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Cryptocurrencies are on everyone's lips. Recently, digital currencies have established themselves as a practical and secure means of payment as well as a real investment. Consequently, trading with cryptocurrencies has also exploded and many interested people are asking themselves how and where they can also start trading.

The first step is to find a suitable cryptocurrency exchange and create an account there. But finding the right exchange is easier said than done. The number of providers has grown considerably, and newcomers can quickly lose their orientation.

But that's precisely where we come in and support you in finding the appropriate provider. In the following, we will introduce you to the cryptocurrency exchange Kucoin, a promising provider that has many interesting features in store for you.

In order for this article to cover the most important features of a cryptocurrency exchange for you, Kucoin is reviewed in terms of relevant categories such as signup, trading fees, trading features, and customer service.

General information about Kucoin

Before we get into the details, below you will find some key data that can roughly inform you about Kucoin:

Advantages and disadvantages

Here you will find the main advantages and disadvantages that we were able to determine based on our Kucoin experience:

Advantages Disadvantages
+ Optimized layout and handling - Limited Fast Buy function
+ Fast registration
+ Worthwhile bonuses to help you get started
+ Reliable support

Flexible login options

If this framework information sounds convincing to you so far, it is definitely worthwhile to inform yourself in detail about the individual aspects of Kucoin.

The first major point is the registration with this cryptocurrency exchange. Because before you can start trading, you need to create your own user account.

Fortunately, this is done in just a few steps. First, the register button must be clicked. This can be found at the top left of the Kucoin homepage. Not to be confused with the “Log in” button, which is meant for logging in with an already existing account.

Kucoin Signup

Once this first step is done, the registration screen opens. At first glance, it is noticeable that Kucoin gives new users the freedom to choose how they want to register with the crypto exchange.

Kucoin basically offers two different types of account verification.

Registration by cell phone

The first way is to register via phone or mobile number. First, you will be asked to enter your cell phone number. With a click on “Send code” an activation code will be sent to your specified cell phone number in no time. Back on the login screen, this code must be entered in the following line. Subsequently, new players still have to enter their password and most of the registration process is already completed.

Finally, you will be asked to agree to the terms of use via a checkbox and then you can click the “Register” button and you are the proud owner of your own Kucoin account. Additionally, it is possible to enter a referral code, which will unlock additional benefits.

Registration by mail

The alternative way to create an account does not work with the verification via cell phone, but thanks to your e-mail address. Accordingly, the procedure is very similar. Except, of course, that you will be asked to enter your email address instead of your cell phone number, to which you will be sent an email with the verification code.

Orderly layout enables easy handling

After account creation, you will be welcomed by the homepage and you will be able to fully access Kucoin's offer.

This is the perfect moment to talk about the structure and layout of Kucoin. After all, a clear order is significant, especially for pages with a lot of content, so that new users can quickly orient themselves and do not feel lost.

Kucoin Interface

Fortunately, in our Kucoin experience, we were able to determine that the provider attaches great importance to a tidy presentation. But how is the site structured in detail?

At the top, to the right of the login and registration buttons, there are numerous drop-down menus that make it easy to navigate through Kucoin. Among other things, you can easily access the interfaces for purchasing cryptocurrencies and the marketplace, as well as helpful subpages about bonus offers and support.

Directly below, there are some banners about current events and offers of Kucoin, so that users are always up-to-date in this respect.

Presentation of price trends & cryptocurrencies

However, Kucoin users are not only informed about internal offers, but of course, the presentation of the current price trends of the individual cryptocurrencies is the main part of the homepage.

Directly below the banners, users will find the tabular list of cryptocurrencies, with the most relevant ones displayed directly. The information about the other currencies must first be accessed by clicking on “Show more”.

Bitcoin Chart

It is very practical that Kucoin allows the user to display the cryptocurrencies according to their prioritization. For this purpose, users have three categories at their disposal, from which they can freely select the most important criterion in each case. By default, the five most popular cryptocurrencies are displayed. This means that this category is mostly dominated by currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Those who like to buy new cryptocurrencies will be helped by the next category, which shows how cryptocurrencies that are still young are doing.

Of more general interest is again the last category, which presents the cryptocurrencies that have recently gained the most in percentage terms. Of course, this category is updated regularly, so users can always find out which worthwhile cryptocurrency they can add to their portfolio in the short term.

What cryptocurrencies are offered?

The core of any cryptocurrency exchange is of course the trading itself, whereby the question of which cryptocurrencies are offered for trading is central. It would be extremely disappointing for new users to find out that their preferred currency is not available in the provider's portfolio.

As has already been mentioned, users can access all major cryptocurrencies on Kucoin, as the following small selection shows:

At this point, the in-house cryptocurrency KCS deserves a special mention, which is also very popular on its respective home exchange and generally has a strong market capitalization.

In addition to these large coins, there are also many smaller and new cryptocurrencies, which even enjoy their spotlight through the separate category “New cryptocurrencies”. Kucoin offers a total of more than 400 different cryptocurrencies so that every user should find exactly the coins that are of particular interest to him.

Kucoin New Cryptocurrencies

Uncomplicated purchase of cryptocurrencies

However, before trading with cryptocurrencies, it is necessary to get hold of units of the respective currency.

Kucoin provides several options for this purpose. The most immediate option is called “Fast Buy” and allows the user to buy the desired cryptocurrency directly from Kucoin. However, the offer is limited to a few cryptocurrencies. Of course, these are the three financially the strongest coins, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether.

Kucoin Fastbuy

Apart from this small limitation, however, we were thrilled with the feature. Since a credit card is required as a payment method, purchases are quick and can be made with any fiat currency.

The second way to buy cryptocurrencies is the P2P feature, which allows to directly perceive offers from other users.

Trading and fees

Of course, trading is primarily the focus of any cryptocurrency exchange. At Kucoin, the process is quite catchy. By clicking on "Market", the user is taken directly to the marketplace, where he can inform himself about the price development and price ratios of different cryptocurrencies to be able to act in a targeted manner.

However, as with other providers, certain trading fees apply to Kucoin, which the exchange charges for its users' transactions. However, the amount of the fees depends on two factors.

The first distinction depends on whether the user acts as a Maker or Taker. The difference between these two terms is briefly explained. A Maker is a user who provides an offer, while a Taker is the buyer who takes advantage of the offer. As a rule, the taker can expect higher fees compared to the maker. This principle also applies to Kucoin. For example, level 1 takers have to pay a fee of 0.1%, while the fee for a maker is only 0.09%.

The second variable that affects the amount of the fees is the Trading Fee Level of the user. This is a kind of VIP system that rewards users who trade regularly by reducing their fees. For example, at level 0, the taker fee is 0.1%. However, at the final level 12, buyers only have to pay a fee of 0.025%.

Kucoin knows how to reward its regular users with lucrative long-term benefits. Here you can find the complete fee table for Maker and Taker sorted by level:

Level Maker Taker
0 0,1% 0,1%
1 0,09% 0,01%
2 0,07% 0,09%
3 0,05% 0,08%
4 0,03% 0,07%
5 0% 0,07%
6 0% 0,06%
7 0% 0,05%
8 -0,005% 0,045%
9 -0,005% 0,04%
10 -0,005% 0,035%
11 -0,005% 0,03%
12 -0,005% 0,025%

Thematically sorted support offers competent service

High-quality customer service is also of great importance for the well-being of users. Especially, users who are new to the world of cryptocurrency exchanges often have questions about how trading works or about features of the exchange itself.

Fortunately, our Kucoin experience was characterized by a competent customer service that works on two channels. The first point of contact is the live chat, which is available at any time. This can be called up quite practically via the corresponding icon. For this, the Support Center subpage must be called up at the bottom of the homepage.

Kucoin Livechat

Thematically, the live chat is well suited for content-related questions concerning Kucoin's features and offers.

The second service channel is technical support, which specializes in technical problems, difficulties and questions.

A commendable mention should also be made here of the large glossary, which contains numerous explanations of terms and guides, so that users can also learn more complex facts about crypto trading.

Advantages for new customers

Finally, we would like to suggest you some special benefits that Kucoin offers to new users or those who specialize in its in-house cryptocurrency KCS.

High-quality provider in all matters of crypto trading

Overall, our Kucoin experience was positive throughout. Apart from minor drawbacks, Kucoin was convincing in all areas. Basically, the provider impresses with a very well-designed layout that is geared towards the needs of new users. Thus, there are several options to personalize the overview of the latest price developments and align it to one's needs. In addition, there is the bonus for new users, which effectively upgrades the starting capital and gives new users more freedom to trade.

In addition, registration is also quick and the user can decide for himself whether he would like to verify himself via cell phone or e-mail.

So, all features considered together, Kucoin manages to live up to its claim of being a high-quality cryptocurrency exchange for beginners and small investors. However, advanced features allow even experienced users to access all the tools they require for successful trading.

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