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Blackjack has always been one of the most popular card games that can be played in the casino. Of course, this classic may also not be missing in any sophisticated online casino and is offered in every full live casino. But although this card game has a long tradition, it is by no means out of time, but proves to be flexible and quickly adaptable. For this reason, online casino operators have been able to upgrade quickly so that players can now also play blackjack with cryptocurrencies without any problems.


If you are a cryptocurrency owner and would like to play blackjack in a convenient online casino, this article is made for you.

Below you will find many helpful tips on how to play blackjack successfully. You can also learn about online blackjack strategies and adapt them to your own playing style. Therefore, this article is also suitable for you if you are not yet too experienced in dealing with online casinos and playing blackjack. Thanks to our Blackjack experience, you can prepare yourself optimally for your first game in an online casino.

This article distinguishes between two types of helpful information. The first type is smaller tips and tactics that can help you in different game situations. The second category contains a clear online blackjack strategy, i.e., a long-term game plan that you can use as a guide throughout a game.

Why play blackjack with cryptocurrencies?

Basically, Blackjack with cryptocurrencies offers the same advantages as playing with conventional currency.

The central advantage that the player enjoys over other card games is that the banker has a remarkably low house advantage. This is usually less than 1%, which gives the player exceptionally fair playing conditions.

However, this statement only applies under the precondition that the player is relatively competent in dealing with the rules of the game and the course of a game of blackjack.

Furthermore, it is central to stick to the recommended basic strategy of blackjack and develop your own playing style on this basis.

All this indicates that blackjack is much more a strategy game than other casino games and less a game of chance. For this reason, players who prepare well or have a great deal of experience can effectively influence their chances of winning. For example, there are numerous decisions and possibilities to weigh up for each hand that can have a central impact on the outcome of the game.

The basic rules for quick reference

Before we focus on strategies and other tips, however, it is important to take a brief look at the basic rules of the popular card game. Again, the rules of the game of crypto blackjack do not differ from their equivalent with conventional currencies. So if you've played blackjack before and now want to switch to crypto blackjack, you don't have to get used to any new rules. Blackjack is all about the number 21. So, the player can decide the game for himself, whose hand has a value of 21 or is closer to 21 than the bank. The game itself is basic. Below is a handy list of the successive game moments:

1. Choose your bet

At the beginning of a game, the player has to place a bet. Depending on how your budget is set up, you can choose larger or smaller stakes. However, a significant note is to pay attention to the classification of the respective gaming table. There are certain high roller tables where players are only allowed to play with higher stakes.

2. Issue of playing cards

After all bets have been placed, the dealer deals the first playing cards. All players and the dealer receive one card face up. Immediately after that, the second cards are dealt. However, the dealer's second card remains face down, so the player can only estimate the total card value of the bank.

3. The important decision

The decisive moment that can decide the outcome of a game follows the player has received his cards and learned the value of his hand.

If you already have a value of 21, that is a Blackjack, the round goes to you! However, if you are below that value, the decision is yours to pick up another card to get a Blackjack or to get closer to 21. However, there is a risk of overshooting the target and going over 21. In such a case, the game is lost for the player.

However, this decision should not be made solely based on your hand. The dealer's face-up card can also provide a clue as to the correct way to play. If the dealer's face-up card has such a low value that even with the best possible value of the face-down card the hand cannot exceed the value of your hand, it is recommended not to pick up another card, as this would represent an unnecessary risk.

The card values

In addition to the gameplay, the card values are also of central importance to successfully playing blackjack with cryptocurrencies. Only if you know the value, you can correctly assess your chances of winning and also judge the strength of your hand as well as that of the dealer. Thus, all subsequent game decisions depend on this basis. The assignment of the values is very intuitive, so that even new players can quickly internalize them. Basically, the playing cards in Blackjack can be divided into three categories:

1. Cards with numbers

This is the simplest category of playing cards. The number with which each card is marked also corresponds to its value in blackjack. So, a 7 of clubs has the same value as a 7 of hearts.

2. Picture cards

Picture cards include the jack, queen and king. Regardless of which figure is shown, the card has a value of 10.

3. Aces

The Ace is the most flexible card in Blackjack. Depending on the situation, the ace can take a value of 1 or 11. For this reason, the Blackjack card combination also consists of one of the face cards and an ace, which together give a value of 21.

The difference between hard and soft hands: Besides the card values, the distinction between hard and soft hands also plays a big role when playing blackjack. The difference lies in whether the hand includes an ace or not. Since the value of a hand without an ace is unchanging, it is called hard, while the value of a soft hand can change depending on how the ace is valued. A soft hand generally offers more room to play and also allows for more risk-taking play, as an overdraw can be mitigated by an ace being valued as a 1 rather than an 11.

The basic strategy

The basic strategy in blackjack is to react correctly to the particular card situation. The correct action can be derived from several clues:

On this basis, the probability of certain events can be estimated. These probabilities can be formulated in small mnemonic sentences, the most important of which are presented below:

Advanced rule tip: The split

One rule that is often used in advanced blackjack is the split. This tactic can double the potential winnings of the game, but should only be used with caution.

The basic requirement of a split is that the cards received from the dealer have the same value. At this point, you can split your hand and place the same bet on your second hand as you did on your first. So, you double your bet, but you also double your winning potential.

At this point, you are probably wondering what the best game situations for a split are. In fact, there is one situation in which a split is particularly useful. A hand with two aces is the ideal starting position for a split. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the value 11 must be observed. This is the highest possible value of a single playing card. Because of this, an ace is much more likely to score a high total than any other card.

The second reason is that two aces in one hand do not make a strong hand. If both aces are counted as an 11, the result is a value of 22, which is higher than 21, which would mean losing the current round. The alternative total is 12, which is a weak hand that does not carry a high chance of winning. Accordingly, with two aces, it is even advised to split the hand.

On the other hand, it is best to avoid splitting at a low card value. For example, splitting a pair of 3s or 4s is very unlikely to produce a better result than simply picking up another card and further increasing the value of the original hand.

Advanced Blackjack Strategies: Card Counting

From the above tips, you can already develop a basic strategy to guide you during your first rounds of blackjack with cryptocurrencies. However, if you are interested in developing your playing style even further, you can find the most important information about the popular card counting strategy here.

This procedure requires a high level of attention from the player. It is necessary to record which cards have been dealt. In this way, it is possible to estimate which cards are still in the deck. Since all player cards and also the dealer's first card are dealt face up, this strategy works wonderfully in Blackjack. Of course, the more players participate in blackjack, the more meaningful the estimation becomes.

An example is that conspicuously few cards with a value of 10 were dealt, which conversely means that there must still be many 10s in the deck. Accordingly, there is a relatively high probability that the player will receive a 10 when he asks for another card. In such a situation, if you already have a high card value in your hand, it would be better to forgo another card. On the other hand, if your hand has a low value, there is a good chance to significantly improve your hand with a 10.

Basically, counting cards in blackjack works reliably because each deck contains a fixed number of different playing cards, so you can work reliably with this constant. The following figure shows you the exact composition of a blackjack deck.

Blackjack Deck

Conclusion: With blackjack strategies to fair Winning Chances

Overall, blackjack still represents the casino game that offers the player the most reliable chances of winning. This feature is due to the fact that the player's decisions can have a great impact on the outcome of a game. Therefore, it is worthwhile for players to study the rules of the game and improve their playing style daily. These features also apply to playing blackjack with cryptocurrencies.

But no pain, no gain! The best thing to do is to memorize the tips in this article and try them out in the game. Through good preparation and regular practice, you will become better and better at assessing your hand and your chances of winning. Soon you will also know when to successfully use more advanced maneuvers like a split, which will further improve your playing experience. Even if you're not too successful in your first few rounds of play, it pays to keep at it and keep improving.

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