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Binance Coin casinos have become indispensable in the online gambling world. Since the advent of Bitcoin and its peers, no stone has been left unturned. Gradually, more and more online casinos are discovering the numerous advantages that cryptocurrencies bring as a means of payment. Recently, Binance Coin has also been gaining popularity in online gambling.

Binance Coin

But what actually lies behind the digital currency, which is also often abbreviated as BNB? In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about Binance Coin. We will explain what the currency is all about and how you can acquire your own BNB coins. However, we will focus primarily on the use of BNB in what's known as a Binance Coin casino.

What is BNB

After reading this article, you will know how to play in a BNB casino and what advantages using BNB brings you in the casino. Finally, we will introduce you to a few of our favorite BNB casinos! Let's get started!

Best BNB Casinos 2024

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What is BNB actually?

If you have already dealt a little with cryptocurrencies, you probably also know Binance. Perhaps you associate the term with a trading platform rather than a currency. That's true so far! Binance is the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange based in Malta. Here you can buy all kinds of financial products. If you are eager to learn more about the Binance exchange, it is best to read our comprehensive field report!

Binance Exchange

In 2017, however, Binance also released its currency, the Binance Coin (BNB). BNB is deeply integrated into the ecosystem of the Binance exchange and is supposed to bring numerous advantages to the users of the trading platform. For example, holders of BNB benefit from reduced fees that they incur when trading on Binance.

The basic idea of the Binance Coin was to bind its users to the exchange in the long term through lucrative bonus programs - with great success. Meanwhile, however, BNB is much more than just the hobbyhorse of a crypto exchange - measured by market capitalization, the currency is even the third most valuable crypto asset of all (as of November 2022)!

Binance Coin Market Capitalization

The basic idea of the Binance Coin was to bind its users to the exchange in the long term through lucrative bonus programs - with great success. Meanwhile, however, BNB is much more than just the hobbyhorse of a crypto exchange - measured by market capitalization, the currency is even the third most valuable crypto asset of all.

How do I get BNB Coins?

Unlike other proof-of-work cryptocurrencies (e.g., : Bitcoin and Ethereum), it is not possible to generate Binance Coins through so-called mining. The Binance Blockchain works on a different principle. It uses the consensus mechanism “Byzantine Fault Tolerance” (BFT). Instead of the miners, there are the so-called verifiers, who earn money by declaring blocks valid and thus keeping the network secure.

Byzantine Fault Tolerance

But if you are primarily interested in playing with BNB in the online casino, there is a great alternative:

Because probably the easiest and most convenient way to get BNB is to buy on the open market. At the beginning, the Binance Coin was only available exclusively on the Binance exchange, but the cryptocurrency has now developed into a popular and secure means of payment that is traded on pretty much every crypto exchange.

Bitpanda Logo

Binance Logo

Coinbase Logo

So, in addition to its native trading platform Binance, many other major exchanges such as Bitpanda, Coinbase or Kucoin have already added the promising cryptocurrency to their portfolios.

Binance Coin Buy

Here you can buy Binance Coin comfortably thanks to an electronic transfer, a bank transfer or with a credit or debit card. Another feature that speaks for the great acceptance and popularity of Binance Coin in the crypto industry.

What is the potential of BNB in online casinos?

Being the third-largest crypto token in terms of market capitalization, the Binance Coin has a great importance for the online gambling market. As with all digital currencies, the purchase, called “exchange” in the jargon, precedes the game.

This is where a key advantage comes into play: BNB Coins not only offer superfast transactions, but crypto casino customers also benefit from very low fees - mainly on the Binance exchange.

The combination of these two factors can pay off eventually, especially for casino visitors who invest regularly. The low fees are often compared to those of the better-known Ethereum currency.

Binance Coin Discounts

Because both currencies are on a similar level in terms of fees. And ultimately, it is the potential savings in network transaction fees that will benefit you as a casino customer – especially if you call yourself a high roller - eventually!

How to register at the BNB online casino

Binance Coin

Signing up to play with BNB at a BNB casino is just as easy as with other cryptocurrencies. Here you will find the individual steps listed - from registration to the start of the game:

Step 1: Choose a BNB Casino

First, choose the Binance Coin Casino where you want to play.

You will be spoiled for choice here and should take a closer look at some Binance Coin Casinos before you actually decide on your first BNB Casino decide

Step 2: Sign in

Now you register there as a new customer. This is less complicated than it sounds. Enter your email address and pick a password on the website of your chosen casino. Occasionally, it is necessary to additionally confirm your e-mail address by clicking on the corresponding link after you have received an e-mail for this purpose. Your account is already created!

Step 3: Make a deposit and start playing!

Now you can log in and click the “Checkout” or “Deposit” button. Next, you can select your preferred cryptocurrency - in this case, Binance Coin - from the drop-down menu.

Now you just need to enter the amount for your deposit. After you confirm the transaction, the deposited amount will appear on your online casino account. Now everything is done in terms of registration and you can start playing.

Deposit and withdrawal at Binance Coin Casino

Even for newcomers to cryptocurrency and Binance Casino, registering and depositing and withdrawing are not too complicated and can be done with just a few clicks. If you have often played with cryptocurrencies in the online casino, you will notice that the Binance Coin does not work much differently than other digital currencies.

Binance Pay


As already described, you simply sign up and deposit your desired amount with the Binance Coins you previously acquired. The registration and deposit process only takes a few minutes, and then the deposited amount appears in your player account. You can even use the scan function of Binance Pay in many online casinos.

Important: In every online casino, there is a minimum amount that you have to deposit to be able to play. This amount varies from Binance Casino to Binance Casino and is often given when you make your deposit. However, it is best to also look at the relevant information page of the casino and read through the regulations and information that apply there.

Here you will not only find out what the minimum deposit is, but also whether and how much transaction fees will be deducted, which payout limits need to be considered and which other currency options the casino can also offer you.


This is where cryptocurrencies like BNB Coins, Bitcoins or Dogecoins: Because the payout with Binance Coins is entirely different from with SEPA transfers, where a bank is an intermediary, which takes several days to complete the payout process lengthens. With the cryptocurrency BNB, your winnings will arrive in your wallet within the same day, sometimes just a few seconds after your withdrawal request.

BNB Transactions

The only exception: Your very first payout

You should expect a slight delay with your first payout. Because here, the online casino needs some time to check your identity. By the way, all reputable casinos do this and has nothing to do with your preferred currency.

Know Your Customer

This initial legitimation check usually also means that you send the casino’s customer service a copy of your ID card – also for your safety. This KYC process (know your customer) also serves to protect and exclude minors and to identify any false identities for misuse.

What advantages does a high-quality BNB casino offer?

Advantages Disadvantages
Fast and easy deposit process Relatively young currency
Fast and uncomplicated withdrawal process Uncertain price fluctuations
Anonymity E-wallet as a prerequisite for use
Great potential of BNB Transaction duration
Attractive bonus offer in BNB casinos
High security
High acceptance and therefore quite a few BNB casino options

1. Fast and hassle-free deposit process

One of the many aspects that speak for the use of BNB in online casinos is the high transaction speed. Similar to other cryptocurrencies, deposits and withdrawals with the Binance Coin are smooth, secure and, above all, fast!

While transfers with conventional payment methods can often take several hours or even days, you can start playing immediately after making a deposit with BNB.

Cryptocurrencies Payment Methods

The same goes for payouts, of course! So if you attach great importance to having the money you have earned in the casino in your account as quickly as possible, then a BNB casino is just right for you.

2. Low network transaction fees

Probably the most remarkable advantage that BNB brings as a means of payment in online casinos is the very low fees that are charged when transferring money with the Binance Coin.

Above all, people who play in the casino with larger sums of money, so-called high rollers, will really enjoy it!

3. Anonymity

In a BNB casino, you act largely anonymously. As a rule, it is not necessary to provide personal data when playing with the Binance Coin. When registering, you will only be asked to provide a username, password, wallet ID and email address.

Your name or other sensitive personal data, such as bank details, etc., cannot fall into the hands of third parties. If online gambling is a private matter for you, you certainly won't be disappointed at a BNB casino. Security and anonymity are significant here! Carefree and reassured, you can concentrate on what should be in the foreground anyway: having fun playing.

Your name or other sensitive personal data, such as bank details, etc., cannot fall into the hands of third parties. If online gambling is a private matter for you, you certainly won't be disappointed at a BNB casino. Security and anonymity are significant here! Carefree and reassured, you can concentrate on what should be in the foreground anyway: having fun playing.

4. Big potential of BNB

The crypto exchange Binance has grown to become the market leader within a very short time. The broad product portfolio and the complete fee structure of the platform is essentially based on the Binance Coin. It is a utility token and a means of payment in one, and has recently seen an enormous increase in value.

On the one hand, this is due to the great success of Binance, but on the other hand, it is also due to the constant reduction of the BNB offer. Since publication, the cryptocurrency has been regularly “burned” – also known as “BNB Burn”⁣ – and the supply is thus reduced and restricted. This was intended from the beginning and is intended to stabilize the value of the coin.

BNB Burn

The growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies and the advancing developments in the field of decentralized financial services could also ensure that Binance can maintain its level of success in the long term.

This would also mean that the value of the Binance Coin is guaranteed and could even increase in the future. This means for you: Playing in a BNB casino could also be financially worthwhile eventually. 

5. Attractive bonus offer in BNB casinos

If you register for a new Binance Coin Casino, you naturally want a new customer gift in the form of starting credit. And you will not be disappointed. Many BNB casinos offer great welcome offers or free spins to attract new casino players.

But it gets even better: not only as a new customer will you be rewarded with a welcome bonus, but also as an existing customer, you can look forward to ongoing bonus offers and promotions. In Binance Coin Casinos there are cashback campaigns, reload bonuses and sometimes tournaments or competitions where you can win big.

6. High security

In any case, cryptocurrency transactions, such as with Binance Coins, are far more secure than using fiat money. The BNB blockchain ensures consistently reliable transactions. The appropriate security measures of the recommended BNB online casinos provide additional security.

7. High acceptance and therefore several NBB casino options

Thanks to the numerous Binance blockchain networks, there is sufficient availability for players. The high acceptance of BNB is evident not only in online casinos, but there are generally many uses.

BNB Utilization Options

For example, you can also use BNB to book flights or accommodations. Even hiring freelancers, creating smart contracts, and purchasing virtual gifts is possible with BNB. It is therefore undoubtedly, one of the most versatile cryptocurrencies available.

Are there any disadvantages of using Binance Coin in the casino?

As is well known, everything has two sides - this also applies to a cryptocurrency such as Binance Coin and its use in online casinos. We would rather not withhold the disadvantages from you. When using BNB at online casinos, you might encounter the following disadvantages:

1. Relatively young currency

If you want to use Binance Coins in a casino, you might notice that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are ahead in terms of popularity. But that doesn't have to stop you from choosing BNB anyway. However, of course, the acceptance and thus the casino and game selection is (still) significantly lower than with these crypto favorites.

2. Uncertain price fluctuations

Price fluctuations can unsettle beginners in particular. But at BNB, such fluctuations can also mean an increase in your balance so that it can even be exciting to sit out and observe these fluctuations.

Binance Coin Price Fluctuations

3. E-wallet as a prerequisite for use

With all common cryptocurrencies that you use in online casinos, you need such a digital wallet. This could be considered a disadvantage compared to “real money”, but it is not a BNB-specific disadvantage. In addition to the fee-based hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies, there are also free software wallets, which are also uncomplicated and relatively quick to set up.

One of those is Metamask.

MetaMask Wallet

4. Transaction Duration

Actually, we listed the (relatively) short transaction time as an advantage. Of course, there are always more common currencies that are faster or less well-known currencies that are slower. Some things are just in the eye of the beholder.

Security at Binance Coin Casino

Clearly, before you heedlessly sign up to play, enter your data and invest money, you should look into the seriousness and security of your chosen casino.

Here, you should mainly make sure that the casino is a certified Binance casino with a gambling license issued within the EU (by a recognized regulatory authority). This automatically puts you on the safe side - whether you want to play with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Binance or another currency.

BC.Game License

In addition, the transparent listing of the terms and conditions as well as the applicable data protection regulations and information about the dangers of gambling addiction or similar information are a sign of seriousness.

The in-house security standards of a BNB casino should apply to all cryptocurrencies as well as to real money. This primarily includes secure SSL encryption, which protects both the website itself and the games and payment methods from unauthorized access.

SSL Encryption

Appropriate 2FA security systems also help protect against fraud and abuse. At best, a 24/7 customer service can help you with uncertainties and questions and explain the individual security measures of the Binance Coin Casino to you.

Keep in mind that not every license is equivalent. While, for instance, a license from Costa Rica is strictly speaking not even considered a proper license, online casinos with a license from Curaçao or Malta are much more trustworthy.

Binance Coin Casino Bonus Offers

New customers receive a starting balance as a special bonus in many casinos. Therefore, many Binance Coin casinos offer welcome offers in the form of free spins, starting credits and other bonuses when new players register.

BNB Casino Bonus

Regular customers who regularly play at Binance Coin Casino are also rewarded for their loyalty every now and then with bonus offers, special promotions and free spins. The one or other tournament also increases the chances of a bigger win and is not only fun for new customers!

The gaming offers at Binance Coin Casino

Most online casinos are not pure crypto casinos and therefore also offer playing for and with real money. Nevertheless, many casinos accept Binance Coins without putting you disadvantaged compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Crashino Games

In a Binance Coin Casino, classics such as roulette, baccarat and card games such as poker and blackjack are just as represented as exciting slots or profitable scratch cards.

Crashino Games

Even if you have never played the individual games, you will quickly find your way around the respective type of game, understand the rules and goals and drastically increase your chances of winning thanks to the variety of game options.

The 3 most popular games at a glance



Who doesn't know it from numerous films and always wanted to try it out and see if it's as easy as it looks? Yes, Roulette is actually one of those games that are absolutely uncomplicated and yet promise high winning opportunities. In the roulette wheel, there is a rotating disc, on which 36 randomly arranged number fields (alternating red and black) are distributed. You bet the amount of your choice either on one of the 36 or 37 numbers (zero is the 37th number field marked in green) or on a color (red or black).

After betting, the croupier or even the computer throws a small ball made of ivory into the kettle, which is why roulette is also called a “kettle game”. Already during the throw of the ball, the kettle rotates, so it takes a while until the ball settles on one of the fields and remains there.

If the ball is now on a number or color field that you have set, then you have won. With a simple chance of 50:50, you can even double your bet if the ball is on your bet field. Otherwise, the bet belongs to the bank and a new game begins.



Hardly any BNB online casino will do without the card game Blackjack. Because blackjack is one of the most popular card games of all, along with poker. Perhaps you remember the card game 17 plus 4 from your childhood? There are some differences between today's blackjack and the former children's card game, which originally came from France. Nevertheless, it is said that only from the card game 17 plus 4 the legendary Blackjack developed.

How could it be otherwise - the casinos of the gambling city Las Vegas are said to have been significantly involved in this? In the Binance Coin online casino, you can play blackjack in countless variations, whereby the most important rules apply equally to all blackjack games.

In blackjack, players play against a dealer. Both the players and the dealer try to get closer to 21 points with multiple cards, each card representing an individual numerical value, of course.

However, anyone who exceeds the target value of 21 with their cards has lost.
Blackjack is always exciting and depending on how many Binance Coins you have wagered, you can even win quite decent amounts.



Slots are available in countless different variants, and yet playing on machines - even online - probably never gets boring. The special thing about slot games in online casinos: To try out slot games, you usually don't even have to register in advance. Binance online casino is arguably one of the online casinos with the widest range of popular slots from well-known software providers. You can try out more than 2,700 slots from over 50 manufacturers here for free. Games like Book of Dead, Bonanza Megaways or White Rabbit are probably among the absolute favorites of most slot players.

The chances of winning in slot machines are quite different. Examples of slots that experience has shown to be above average are:

How can I recognize a reputable Binance Coin Casino?

The seriousness of a BNB casino can be easily checked using a simple but tried and true trick:

All you have to do is scroll down to the bottom of the casino provider's homepage or click on the “About us” or “Legal” sections. Now take a closer look at the casino's license. If a BNB casino does not have a license, you should rather keep your hands off it. The opposite is the case if the provider has a state gaming license from Curaçao or Malta.

BC.Game License

To receive these awards, online casinos must meet certain payout percentages, guarantee fair play and provide reliable support. That's why you and your BNB coins are in good hands with providers with these licenses.

Other security features would be SSL encryption of the website, prominent game providers and a selection of different payment methods. But customer service that can be reached around the clock by phone or via live chat also speaks for the seriousness of a good BNB casino.

If you can also find terms and conditions, data protection regulations and information on responsible gaming on the casino website, then it is almost always a reputable provider.

If you want to be on the safe side, it is best to choose one of the crypto casinos, which we have already put through their paces!

Keep in mind that not all reviews of online casinos are trustworthy. There are fake reviews that do not reflect reality. Therefore, you should only rely on reputable platforms like ours for reviews of crypto casinos. This applies not just to Binance Coin casinos but also to Bitcoin casinos and others.

Binance Coins and BNB Casinos - our conclusion

Binance Coin is a serious cryptocurrency that is also attracting more and more online casinos, large and small. The more payment options an online casino offers, the more customers feel addressed. Nevertheless, the Binance Coin is still relatively young, and it remains to be seen how it will continue to behave as a means of payment - mainly on the crypto exchanges.

Binance Coin Price

However, most Binance online casinos experience that the BNB has now made a name for itself as a safe currency and has firmly established itself as a safe cryptocurrency for gaming. Binance's recent acquisition of crypto exchange FTX reinforces this notion.

FTX Exchange

Therefore, over time, there will probably be more and more BNB online casinos that accept the Binance Coin as a means of payment and thus further promote its popularity.

BNB Casino FAQ

Here are the most frequently asked questions about BNB casinos, collected and answered:

The Binance Coin has long been available on all well-known crypto exchanges. BNB can be used on exchanges like Binance, Bitpanda, Coinbase or Kucoin can be purchased on fair terms.

All BNB casinos that we suggest further down on this page have been thoroughly tested by us for security and seriousness. So if you also check the security features we have mentioned at your desired BNB casino and the casino complies with them, then your coins are definitely in good hands there!

In most online casinos, both deposits and withdrawals can be made in unlimited amounts - one of the main reasons why the providers can increasingly assert themselves against traditional real money casinos. For the unlimited payments, which apply to at least the majority of well-known providers, the choice of currency usually plays no role – it is also possible with the Binance Coin without restrictions!

As a rule, casino providers do not differentiate between the individual cryptocurrencies when it comes to bonus offers. If there is a corresponding new customer offer and you decide to play with BNB, you should be able to claim the starting credit in most cases.

However, such promotions are often tied to a deposit. So, you should have a certain BNB amount ready to benefit from new customer bonuses and reload bonuses.

In a BNB casino, you don't have to make any compromises when it comes to your favorite games - here you get a concentrated load of online casino games of all kinds! Especially when it comes to slot games, there are certainly more games available to you in a BNB casino than in a traditional casino. So, there are of course all the classic machines - but also theme slots such as Hollywood, sports, Ancient Egypt, psychedelic or oriental.

And don't worry: The classic card and table games that are found in a traditional real money casino are also available in a wide variety of variations in a BNB casino. We assure you - you will definitely get your money's worth.

If you are looking for a cryptocurrency that can be used to make transactions both quickly and securely, BNB can definitely meet your needs.

If you also like to play with larger sums in online casinos, the Binance Coin is perfect for you! Because of the vanishing low network transaction fees that are incurred at BNB, BNB casinos are particularly attractive for so-called high rollers!

Yes, you can. Most online casino games can also be played well on mobile phones, as the game portfolio is also optimized for devices with small screens. You can even pay for many mobile casinos with mobile phone credit.

There are some casinos that allow anonymous registration. At the latest when you pay out, your data will be requested in almost all casinos. Providers who advertise that they also handle the payment process anonymously should be treated with caution.

Of course, you can also win money in the online casino, but only in the currency with which you played and registered.

However, you have the option of converting your Binance Coins to another cryptocurrency at the current value on a crypto exchange and then converting them into euros. You can then have the corresponding amount paid out to you at any time.

At reputable Binance online casinos, there is a page with your previous transactions on your player account. As with a conventional account statement, your deposits and withdrawals are listed there with the date so that you always have a detailed overview of your casino expenses and winnings.

In the live casino of an online casino, players can play table games with real croupiers or dealers and of course real fellow players. The desired game is broadcast and moderated live from a studio.

If you do not meet the bonus conditions, such as the required turnover, within the specified time frame or make inappropriate transactions, the bonus can also be withdrawn from you. Conversely, if you dislike the bonus, you can also forgo it or have it canceled by customer support to receive another bonus.

Reputable online casinos have a valid license and strive to handle your customer data securely, both in their interest and in yours. Modern SSL encryption plays a major role in protecting sensitive data. In addition, every online casino only grants a few employees of integrity insight and access to this data.

Some online casinos have a withdrawal limit within a set timeframe that cannot be exceeded. Nevertheless, you will of course receive your won Binance Coins. In this case, you simply divide the payout amount into different partial amounts, which you can gradually claim.

The best BNB casinos at a glance

1. Rocketpot: 100% welcome bonus for instant play fun

Rocketpot Logo

Rocketpot provides every feature a top-notch BNB casino should have. An equally substantial long-term cashback benefit is added to the lucrative 100% deposit bonus. Additionally, the overall game selection is strong!

Rocketpot Welcome Bonus

You will find what you are seeking for at Rocketpot and be astounded by the great quality of the games, whether you prefer table games, slot machines, or provably fair games. Rocketpot Casino offers a superior gambling experience because of its dependable customer service, which completes the full image.

Click here for the review!

2. Justbit: Attractive cashback bonus

Justbit Logo

BNB, the optimal cryptocurrency for high rollers, naturally harmonizes wonderfully with a casino that also accommodates playing with larger sums of money. Therefore, Justbit also makes it onto our list of the best BNB casinos. The provider convinces with an appealing, high-quality gaming environment.

Justbit Cashback

Although Justbit does not offer a deposit bonus, it does score points with its high cashback bonus of 20%. Especially if you plan to play at BNB Casino with a slightly higher budget, the weekly cashback bonus can really pay off!

Click here for the review!

3. Crashino: Free spins for a smooth start to the casino experience

Crashino Logo

The high-quality game selection from well-known developers makes Crashino a particularly attractive BNB casino. The free spins are particularly noteworthy with this provider.

Crashino Welcome Bonus

You can earn these regularly by completing smaller tasks. As a welcome bonus, Crashino even gives you 50 free spins after your first deposit!

Click here for the review!

4. Casinoin: Large range of games

Casinoin Logo

With more than 4,700 games, Casinoin is also well stocked in terms of game selection. Here you will find a wide variety of slot machines and you can try roulette, baccarat or other games. The menu is obvious, so you will quickly find your way around the individual categories. With the option of saving your favorites in a favorites list, you can always find your favorite games with just a few clicks. Around 70 popular software providers are represented in this Binance Coin Casino, so you will never get bored on

Casinoin Games

Unfortunately, you can only request the welcome bonus of 100% up to €200 or up to 1,000 mBTC + 200 free spins after making a minimum deposit of €20. However, several games are excluded here, and you should also read the other bonus and payout conditions before registering to avoid disappointment.

Casinoin is still recommendable and offers many advantages to its players, but not everyone will find their expectations met, especially when it comes to bonuses.

Click here for the review!

5 Mirax: Wide range of games

Mirax Logo

Mirax Casino is popular among many players mainly because of its versatile bonuses, whereby you can receive a bonus even without making a deposit. There is a generous welcome bonus package, but also interesting promotions like Monday Loot boxes, Wednesday Matches and other exciting special promotions. Besides the daily bonus offers, Mirax also offers tournaments where you can compete against other players. Moreover, worth mentioning are the lucrative cashback offers. More than 50 manufacturers offer their games here.

Mirax Software Providers

Since Mirax Casino also supports numerous cryptocurrencies and offers 24/7 live customer chat support, it is one of the absolute favorites among the Binance Coin online casinos. The only minus point is perhaps that Mirax does not (yet) offer sports betting and there are some country restrictions. However, since the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by far, Mirax Casino is absolutely recommendable.

Click here for the review!

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