The ultimate Crypto Casino Guide

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5 Bitcoin
+ exclusive 100 Freespins
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- Minimum deposit generally 0.0001 BTC
- converted 50€ minimum deposit for 300 free spins
- The Cloudbet Bonus is cleared through Loyalty Points
- After receipt, the amount must be cleared within 365 days
5.0 rating
Up to:
3 Bitcoin
+ $25 No Deposit
+ 10 Free Spins

T&Cs Apply
New customer offer

- Minimum deposit is 0.0003 BTC
- The bonus amount must be wagered 40x
. - Maximum win from free spins: 0.005 BTC
Up to:
5 Bitcoin
+ 300 Freespins
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer

- Bonus cannot be combined with other offers
- Minimum deposit: 0.005 BTC / 0.12 ETH / 0.4 BCH / 1.2 LTC / 4,800 DOGE / 200 USDT
- The first bonus amount must be wagered 35 times
- Free spins & 40x wagered and are active for 14 days
4.8 rating

50 Freespins
on deposit of just €1
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- Mindesteinzahlung in Höhe von 1€
- Bonus muss 50x umgesetzt werden
- Mit dem Bonus können maximal 100€ gewonnen werden.
4.8 rating
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20% Cashback
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- Cashback is credited daily at 00:10 (UTC)
- The cashback is valid 3 days after receipt and 7 days after its activation
- The wagering requirement for the cashback bonus is x3
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Welcome Mission:
100 Free Spins
+ 10 Free Spins No Deposit
No Deposit bonus
20 Freespins
for Riot
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- Bet 50x - Maximum win 20€
4.8 rating
10% Cashback
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- Cashback wird auf der Grundlage von 10 % des Gesamtverlustes während eines 7-Tage-Zeitraums berechnet
- Keine Umsatzbedingungen
- VIP-Spieler erhalten nicht den üblichen wöchentlichen Cashback. VIP-Spieler erhalten einen speziellen Cashback entsprechend ihrer VIP-Stufe.
4.8 rating
Up to:
2 Bitcoin
+ 1 Bitcoin on Wheel of Fortune
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer
- Glücksrad bereits nach der Anmeldung verfügbar
- 1-3$ in BCD bereits nach der Anmeldung verfügbar.
- Mindesteinzahlung umgerechnet 30 $ für Einzahlungsbonus
4.8 rating

50 Freespins
on deposit of just €1
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer

- Mindesteinzahlung in Höhe von 1€
- Bonus muss 50x umgesetzt werden
- Mit dem Bonus können maximal 100€ gewonnen werden.

2009 was the birth of cryptocurrencies, which have since established themselves as a means of payment and not least as an investment. Since cryptocurrencies are traded online, it is only natural that the online casino industry has also discovered cryptocurrencies for itself. For this reason, many online casinos have included cryptocurrencies in their payment options, most notably Bitcoin. However, a new breed of online casinos has also emerged that specializes exclusively in cryptocurrencies. In such a case, one speaks of a crypto casino or also cryptocurrency casino.

This article is a guide dedicated to the topic of cryptocurrency in the casino. Step by step, you will be shown all the important information about crypto casinos. This should help you to orientate yourself on the market. This article is aimed both at readers who are looking for a good crypto casino as well as owners of cryptocurrencies who have not yet had any contact with online casinos.

In the following, the central differences between casinos with cryptocurrencies and conventional currencies are shown. Thereupon, the advantages of cryptocurrency will be discussed. Finally, we will present the most common cryptocurrencies. For example, we will take a closer look at Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin. But first, we explain what a cryptocurrency actually is.

What is a cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are digital means of payment. In 2009, Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to enter the public market. The idea behind cryptocurrencies is that they are non-state means of payment. As a result, cryptocurrencies are independent of government intervention. This means the state cannot put additional money on the market in the context of cryptocurrencies, which prevents inflation, for example. Accordingly, especially Bitcoin has established itself as a store of value.

How are cryptocurrencies brought to the market?

The fact that cryptocurrencies are not supported by the state raises the question of where the units for cryptocurrencies actually come from. As an example, the extraction of the crypto pioneer Bitcoin will be summarised here.

The production of Bitcoin is called mining. For this process, a powerful computer with a strong graphics card is required. Bitcoin is produced with the help of the PC's computing power. Since this process is very time and energy consuming, this also entails high electricity bills. The purchase of a graphics card can also be cost-intensive, since graphics cards for mining must be of very high quality.

As soon as you have prepared your hardware, it is time to download a tool for creating Bitcoin. Fortunately, most of these are free. Finally, you have to sign up in a mining pool. Here several people who operate Bitcoin mining join forces. Their common computing power is pooled, after which Bitcoin is distributed evenly among all participants. Currently, however, mining is becoming less and less recommended, which is due to Bitcoin's regulatory mechanism. The more people mine, the more bitcoin enters the market. Accordingly, the mining of new units requires more and more computing power. This prevents the cryptocurrency market from being flooded and the currency depreciating. For this reason, it is currently usually better advised to buy Bitcoin directly on exchanges.

What is the difference between a cryptocurrency casino and conventional online casinos?

Basically, there are no serious differences between a crypto casino or crypto casino and an online casino that relies on conventional currencies. This is because the qualities that make a good online casino are independent of the currency. Above all, high-quality games and a good bonus offer are important. The key difference lies in the selection of offered currencies, which affects the available options for deposits and withdrawals. In a specialized crypto casino, only cryptocurrencies are offered as a means of payment. However, conventional online casinos often also offer individual cryptocurrencies as a payment method, which is usually Bitcoin. An important note is that you state your preferred currency during your registration. In most cases, you cannot change them afterwards. For this reason, you should think about which cryptocurrency you want to bet on before registering.

The use of a cryptocurrency in the casino brings certain advantages for the player despite the fact that crypto and conventional casinos work in the same way. These advantages are rooted in the cryptocurrency itself.

Bitcoin Slots
Bitcoin Online Slots

What are the different types of crypto casinos?

There are basically two types of crypto casinos.

Pure crypto casinos

The number of pure crypto casinos has increased significantly in recent years. As the name suggests, these online gambling providers have specialized entirely in payments with digital currencies. In pure crypto casinos, cryptocurrencies are the only acceptable means of payment.

However, this does not mean that you are limited in your choice of payment method - quite the opposite: As a rule, you can choose between many different cryptos when making your deposit. In addition to the well-tried Bitcoin, you can usually also find old coins such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash , Dogecoin, Cardano and many others available - depending on which cryptocurrency you prefer, there will also be a suitable online casino!

In addition, you play largely anonymously in pure crypto casinos: During the registration process, you only have to enter a user name, a password, your e-mail address and the ID of your crypto wallet.

Here you will find a list of pure crypto casinos that convinced us the most!

Hybrid casinos

Even if the number of pure crypto casinos keeps increasing – so-called hybrid casinos are still a lot more common. This second type of crypto casino is – as the name suggests – hybrid. This means: These online gambling sites accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well as fiat (real money) currencies.

Hybrid casinos allow you a lot of freedom of action. Thought experiment: Suppose you deposit a certain amount of money in cryptos in the online casino. However, if you are not quite comfortable playing with digital currencies, you could easily convert your balance into a fiat currency such as EUR or USD. When it's time to withdraw your money, you simply convert the amount back into your preferred cryptocurrency and have the money transferred to your crypto wallet.

In most hybrid casinos, the main focus is still on fiat currency. However, adding crypto deposit options is a growing trend at many established and traditional online casinos. So if you are already playing on a trustworthy site, there is a good chance that deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrencies are already offered there.

If you still need inspiration when looking for a top-notch hybrid casino, here's the list for you linked to the providers we tested and found positive!

What games can you play with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

The selection of games offered does not differ in principle from conventional casino offers. From time to time, there are individual games that can only be played with cryptocurrencies or classic currencies, but on the whole there is no difference. The games offered clearly differ depending on the casino. Usually, the following categories are offered:

The number of games varies greatly. Take a look at our casino games to make sure in advance that the respective provider has your favorite games.

Advantages of cryptocurrencies

If you are interested in signing up at a cryptocurrency casino, you will enjoy several advantages. Cryptocurrencies have several advantages in connection with casinos. In the following, we will give you a brief overview.

1. Cryptocurrency as an investment


The forecasts about the bursting of the supposed crypto bubble have not come true. On the contrary, anyone who has followed the development of the bitcoin price over the last few years will know that the price has risen steadily on average. Accordingly, Bitcoin represents a strong value investment. Thus, playing in a crypto casino represents a good opportunity to win additional Bitcoin. With skill and luck, cryptocurrency can be increased in a Bitcoin Casino without having to invest large sums of money or engage in costly mining.

2. Anonymity of cryptocurrencies


Another advantage of cryptocurrencies that convinces many users is the high degree of anonymity. Thus, no personal data is required in a crypto casino. Only a username, password and wallet ID are necessary for the transaction in a crypto casino. Especially in the field of online casinos, this is a decisive advantage. For many people, gambling is a sensitive issue, as large sums of money can be at stake. With a crypto casino, you are on the safe side and can trust that your data will not fall into the hands of third parties.

3. High speed with crypto casino deposits and withdrawals

Transaction Speed

When you have chosen a new online casino, you would like to start playing right away. However, when depositing via bank transfer, the processing can take a few days. A deposit with cryptocurrency has the decisive advantage that amounts can be transferred in real time. This means that you can start playing and winning directly.

Even if you want to withdraw your winnings, the high speed is an advantage for you. Since the cryptocurrency can be transferred to your wallet quickly, your winnings are available to you instantly.

4. Low fees in the crypto casino


Transactions in online casinos often incur fees. This makes it all the cheaper in comparison if you choose a crypto casino in the long term instead of an online casino with standard currencies. The non-existent fees can be attributed to the fact that in the case of cryptocurrencies there is no entity that could make money from the transactions. This way, the money is not moved with the help of banks or online payment service providers, which means that there are no fees. bonus

Disadvantages of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies can also have disadvantages compared to traditional currencies. However, this does not make digital currencies a worse alternative. By being aware of the disadvantages, you can take care to avoid them so that they don't become a problem in the first place. For this reason, we will show you potential vulnerabilities of cryptocurrencies below. However, most of them are simultaneously related to the key advantage of cryptocurrencies: The absence of controlling authorities such as banks or states. As a result, the use of cryptocurrencies is highly anonymous. In addition, the value of the currency is independent of government regulatory measures. However, this lack of control can also lead to problems in the area of security:

1. Loss of access data

If you lose your bank account access data, this is usually not a long-term problem. You can verify your account with the bank and request new credentials. Unfortunately, in the context of cryptocurrencies, this is not so easy. Since cryptocurrencies place a high value on anonymity, you do not have to provide any personal data when setting up a wallet. Now, if you lose your credentials, there is no way to get renewed access to your account, as you have neither the necessary data nor a place to go for verifications.

2. No remittances possible in the crypto casino

This disadvantage is also due to the lack of a control instance. People who trade with cryptocurrency or also make many individual transactions in trading usually have to keep a good overview to avoid mistakes in transfers. If a wrong transfer is made after all, there is once again no way to undo the action. Such a situation can happen quickly. For example, you can accidentally transfer too much money if you slip in a line or enter a decimal place incorrectly. If you want to play in a crypto casino, you should carefully check each transaction before confirming it. This way, such situations can be prevented in advance.

3. Possible technical problems

Cryptocurrencies are purely digital entities. In a situation where a computer or user account would be damaged, you could permanently lose access to your cryptocurrency. This situation can occur, for example, due to a technical defect. Also in this situation, there is no entity that could be liable for your valuable investment and reimburse the losses.

The most popular cryptocurrencies

The following is to introduce you to the most popular cryptocurrencies for crypto casinos. This will help you navigate the market. If you come across a crypto casino that offers one of the following cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, it is worth taking a closer look at the provider.

1 Bitcoin: The top dog in crypto casinos

Bitcoin Icon

Bitcoin is the first and most popular cryptocurrency. Since this currency has been on the market for the longest time and also dominates it to some extent, you can be sure that a crypto casino offers Bitcoin as a possible means of payment. Thereby, Bitcoin is suitable as a fast and anonymous payment method for online purchases. Due to its growing market value, Bitcoin is also optimally suited to be used as an investment.

The advantages of Bitcoin as a payment method in crypto casinos are also convincing. The transactions are fast and anonymous. Moreover, crypto casinos represent a unique opportunity to increase your Bitcoins. If you're looking for an online casino that accepts Bitcoin, you won't have to look far. Just about every crypto casino lists Bitcoin among its payment methods. Bitcoin is so present that it is also offered as a deposit and withdrawal method in a large portion of traditional online casinos.

2. Ethereum: The big competitor


Ethereum uses a similar value creation process as Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency was launched in 2015 and has grown to become the cryptocurrency with the second highest market value. At the same time, Ethereum is basically backed by its own system, which can also be used to develop programs. The actual cryptocurrency of Ethereum is called Ether (ETH). So don't be surprised if your Ethereum casino specifies ETH as a payment option.

3. Litecoin: The Underdog


Launched in 2011, the cryptocurrency Litecoin is not as well-known as the larger alternatives. Nevertheless, Litecoin convinces with its flexible application possibilities. Thus, the purchase of Litecoin runs quickly, which is also due to the lower cost of the cryptocurrency. Also in trade, many providers accept Litecoin as a means of payment. In the area of online casinos, Litecoin could also establish itself, since the cryptocurrency provides flexible gaming enjoyment due to its speed.

4. Dogecoin: A stable cryptocurrency


Even though the fear of the "bitcoin bubble" bursting has not been confirmed, the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, which debuted in 2013, offers a more stable price than many other cryptocurrencies. This is due to the modified way Dogecoin works. For example, units of Bitcoin are limited. This aspect ensures that the value grows on average, but conversely, it can also cause fluctuations. Dogecoin, on the other hand, offers an unlimited pool of units. As a result, the cryptocurrency remains low in value but stable. For use in a crypto casino, this has two advantages. First, Dogecoin is affordable, which is why you can buy Dogecoin at a low cost. The second advantage is that it is not a problem to leave the deposited Dogecoin in the casino account for some time. Other cryptocurrencies would risk losing value during this passive period.

Which currencies can you use in the crypto casino?

The currencies of the crypto casino providers differ greatly. Each online casino can decide for itself which currencies are actually accepted. The most commonly used are the established coins listed above. We have summarised three examples of providers for you. You can find more information directly on the review pages.

  • At Cloudbet, exclusively cryptocurrencies are accepted. Accordingly, several different cryptocurrencies are comparatively offered. You can accordingly choose from a list. However, beware: Once you have chosen Bitcoin, for example, you can no longer switch to Etherum, for example. The winnings are then paid out to your respective wallet.
  • BitStarz zählt zu den besten Krypto Casinos, bietet allerdings nur Bitcoin an. Bei unseren Tests ist uns aufgefallen, dass einige Spiele nur in herkömmlichen Währungen verfügbar waren. Allerdings war dies die Seltenheit. Beliebte Spiele wie “Book of Raa” oder “Sizzling Hot” waren durchwegs mit Kryptowährungen bespielbar.
  • Wild Tornado Crypto Casino is also one of the hybrids. The operator accepts conventional currencies, but at the same time delights with numerous cryptocurrencies. Wild Tornado uses the payment service provider CoinsPaid for this purpose.

Of course, every casino has its own deposit and withdrawal options. You should therefore make sure in advance that the cryptocurrencies you use are actually offered. From this point of view, the best bonus offer won't help if you can't make a deposit afterwards.

Cypto Casino bonus

Conclusion: The crypto casino as a strong alternative

Cryptocurrencies have numerous advantages for use in online casinos. Above all, anonymity and high speed play an important role. The disadvantages, on the other hand, occur situationally and rarely. A large part can be avoided by simply being mindful with the cryptocurrency. Due to the numerous different cryptocurrencies, you can choose the alternative that best suits your needs and requirements.

FAQ's on crypto casinos

1. Do I have to enter my personal data when registering in crypto casinos?

In crypto casinos you act largely anonymously! As a rule, it is not necessary to provide personal data when playing with cryptocurrencies. When registering, you will only be prompted for a username, a password, your wallet ID and your email address to name. Your name or other sensitive personal data, such as bank details, etc., cannot fall into the hands of third parties.

If you would like to learn more about this topic, we link you to our article on Anonymous Crypto Casinos.

2. What licenses and security features should I check before playing at a crypto casino?

The seriousness of a crypto casino is easy to check:

On the casino provider's homepage, scroll all the way down or click on the About Us or Legal sections. Now take a closer look at the casino's license. If the crypto casino does not have a license, you should rather keep your hands off it. The opposite is the case if the provider has a state gambling license from Curacao or Malta owns. In order to receive this, online casinos have to achieve certain payout ratios, guarantee fair play and provide reliable support.

Other security features would be, for example, SSL encryption of the website, prominent game providers (e.g.: Yggdrasil, Quickspin, Ezugi, Evolution, ...) and a choice of different payment methods .

But customer service, which is available around the clock by phone or via live chat, speaks for the seriousness of a crypto casino. If you can also find terms and conditions, data protection regulations and information on responsible gaming on the casino website, then it is almost always a reputable provider.

If you want to be on the safe side, it is best to choose one of the crypto casinos , which have already been urgently checked by us for security and seriousness!

3. Can I play all my favorite games at a crypto casino?

Yes! In terms of game selection, you don’t have to expect any restrictions in crypto casinos. Here you get a concentrated load of online casino games of all kinds! From slot games to classic card and table games to sports betting - the offer is almost endless!

And it gets even better: Online casinos that use cryptocurrencies as a means of payment also offer you very special, exciting games. These “provably fair” games can only be played with digital currencies - they were even developed specifically for playing with cryptocurrencies - and offer you the highest level of fairness, security and gaming fun.

4. What does the term "Provably Fair Gambling" mean?

Rein theoretisch wäre es für ein traditionelles Online Casino, in dem Du mit Echtgeld-Währungen bezahlst, nicht allzu schwer, Dich als Spieler zu betrügen. Da sich die gesamte technologische Infrastruktur des Spielbetriebs unter ihrer Kontrolle befindet, können Casinos alle Deine Gewinne und Auszahlungen nach Bedarf anpassen.

Things are different in crypto casinos: Because with "Provably Fair Gambling" - as the name suggests - demonstrable fairness comes first!

“Provably Fair” is an algorithm in crypto casinos based on technologies that allow online randomness to reach a new level of fairness and openness. In short, the algorithm takes advantage of the blockchain to make random actions like shuffling a deck of cards or tossing a coin as random as possible. The difference between "Provably Fair" and the typical black box algorithms otherwise used in the gambling industry: The random generation process is manually and personally verifiable by all players.

So you don't have to worry about any manipulation of your winnings!

5. Do crypto casinos require a minimum deposit?

Das ist von Casino zu Casino verschieden! Natürlich gibt es bei einigen Krypto Spielbanken Mindestbeträge an Kryptowährungen, die Du einzahlen musst, um ein Konto zu eröffnen.

Advantage: With your first deposit, in most cases you also activate the first bonus - so you can often play with significantly more crypto coins than you deposit at the beginning.

6. Do crypto casinos offer bonuses for deposits in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?

Yes! Almost all crypto casinos offer attractive welcome and reload bonuses, regardless of the currency you deposit with.

7. What is the maximum amount I can withdraw from a crypto casino?

It depends on the policies of the respective casino. In general, the range is between 3 BTC and 5 BTC.

8. Are there country-specific restrictions on playing in crypto casinos?

Partially. This again depends entirely on the regulations of the respective crypto casino and the legislation of the respective country. The popular provider Rocketpot, for example, is not available in countries such as the USA, Great Britain or even France.

According to which test criteria do we judge?

Safety and integrity

An online casino that does not fully convince with seriousness and security naturally has no chance with us from the outset. We pay particular attention to the gambling license of the respective provider. In addition, we check other security features such as the SSL encryption of the website, the seriousness of the individual game providers or the customer service of the online casinos.

Of course, we also include other customer experiences in our evaluation.

We are particularly critical in this category, because it is primarily our job to protect you from nasty surprises when playing in the online casino.

Game selection

How well an online casino is rated by us always depends on its range of games. Ultimately, a high-quality online casino is characterized above all by a largest possible selection of different games.

The offer must not only meet our high quality standards in terms of quantity, but above all in terms of quality:

On the one hand, it is of course particularly important to us that an online casino offers all conceivable game categories. We usually pay special attention to slots. Of course, roulette, blackjack, poker and other categories are also included in our rating - after all, there are enough players who enjoy these gambling prefer classics.

On the other hand, a lavish range of games alone is by no means a guarantee for a satisfactory gaming experience. It is much more important to pay attention to the quality of the individual games. We check the fairness and security as well as the fun factor of the games offered in every online casino - background check of the respective provider included!

In summary, it can be said that the more serious, fun and fair gaming options an online casino offers, the more positive our rating is.


Even for seasoned online casino visitors it can be difficult at times to properly evaluate bonus offers and figure out which is the best casino bonus. That's why we put a lot of effort into doing this work for you in our casino reviews. There we analyze the bonus conditions of the respective casino in detail. Various factors are taken into account by us, such as: The amount of the bonus, the percentage for deposit bonuses or which turnover conditions exist for the distribution of the bonus .

In the end, it's all about whether you as a player have a realistic chance of making a good profit with the online casino's bonus offer - if this is the case, we rate the casino's bonus positively.

In our casino reviews, we explain in detail where the strengths and weaknesses of the respective bonus offers lie. We also explain how you have to activate and implement the bonus in order to have maximum fun with it and to optimize your chances of winning.

By the way, here you will find a list of the bonus offers in online casinos that we have tested and found to be good.

Presentation of the website

The aim of every online casino should be to make it as easy and smooth as possible for you, the player, to start playing. The top companies in the industry therefore usually rely on a simple, clear website. Clear structures and well thought-out menu navigation are important evaluation criteria for us. Both beginners and advanced casino users should find it as easy as possible to navigate through the casino's website.

Especially if the portfolio of an online casino is very extensive, you as a player naturally expect that all areas are as self-explanatory as possible and easy to use. For this reason, we test the websites of individual online casinos primarily for their user-friendliness, the complexity of their structures and any stumbling blocks that could possibly arise.

By the way, many online casinos tend to completely restructure and redesign their website from time to time. Of course, we also keep an eye on this and inform you as soon as the new structure results in a change in our rating.

Quality of customer service

Of course, it can also happen that various questions arise during the game or during the deposit and withdrawal processes. Customer service should offer help with this in a high-quality crypto casino.

Questions about payouts, bonus offers and Co. can usually be found in the provider's detailed FAQ area. However, this is the absolute minimum that we require.

We deal extensively with the support of online casinos and test in self-experiment how well or badly the customer service responds to the concerns of the customers in the event of a problem. It's not just about being easy to reach, but also about receiving a timely response - preferably one that is technically correct and easy to understand for the layperson is.

Support that is not available 24 hours a day is not yet a direct exclusion criterion for us. In this case, however, at least all other common contact options should be available - from live chat to a hotline that is free if possible.

Best Crypto Casinos 2021

Now you have learned everything there is to know about crypto casinos. You know all the advantages over conventional online casinos and how you can recognize high-quality providers. Nevertheless, we have prepared another surprise for you: In the following, we present you the best 9 crypto casinos of the current year. We focus especially on the payment options offered, bonus offers for new players and the available game portfolio. In this way, we support you in your search for a suitable provider without you having to spend hours combing the web yourself.

1. Katsubet: Strong bonus offer including free spins

The main advantages:

  • Long-term bonus
  • 100 Freespins
  • No transaction fees
Katsubet Logo

The first crypto casino we would like to introduce to you is Katsubet. In this crypto casino, the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Litecoin and Tether are available. Thus, the provider already covers a large part of the known currencies. It should also be mentioned positively that transactions with these cryptocurrencies do not incur any fees for deposits or withdrawals. This saves large costs over longer periods of time. The bonus system is also diverse and offers players long-term benefits. For example, Katsubet offers a bonus for the first deposit without a bonus code. The bonus is 100% and can earn up to 1.5 bitcoin. This is a substantial amount, which is further sweetened by additional free spins. Thus, for your first deposit you will receive 100 free spins, with which you can flexibly try out the game selection of Katsubet. In addition, the free spins offer you the opportunity to earn additional winnings.

2. Bettilt: Large selection of games offers excitement and variety

The main advantages:

  • Large selection of different slots
  • All major table games
  • High quality live casino
Bettilt Casino Logo

The next crypto casino on this list is Bettilt. Bettilt is primarily a booker for sports betting. However, the portal also has a well-developed online casino where you can pay with Bitcoin. The casino's game selection is particularly noteworthy. Bettilt offers its players all kinds of themed slots. For example, you can find titles that correspond to the popular Egypt theme or the varied fantasy genre. For this reason, you can be sure that you will find suitable games for you in Bettilt's game portfolio. However, fans of traditional table games will not miss out either. They can enjoy roulette, blackjack and poker. The great thing is that all these games can also be enjoyed in the thrilling live casino. Thanks to the high-quality software from professional developers such as Ezugi and Pragmaticplay, the live casino runs smoothly and delivers a strong performance.

3. Greenspin: The casino with the lucky color

The main advantages:

  • Numerous cryptocurrencies available for transactions
  • No transaction fees
Greenspin Logo

Greenspin Casino has also made it onto this list and is particularly impressive due to the large selection of different cryptocurrencies. Of course, the top dog Bitcoin is offered as a means of payment. However, Ethereum as the second most important cryptocurrency is also available to the player. But it gets even better: Greenspin also offers numerous smaller currencies. For example, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoincash and Tether are among the payment methods and grant the player a lot of freedom. Since this selection covers the majority of all crypto users, you can be sure that you will also find a suitable payment method at Greenspin.

However, the customer convenience does not stop at this point. Another advantage is that Greenspin does not charge any fees for deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrencies.

4. 1xBit: Staggered welcome bonus provides long-term motivation

The main advantages:

  • Strong bonus for the first deposit
  • A total of up to 7 Bitcoin can be received as a bonus
1xbit Logo

The provider 1xBit has made it into our selection of the best crypto casinos due to its lucrative welcome bonus. The casino offers new players a 100% bonus for their first deposit. Thereby, the bonus amount can include up to 1 bitcoin. This additional amount can make the game entry immensely easier and offers you the chance to try out the game offer and already earn big winnings. But that is not all. There is also a surcharge for the second deposit. Again, you can get 1 Bitcoin extra, but at the weaker rate of 50%. However, you will find the most attractive offers for the third and fourth deposit bonus. You can receive up to 2 Bitcoin for the third deposit and that at a rate of 100%. So, if you deposit 2 Bitcoin, you will have 4 units of the cryptocurrency at your disposal. Finally, another bonus of 50% is waiting for you, which can earn you up to 3 Bitcoin.

5. BitStarz: Attractive bonus without deposit

The main advantages:

  • Up to 5 Bitcoin as deposit bonus
  • Bonus of 20 free spins without deposit
BitStarz Casino Logo

The next provider on our list is the crypto casino BitStarz. This casino also stands out especially for its extensive bonus. This time, players can receive a total of up to 5 Bitcoin as a bonus amount. BitStarz also splits this amount among the first four deposits. Thereby, the bonus for the first deposit follows the usual formula of 100% up to a bonus amount of 1 Bitcoin. This is followed by the second deposit bonus, which sets a rate of 50% for the same bonus amount. The third deposit bonus offers odds of 50%, but with which an amount of up to 2 Bitcoin can be received. For the fourth bonus, the conditions of the first one apply again, so that it earns a maximum of 1 bitcoin at 100%. However, this program is rounded off by another highlight. BitStarz offers new players a no deposit bonus of 20 free spins already upon registration, which noticeably facilitates the start.

6. Casino360: Customer convenience meets large game portfolio

The main advantages:

  • Free transactions for cryptocurrencies
  • Game software from high quality developers
Casino360 Logo

Casino360 also offers different cryptocurrencies as payment methods. You can choose between Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum at this provider. At Casino360, you also enjoy fee-free transactions.

The game selection is another of Casino360's big plus points. For example, the slots offer includes many popular slot machines, such as Book of Dead, in which players go on a treasure hunt in the Egyptian pharaohs' tombs. However, the real strength of Casino360 lies in the offer of table games. Thus, the offer of classic casino games gathers the titles of many high-quality and popular developers. For example, the software comes from developer studios such as NetEnt, Evolution Gaming and Microgaming. Another advantage also arises for players who are particularly interested in the live casino. Since this software also comes from the aforementioned developers, you can experience an extremely stable and smooth live casino at Casino 360.

7. Crypto Casino: Casino with specialized offers

The main advantages:

  • Lucrative bonus with strong odds
  • Casino constantly updates its offer
CryptoCasino Logo

The next provider on our list already has it in its name: Crypto Casino is a professional provider that knows how to deal with cryptocurrencies. The provider also likes to try out new concepts. This can be seen, for example, in the casino's bonus program. For example, players at Crypto Casino can receive up to 1,000 units of the cryptocurrency FunFair Coin and that at a strong rate of 200%. This means that you can max out the bonus with just about 333 FunFair Coins and start playing. Thereby, the focus of the cryptocurrency is directly on the use in online casinos. Due to a special coding, the FunFair Coin is particularly protected against fraud attempts and allows you to play in the casino with a safe feeling.

8. Wazamba: Crypto casino with room for flexibility

The main advantages:

  • 200 freespins as additional welcome bonus
  • Many different cryptocurrencies for transactions
Wazamba Logo

Another high-quality crypto casino on this list is Wazamba. The provider not only impresses with its colorful design, but also holds exciting content and lucrative bonus offers for its players. For example, the provider's deposit bonus includes additional free spins. These 200 free spins are ideal for trying out the game portfolio of Wazamba. With a bit of skill, the first winnings are already waiting to be won. The selection of cryptocurrencies available to you is also impressive. Of course, the strongest cryptocurrency Bitcoin is not missing. It is joined by the equally valuable currency Ethereum. Additionally, you can also play with Litecoin and Ripple at Wazamba. As you can see, players at Wazamba have many options to freely shape their gaming experience.

9. Cobracasino: Krypto Casino im Western-Look

The main advantages:

  • Exciting design
  • 250 freespins for your first deposit
Cobracasino Logo

The last crypto casino in our list is Cobracasino. However, the fact that it is mentioned last in this case does not say anything about the quality of the provider. It can easily keep up with the previously mentioned casinos and offers its own special offers.

The design alone expresses an individual character with its Western look, which is further emphasized by the staggered deposit bonus. Cobracasino offers three individual, consecutive deposit bonuses, with which you can receive a total of up to 0.5 Bitcoin. The special thing, however, is the offer of additional free spins that you can already receive for your first deposit. A total of 250 free spins are waiting for you, which will be credited to 10 free spins each in the first 10 days after your registration.