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A Paysafecard casino describes a casino where you can deposit with a Paysafecard. You can think of this card as a prepaid credit that you can use to purchase cash at many outlets without revealing your identity.

Similar to other digital currencies, Paysafe is currently usable in many countries around the world. Founded in 2000, the company is headquartered in Vienna, the capital of Austria. You simply enter the 16-digit Paysafe code at participating merchants, then make a purchase in the web store, stream a current blockbuster or use your Paysafe credit to gamble.

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Wo kann ich mit einer Paysafecard bezahlen?

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You can buy Paysafecards with variable credit between €5 and €100 at gas stations, lottery stores, stationery stores, and many post offices. In some German cities, you can now also buy Paysafecards in supermarkets. Many online providers limit payment via Paysafecard to €1,000. The company from Austria has also offered a Paysafe credit card since 2018.

You can buy Paysafecards with variable credit between €5 and €100 at gas stations, lottery stores, stationery stores, and many post offices. In some German cities, you can now also buy Paysafecards in supermarkets. Many online providers limit payment via Paysafecard to €1,000. The company from Austria has also offered a Paysafe credit card since 2018.

Registration for the Paysafecard

If you have opened your user account with Paysafecard, for example because you would like to have your winnings from online games paid out this way as well, you can alternatively identify yourself with your username for a transaction. You can use the Paysafecard for payment free of charge as long as you use up your cash balance in time. However, you may incur fees when using a Paysafecard account and also on other occasions.

With a Paysafecard you pay securely on the Internet, without having to transmit all your personal data to every foreign provider.

These fees cause the use of a Paysafecard

The company from Austria offers you free use if you do not set up a customer account. However, you will not have access to the full range of digital payment options.

If you do not use your Paysafecard account for a year, Paysafecard charges you two euros per month. Therefore, it can be convenient to cancel your account if you know that you will not make any more Paysafecard transactions in the near future. You can avoid these hidden Paysafecard fees if you pay something with your prepaid balance at least once a year or withdraw winnings from your online casino. Or you make sure that there is no more money on your account, then your Paysafecard membership ends free of charge after one year.

You can only use your Paysafecard online for free if you waive the withdrawal. Some online gamblers complain that the Viennese financial service provider does not provide detailed enough information about possible costs in advance.

Paysafecard also costs you something if you want to pay something in a foreign currency. You will be charged 2% of the purchase value as a processing fee. So it is best to spend your prepaid credit only for online offers in your own currency to save these Paysafecard fees. However, you will pay the most for the withdrawal or transfer back of your money, for this case Paysafecard will charge you 7.50 € per transaction!

How to use your Paysafecard at the online casino

With a Paysafecard you can shop completely anonymously on the Internet or play for real money in Paysafecard casinos. However, if you want your winnings from a casino to be paid out again via Paysafecard, you have to register with the Austrian company. For some time now, the Paysafecard has been enjoying growing popularity in online casinos, because deposits in particular are made virtually in real time.

Caution: If you not only want to pay your real money games with the Paysafecard, but also get your winnings from a Paysafecard casino paid out this way, you must register with Paysafecard with your data.

If real money is paid out by the casino with Paysafecard, however, it can come to a small waiting time. This has to do with the fact that all your winnings should really be paid out to the right recipient, which the casino operators first meticulously check. Playing in the casino with Paysafecard offers you various advantages, but also has some disadvantages that you should definitely know.

Advantages and disadvantages of Paysafecard in casinos

A casino with Paysafecard is currently not so easy to find, but the acceptance of this payment method is growing due to the high demand. A casino for Paysafecard offers the following advantages, but we also list known weaknesses:

Advantages Disadvantages
You deposit funds with your Paysafecard in the online casino within a few minutes to play. In the real money casino for Paysafecard transaction fees apply for withdrawals.
You can use your prepaid credit from your mobile device just as securely from your PC. Paysafecard will charge you a processing fee if you do not use the offer for a certain period of time.
Deposit variable amounts between €5 and €100. For higher deposits, simply use several of the anonymous payment cards. Some users find Paysafecard's offer not transparent enough regarding possible fees.
More and more providers in currently 46 countries accept the Paysafecard, including Amazon or Apple. You can only play anonymously at the online casino as long as you refrain from making withdrawals via Paysafecard.

Since the advantages and disadvantages of Paysafecards in online casinos are quite balanced, you should definitely inform yourself sufficiently before you decide to register for such an offer.

In summary, deposits with the Austrian payment service provider are fast, anonymous and secure. For casino withdrawals, however, you have to deposit your data with Paysafecard and also pay fees.

Various bonus options at Paysafecard online casino - the 7 best providers

In Paysafecard casinos, there are many great bonus offers and free spins. Always read the terms and conditions carefully because they are not identical in all casinos with Paysafecard offers. When checking the best safe gambling providers, we discovered the following bonuses:

Bonus codes that you enter directly when you sign up

You don't judge the best Paysafecard casinos solely by the amount of the bonus granted. It is also important for you that the casino with Paysafecard is always available for you in the event of problems and that you do not have to wait long for your winnings to be paid out.

The best Paysafecard casinos in our list all have a high RTP, so they pay out fairly to their players. They also guarantee you a real-time deposit when you use your Paysafecard at the online casino. The withdrawal waiting times of these popular real money casinos with Paysafecard are another criterion when you choose a new provider.

As you are used to from real money games on the net, you will also find a large selection of attractive bonus offers at the providers that accept the Paysafecard.

Is there a welcome bonus with every Paysafecard gambling offer?

Many online casinos that accept the Paysafecard offer you attractive bonus offers and reward you for your new registration. With some providers, you get more free spins, with others real money to play with. It can also increase your motivation later if you are rewarded with real money gifts every week or can receive free spins every month. Check the bonuses offered cautiously and pay attention to the sales conditions.

Always read all the bonus terms and conditions first and never act rashly on instinct. After all, it's your money that's at stake!

In practice, you may find that a supposedly lower bonus turns out to be a real money-saver for you after studying the rules of the game. On the other hand, a supposedly high cash gift may be tied to such an unattainable wagering that you will not receive the bonus in full in the end.

This is of course particularly annoying, but can be easily avoided with a little preparation. Some casinos do not offer bonuses at all, but they do offer you win multipliers in the individual games, for example.

Paysafecard at the online casino: Simply combine different transaction options with each other

As with the use of a Paysafecard, which is available almost everywhere, you can also play anonymously without Bitcoin in the crypto casino. For example, you can use your prepaid card to make a casino deposit, but then have your winnings paid out to your eWallet in a cryptocurrency. You can speculate again because the various cryptocurrencies accepted by online casinos sometimes deviate from the course within hours.

But be careful if you want to have your cash winnings from the online casino paid out in coins. If you catch a bad daily price, it can have a negative impact on your profits!

If you only use your Paysafecard for casino deposits, you can enjoy completely anonymous gaming fun. Use the available cryptocurrencies for all payouts of your Paysafecard Casino and have your winnings available immediately in real time. If you would rather not use cryptos in the casino, your cash winnings may be visible via your Paysafecard account.

However, you can avoid this if you do not have your casino winnings paid out in cash, but use them for online shopping, for example. You are not dependent on regional providers in your country for this because many international retailers have recognized the advantages of the Paysafecard and are changing their offers accordingly.

FAQ: This is what real money players with Paysafecard are most interested in

Yes, but only if you only use your balance for deposits. If you would like to have your winnings paid out in this way, you have to pay a processing fee. It can therefore be worthwhile for you to look for a free solution before registering at Paysafecard Casino.

The use of your anonymously buyable prepaid credit is absolutely secure. Due to the 16 digits, Paysafe codes are extremely secure. The advantages for you are that you do not have to provide any information about your bank details or other sensitive data about yourself to be able to play immediately in the Paysafecard online casino.

No, you cannot use a Paysafecard to deposit in every online casino. However, we have selected the best reputable providers for you, who offer both cool bonuses and a fair RTP. Some online casinos have not yet recognized the potential of Paysafecard and do not offer payment or payout in cryptocurrencies. However, these providers will one day disappear from the market if you look at the current trends for anonymous payments on the Internet.

Depositing with the Paysafecard is straightforward in participating online casinos: Buy a prepaid card with the desired deposit amount between 5 – €100. But also make sure that there is a minimum deposit amount for Paysafecard in your real money casino. Maximum amounts may also apply in order to best protect registered gamblers from fraud.

Your question is not included? Just write us a message with your concerns or suggestions and we will take care of offering you a helpful solution as soon as possible.

You can recognize a reputable gambling provider by a valid gambling license. If a provider cannot guarantee such a check by independent authorities, you should refrain from such an offer. A wide range of payment options can also be an indication of a legal provider.

If in doubt, before registering, ask personally what you need to consider when making transactions with the Paysafecard. If customer service doesn't get back to you within a few hours, it's best to look for another online casino that offers Paysafecard. When choosing the best provider for you, use our list as a guide.

In Germany, gambling is reserved exclusively for adults. You can permanently or temporarily ban yourself from gambling if you find yourself gambling online too often. This self-lock will help you avoid gambling addiction in the first place. In this case, you can, of course, have yourself activated again at any time for further participation in anonymous gambling on the Internet.

It is best to take your time and take a look at the range of games on offer before registering to participate in a new Paysafe casino. The type of transaction usually has nothing to do with the gambling offer. However, it is possible that your favorite slot is not available in every casino that offers payment via Paysafecard.

In most anonymous casinos you will find the most popular casino games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, or baccarat. Some providers allow you to try out the entire range of games without having to deposit real money. Use such features to become better acquainted with the respective controls in this online casino.

We have put together a selection of the best gambling providers for the Paysafecard that can be used anonymously. Because if you want to look for a new casino where you can play online with the Paysafecard for real money without such help, you need a lot of time for your research.

As a special highlight, we also offer you a compact overview of reputable casinos with a high payout ratio and lucrative bonus offers for new players. Just take your time to look around our website and find out more about it. In this way, you can enter the exciting world of online gambling in a particularly stress-free manner.

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