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Susanna Bock
Susanna Bock Author
Casino Strategist

At btcasino.info, our mission is to provide transparent and reliable information on cryptocurrencies and online casinos. We focus on high-quality content and clear reporting to build trust and credibility. Our principles include:


1. Objectivity and Neutrality

We attach great importance to objective and neutral reporting. Our content is free from bias and based on facts to provide our readers with an unbiased view of the world of cryptocurrencies and online casinos. A balanced presentation of different perspectives is particularly important to us.

2. Source Verification and Author Integrity

Our content is based on careful research and reliable sources. The expertise of our authors guarantees high-quality and trustworthy information.

We pay attention to the uniqueness of our content. All our articles are carefully researched and written by real people. Supporting tools such as ChatGPT are only used to collect and cluster ideas.

In addition, links to other websites are used to obtain more in-depth information and as references. The reference to our partners is made via affiliate links. The income generated from this enables us to provide you with the content on this site free of charge.

4. Independence

Our editorial independence is fundamental to maintaining the integrity of our content and strengthening the trust of our readers.

As mentioned in point 3, we are funded by affiliate income. This is necessary to pay our authors and keep the site running. However, we would like to take this opportunity to assure you that our articles, especially the casino reviews, are always kept objective. You will not find any embellishment of potential weaknesses, let alone the concealment of disadvantages, here today or in the future.

Susanna Bock Author
Casino Strategist

Susanna is a casino strategy expert and crypto gambling pioneer who uses her mathematical knowledge to develop and share detailed analysis and strategies for online casino games and crypto gambling.

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