in many online casinos. In most tournaments, the goal is simply to win as much as possible in the game. Typically, there is a leaderboard that displays the top 10 to 20 positions.

The massive prizes, as in other competitions, are reserved for the top positions. However, other participants can also expect rewards for their performance. The prizes in HiLo tournaments depend on the specific online casino. They can include cash prizes, free spins, loyalty points, or another type of bonus.

Can I play HiLo on mobile devices?

More and more players want to access online casinos regardless of location and time, which is not surprising given the convenience it offers. Are you one of them? Then you're in luck because nowadays, almost every online casino has a mobile-optimized website. This means that you can play at least simple games like HiLo without any problems. Some gambling providers even have their app. If such an app is available, you usually see it directly on the homepage.

Security in HiLo

As a crypto game, HiLo runs entirely on the blockchain. The great advantage of this is that all actions, results, and transactions are recorded. It doesn't matter which variant of the game you are playing. This makes HiLo a provably fair game. You just need to be careful not to accidentally send transactions to the wrong wallet or disclose your "seed phrase" or wallet access credentials in a public chat in the online casino. Support staff would never ask you for this information.

Which software developers have HiLo in their repertoire?

You'll be surprised to know that many famous casino game developers also have their version of HiLo. Most of them are well-known for their slot games. Some prominent names include:

In addition to HiLo, you can also find other games from these software developers in the aforementioned online casinos. You are welcome to explore their offerings further.

Katsubet Software

Alternatives to HiLo

There are numerous alternatives to the HiLo slot if you enjoy crypto games. Here are some of the best options:

All of these games allow betting with cryptocurrencies and offer simple yet captivating gameplay that provides plenty of thrills.

Conclusion: HiLo offers simple fun for every taste

With HiLo, you don't need to think too much, as the odds are already proportionally the potential winnings. So it doesn't really matter which variant you choose or whether you use a strategy. The beauty of HiLo is that there are variants to suit every taste. Whether it's with cards, cryptocurrencies, or sports – there's something for everyone. Which variant is your favorite?

FAQ HiLo Casino

Yes, HiLo is also offered as a live game. So you can play with a real dealer.

The available payment methods depend on the online casino in question. However, you can assume that popular cryptocurrencies are available for selection.

At most online casinos, like Katsubet, you can try HiLo for free before wagering real money.

Like other crypto games, HiLo is all about luck. Therefore, you don't need a strategy.

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