The Ultimate Tether Casino Guide 2023

Online gaming is huge right now! The gaming market is constantly expanding, and the gaming business has recently seen significant change. However, the corona pandemic is not the only cause of this evolution.

Because there has been a significant structural change in online gaming. All of this may be encapsulated in the word “cryptocurrencies” in a single sentence. We're going to discuss a specific cryptocurrency in this article that, in our opinion, is still mostly unnoticed by gamblers. The casino is called Tether. What is the rationale behind this money, sometimes known as the “digital US dollar”?

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Best USDT Casinos 2023

In this guide, you will learn everything. What you must understand about Tether. We'll go through the basics of the cryptocurrency and how to obtain your Tether coins. However, we will pay more attention to how Tether is used in so-called “Tether Casinos.”

You will therefore understand how to play in a tether casino and the benefits of doing so after reading this post. A couple of our favorite Tether Casinos will be introduced to you at the end.

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What actually is Tether?

You've probably given buying Bitcoins or other cryptocurrency some serious thought, just like the majority of crypto investors. You have done a good job of educating yourself and weighing the dangers, and you should!

Most importantly, the frequent price swings are what cause many consumers to second-guess making an investment in cryptocurrencies.

Tether (USDT), a digital asset that has gained a lot of traction in the cryptocurrency industry, was created with the express purpose of resolving this issue.

Tether – the first and most popular stable coin:

It is referred to as a “stable coin” and is named Tether. The rate of a real-world currency, in the instance of Tether, the US dollar, is what this indicates the digital coin is correlated to.

This means that, contrary to other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, the price of tether barely varies, as the term “stable coin” already implies. The US dollar's exchange rate and Tethers are always the same!

Because of this, the USDT is mostly utilized in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency trading. But Tether is also becoming increasingly popular in other areas - not least in the gaming industry.

Fun Fact: By the way, the name Tether says it all. Translated from English, “to tether” means nothing other than “to tie up to something” - in the case of Tether, of course, we are talking about the US dollar. This is because the digital currency is firmly linked to this countervalue.

How Tether works

USDT can also be produced at any time, much like how the ECB places orders for producing banknotes. Re-minting new USDT will boost the supply of tokens if demand rises.

Interesting: In addition to the most well-known variant, the USDT, there are also a few other forms of tether. For example, EURT is a variant based on the euro, and CNHT stands for the Chinese yuan. Commodities such as gold (XAUT) can also be replicated with Tether.

Technically, Tether is built on several blockchains. These include various blockchain projects including Algorand, EOS, Tron, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin (Omni and Liquid protocol).

How to get USDT tokens

The topic of how to obtain Tether inevitably arises if you are now wholly sold on USDT and want to purchase your tokens.

Can I mine Tether?

Tether again varies from the majority of other cryptocurrencies. This is because USDT tokens cannot be mined. Tether's value is correlated with that of the US dollar, as has been stated numerous times. The fundamental principle of the digital currency is that the stable coin should always have the same value as the US dollar; therefore, creating new tokens through unpredictable mining procedures would be contrary to that principle.

Can I Buy Tether on Crypto Exchanges?

However, there is a fantastic alternative if using Tether to play at the crypto casino is your main goal: purchasing on the open market.

This is the quickest and safest method of obtaining Tether.

There is a good reason why Tether is a stable hold in practically every cryptocurrency exchange's portfolio. It is tiresome to continuously switch between crypto and fiat funds when traders wish to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Here, the USDT stable coin may be useful.

Since 1 USDT theoretically always equals 1 USD, the coin is frequently used as a middleman, or means to an end, to purchase other cryptocurrencies.

In fact, Tether is now used in more than 80% of all Bitcoin deals.

As you can probably already imagine, Tether can be bought at pretty much every crypto exchange – for example at Binance, Bitpanda, Coinbase or Kucoin, just to name a few. These exchanges allow you to easily purchase Tether tokens using an electronic transfer, bank transfer, credit, or debit card.

These benefits are provided by a top-notch Tether Casino

However, Tether is gaining acceptance as a mechanism of trade settlement as well. The cryptocurrency has now become well-established in cryptocasinos as well. We will now explain why this is the case and what benefits you might individually obtain from playing at a USDT casino:

1. Tether's value stability is impressive

The stable value of the USDT makes it one of the primary currencies used in online gambling. When using Tether as a payment method, you are protected against significant, erratic exchange rate swings.

This is extremely helpful for newcomers: There is no unpleasant conversion while using Tether to play at crypto casinos if you are unfamiliar with the industry.

If you play with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, for instance, you could find it difficult to record how much real money you have already bet.

With Tether, you can avoid this because the value always varies in relation to the US dollar. It's similar to using fiat money while also taking advantage of all the advantages of cryptocurrency gambling.

Additionally, you may virtually fully avoid the volatility of the cryptocurrency market thanks to Tether's value stability. This is a major benefit, especially if playing in the online casino is your main priority.

Consider purchasing a quantity of bitcoin to play in a bitcoin casino. However, it is possible that the price of bitcoin could decrease over the coming days, leaving you with a considerably smaller gaming budget than you had anticipated.

Tether is safe to use in this circumstance. Assume you decide to use $100 USD to play in a Tether Casino and spend the equivalent amount on USDT. Even months from now, your budget will essentially stay the same. Passive losses are almost unheard of in a USDT casino. 

2. Tether provides incredibly quick payment methods

The currency was still known as “Real Coin” when Tether was established in 2014, and it was built using the same blockchain technology as Bitcoin.

The creators of Tether modified their strategy following the name change to USDT and have since depended on the tried-and-true Litecoin network. This blockchain technology has the benefit of a substantially faster transaction speed!

You can start playing right away after making a deposit with Tether, although transfers with other payment methods can take many hours or even days. Payouts follow the same rules, of course! A Tether Casino is the best option for you if you place a high value on getting your casino winnings into your account as soon as feasible.

3. One of the most secure cryptocurrencies is Tether.

Since Tether is hosted on numerous reputable blockchain networks (including Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Tron, Algorand, and OMG Network), the miners who maintain these networks' security through Proof-of-Work or Proof-of-Stake offer the foundational security.

These platforms also carry out routine audits to make sure the bitcoin code is reliable and current.

One US dollar is reserved as a reserve for each USDT token in circulation, which is another feature that attests to the security of the Tether coin. The law firm FSS recently reaffirmed this.

4. High levels of anonymity are available with Tether Casinos.

In a USDT casino, most of your actions are anonymous. Typically, when using the Tether coin, no personal information is required. Only your login, password, wallet ID, and your call-in email address will be required when you sign up. Your name or other delicate personal information, such your bank account information, etc., cannot be accessed by unauthorized individuals.

You won't be dissatisfied at a USDT casino if you consider internet gambling to be a private concern. Here, privacy and security are crucial. You can focus on what should be in the forefront anyhow: having pleasure playing, when you're at ease and secure.

5. Tether Casinos frequently provide alluring bonus offers

You naturally want a welcome bonus in the form of initial credit when you sign up for a new Tether Casino. 

Many USDT casinos offer great welcome offers or free spins to attract new casino players. But it gets even better: not only as a new customer will you be rewarded with a welcome bonus, but also as an existing customer, you can look forward to ongoing bonus offers and promotions. Tether casinos often have cashback promotions, reload bonuses and sometimes tournaments or competitions where you can dust off attractive prizes.

USDT Casino alternatives

This is how you can evaluate whether a USDT casino is legitimate.

In essence, the bank can categorize Tether Casinos as secure and trustworthy. Nevertheless, you should check a few simple things before you entrust your money to the online casino!

The quickest way to accomplish this is to click the “Legal” or “About us” links, or go to the bottom of the Tether Casino homepage.

You may now examine the license for USDT Casino in more detail.

You ought to stay away from a Tether Casino if it lacks a license.

If the supplier holds a state gaming license from Malta or Curaçao, the situation is the exact reverse. Online casinos must achieve specific payout percentage requirements, ensure fair play, and offer dependable service to qualify for these honors. You may therefore trust gambling services who hold these licenses with your USDT tokens.

Other security elements include the website's SSL encryption, well-known game suppliers, and a variety of payment options.

But the 24/7 availability of live chat and phone customer care also demonstrates how serious a Tether casino is.

A casino is almost always a reliable provider if its website also includes information about its terms and conditions, privacy policies, and responsible gaming.

But if you prefer to play it safe, it's best to look for one of the crypto casinos off! All casinos in this list have been extensively tested by us.

Conclusion: Tether Casino is the best cryptocurrency for players of online casinos.

All types of players will like the USDT coin. Any potentially dangerous cryptocurrency speculation to fund a crypto casino is a thing of the past. When used in online casinos, Tether ensures a reliable, value-stable budget while maintaining all the benefits of a cryptocurrency (anonymity, speed, Security).

Today, USDT is used by almost all casino companies, and we think this hype will last a very long time.

Tether Casino FAQ

The most frequently asked questions about Tether Casinos are answered here for your convenience.

In terms of market capitalization, Tether is the most successful and the oldest stablecoin. The chosen goal of stable coins is to minimize massive price fluctuations, as we know them from Bitcoin, for example.

Stable coins are linked to set values to do this. This is also the case with Tether: The USDT rate is basically identical to that of the US dollar at all times.

The USDT token has long been available on all well-known crypto exchanges. You can use Tether on exchanges like Binance, Bitpanda, Coinbase or Kucoin on fair terms.

We have carefully examined each Tether Casino that we recommend lower down this page for security and seriousness. Your USDT tokens are therefore in excellent hands at your chosen Tether Casino if you also verify the security measures we have listed there and the casino complies with them.

The fact that you may typically make unlimited deposits and withdrawals is one of the key factors in why crypto casinos are outpacing conventional real money casinos.

The choice of currency is typically immaterial for the limitless payments, which at least apply to the majority of well-known suppliers. It is also available with the USDT coin without restrictions!

Furthermore, even if a limit is stated, it typically only applies to one transaction. Theoretically, you could also just deplete or replenish your customer account gradually. Pay close attention to the network transaction costs, though!

Typically, when it comes to bonus offers, casino providers do not make a distinction between the various cryptocurrencies. If you want to use Tether and there is a comparable offer for new users, you should often be able to make use of the initial credit.

However, these offers frequently need a deposit. Therefore, to take advantage of new customer bonuses and reload bonuses, you should have a particular quantity of USDT tokens available.

The best Tether Casinos at a glance

1. The best Tether Bonus available is at mBit Casino.

mbit Logo

The most important advantages at a glance:

When selecting a provider, one of the most crucial factors is the bonus offer of an online casino. And with good cause! A lucrative bonus helps to make your start in the game noticeably easier by offering you additional starting capital, free spins or other advantages. That's why we constantly advise looking at the welcome bonuses offered by online casinos. And this look is definitely worthwhile at mBit Casino!

Up to 1,000 USDT Bonus are waiting here for new customers who deposit in Tether at mBit Casino. You will also receive an additional pack of 300 Free Spins.

If you deposit again afterward, you can look forward to an additional 50% up to a maximum of 2,500 Tethers and a third 75% bonus of up to 1,500 USDT.

Read the full review!

2. Cloudbet: Here you will be rewarded for your loyalty

Cloudbet Logo

The most important advantages at a glance:

Cloudbet made it to number 2 on our list of the best Tether casinos: This USDT casino offers new players a 100% deposit bonus up to 50,000 USDT.

However, the Cloudbet bonus is paid out according to a special system. Every time you play a casino game, you earn loyalty points.

For every 150 Loyalty Points earned, 20 USDT will be sent directly to your Cloudbet account. You also get 300 free spins!

Read the full review!

3. Trueflip: The all-rounder casino with an attractive Tether Cashback Bonus

TrueFlip Logo

The most important advantages at a glance:

Finally, the Trueflip Casino. This casino attracts new customers with a sizeable cashback bonus. At Trueflip the cashback bonus is up to 20%. This means that if you lose 10 USDT, you will automatically be refunded up to 2 USDT.

Along with the cashback benefit, Trueflip's game library is its greatest strength. The online casino's portfolio includes numerous high-quality online slot machines from first-class providers such as Blueprint Gaming and ELK Studios.

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