VPN in online casino: The best providers 2022


Playing with VPN in the casino is attracting more and more players in Germany as well, who are offended by the strict regulations and would like to circumvent them. Perhaps you have heard of VPN in the context of IP address concealment? Because VPN also makes games available to the player who had actually already been cancelled on many sites due to the regulations that have been in effect since October 2020.

Best VPN Online Casinos 2022

Up to:
3 Bitcoin
+ $25 No Deposit
+ 10 Free Spins

5.0 rating
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer

- Minimum deposit is 0.0003 BTC
- The bonus amount must be wagered 40x
. - Maximum win from free spins: 0.005 BTC
NO Deposit Bonus
75 Free Spins
Scroll of Adventure
4.8 rating
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer

- Minimum deposit of €1
- Bonus must be wagered 50x
- A maximum of €100 can be won with the bonus.
Up to:
57% Rakeback
4.8 rating
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New customer offer
- Auszahlung ab umgerechnet 20€ möglich
Bis zu:
100% anonymous gaming
4.8 rating
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- Einzahlung bereits ab 0,01 USDT
- Auszahlung von bis zu 2,5 BTC pro Monat möglich
100% up to:
5 Bitcoin
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4.8 rating
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- Minimum deposit generally 0.0001 BTC
- converted 50€ minimum deposit for 300 free spins
- The Cloudbet Bonus is cleared through Loyalty Points
- After receipt, the amount must be cleared within 365 days
Up to:
20% Cashback
4.8 rating
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- Cashback is credited daily at 00:10 (UTC)
- The cashback is valid 3 days after receipt and 7 days after its activation
- The wagering requirement for the cashback bonus is x3
Up to:
20% Monthly Cashback
4.8 rating
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer
- Play at least 2/15/40 mBTC to unlock each pack.
- You will receive your free chips immediately after activating your package.
- All free chips will be credited with no wagering requirements.
- All free chips will be credited for Evolution games.
- Repeat your standard or premium package for the maximum bonus.
10% Cashback
weekly crypto bonus
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- Not valid when depositing with cryptocurrencies, Skrill or Neteller
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up to:
20% Cashback
+ 30 Free Spins
4.8 rating
T&Cs Apply
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- Cashback is calculated based on 10% of total loss during a 7-day period
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- VIP players do not receive the usual weekly cashback. VIP players receive a special cashback according to their VIP level.
100% up to:
+ 25% cashback
4.8 rating
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer
- Minimum deposit of 0.0002 BTC

What exactly does VPN mean?

VPN is the abbreviation for the English term Virtual Private Network. Originally, a VPN service was and is an option available via a server to avoid geo-targeting. Thanks to geo-targeting, certain customer groups can be geographically localized. This is a popular measure in online marketing to present Internet users with web content relevant to their region.

VPN Online Casino

Thus, if you can avoid these location detections thanks to the VPN, you will not be presented with advertisements and other content tailored specifically to you or your location. Thus, it is not possible for the operator of a website you visit to determine your location.


There are now quite a few VPN providers, which bring different advantages and disadvantages with them. Especially regarding online casinos, it is not always easy to find the right provider. This is because the provider should have sufficient server capacity and stable Internet connections, which can also be used to supply as many countries as possible.

So-called geo-targeting does not only affect users from different regions within Germany. The location of Internet users worldwide is located by geo-targeting to be able to present them with individual and location-dependent content. To remain as anonymous as possible online and to be able to benefit from the other advantages of a VPN service, you should choose a reputable and competent VPN provider.

Our top 5 VPN providers in online casinos

You will then find a table with the most important facts about the best VPN providers. Additionally, we have listed all further details about each provider below.

NordVPNCyberGhostPrivate Internet Access (PIA)Express VPNIP Vanish
Server5.500 +6.500 +3.000 +3.000 +2.000 +
Availability59 countries90 countries46 countries90 countries75 countries
Maximum number of devices 6710No limitNo limit
BandwidthNo limitNo limitNo limitNo limitNo limit
New customer offer30 days money back guarantee14 days money back guaranteeNo offerNo offerNo offer
Price per month11,99 €11,99 €10,69 €12,95 €10,49


NordVPN Logo

This provider meets most of the requirements to be recommended for use in online casinos as well. NordVPN has the following advantages to offer:

  • Access to more than 5,500 servers
  • In more than 59 countries
  • Fast and secure connection
  • Kill switch technology (prevents your traffic from being forwarded to unauthorized parties if the VPN connection is unexpectedly interrupted)
  • Additional Smart DNS technology (for enabling geo-restricted websites and services)
  • Use on up to 6 devices per VPN account possible
  • Monthly prices (from €11.99)
  • 1-year subscription (from €4.49/month)
  • 2-year subscription (from €2.99/month)
  • Money back guarantee in the first 30 days
  • 3 free months
  • Easy setup of the VPN server in seconds
  • Anonymous no-log VPN


CyberGhost Logo

The VPN provider CyberGhost also meets most of the requirements of the players in the VPN online casino. The following plus points speak for CyberGhost as the optimal VPN provider:

  • Access to more than 6,500 servers
  • In more than 90 countries
  • Fast and secure connection
  • No bandwidth limitation
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Kill switch technology
  • Split tunneling function
  • Per VPN account, use on up to 7 devices possible
  • Monthly prices (€11.99 +14-day money-back guarantee)
  • 6-month subscription (€6.99/month + 45-day money-back guarantee)
  • Savings subscription for 2 years + 4 months (2.03 €/month + 45-day money-back guarantee)
  • Anonymous no-log VPN

Private Internet Access (PIA)

Private Internet Access Logo

This VPN provider is also recommended and offers you the following advantages:

  • Access to more than 3,000 servers
  • In 46 countries
  • Fast and secure connection
  • Simple setup
  • Simple setup
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • AES-256 - Protocol (Military Grade)
  • Kill switch function
  • Split-Tunneling
  • Unlimited P2P/Torrenting
  • Use on up to 10 devices per VPN account possible
  • Dedicated apps for all platforms, browsers and operating systems
  • 24/7 available technical customer support also via e-mail or live chat
  • Monthly rate from 10,69 €
  • 6-month subscription (€6.79/month)
  • Savings subscription for 2 years + 4 months free (1,85 €/month)strict no-log VPN

Express VPN

Express VPN Logo

The VPN provider Express VPN also has several advantages to offer for use in the VPN online casino. Especially, the following features and functions can be seen in comparison with other VPN providers:

  • More than 3,000 servers
  • In over 90 countries
  • Fast and secure connection
  • Fast streaming in HD quality
  • Uncomplicated setup in a few minutes
  • Easy-to-use apps for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, routers, and more
  • Access worldwide
  • Unlimited bandwidth at express speed
  • 256 bit AES encryption
  • DNS/IPv6 leak protection
  • Emergency switch
  • Split-Tunneling
  • 24/7 email or live chat with customer support team
  • Monthly rate from $12.95
  • Monthly rate from $12.95
  • Annual subscription of $6.67/month with 3 additional free months
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • strenges No-Log-VPN

For Express VPN, all prices are in USD.

Thanks to the Network Locks emergency switch, your data is optimally protected in the event of a VPN connection failure until the connection is up again.
These seamless data protection and security precautions work even in the event of repeated power failures, when changing WLAN or when switching to standby mode.

IP Vanish

IP Vanish Logo

IP Vanish also routes your Internet traffic securely and anonymously, and thus also protects your identity in the VPN online casino. The VPN provider IP Vanish offers you the following advantages:

  • More than 2,000 servers
  • In more than 75 countries
  • Fast and secure high-speed connection
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No connection restrictions
  • Advanced end-to-end encryption
  • Split-Tunneling
  • Kill switch function
  • SOCKS5-Proxy
  • Integrated DNS leak protection
  • Multiple VPN protocols (including WireGuard, OpenVPN, IKEv2 and IPSec) to suit your individual speed and security requirements
  • Money back guarantee within the first 30 days from the date of purchase
  • 24/7 customer support available by mail
  • Monthly rate from 10,49 €
  • 3 months tariff from 8,63 €/month
  • Annual subscription from 2,76 €/month with 3 additional free months
  • Strenges No-Log-VPN

Why is it useful to play online casino with VPNs?

One of the most mentioned advantages of VPN in online casinos is that you can play - regardless of country and location - even otherwise blocked games. Risk-averse high rollers naturally benefit from the higher betting possibilities that are given by the VPN. This is because one of the points of the gambling agreement that has recently come into effect in Germany concerns the deposit limit of €1,000 per month, which naturally means a strong restriction for professional high rollers.

Likewise, the mandatory maximum bet on slots of €1 per spin is not to everyone's liking and can be specifically bypassed with the VPN. Of course, you can also receive one or the other VPN casino bonus in every VPN casino.

In addition, however, you should primarily pay attention to optimal data protection when playing at online casinos. Many users also prefer to remain anonymous on other websites in order to protect themselves and their sensitive data from unauthorized access.

With a suitable VPN service, you can significantly optimize the protection of your data. This also makes it more difficult for hackers to view the data traffic in order to spy on account data, passwords and other payment-related data. Recommended online casinos already pay attention to the best possible data protection and high security precautions. But a VPN service can offer you even more security.

Unrestricted gaming fun with VPN

Due to corresponding requirements of the gambling supervisory authority based in Halle an der Saale, it is likely that the use of websites or online casinos from abroad will be increasingly restricted. This will reduce the current range of popular online casinos to domestically licensed providers, as users with German IP addresses will often be denied access to other sites.

With a VPN, on the other hand, you can still surf all websites and play in the casino of your choice without any restrictions. Another reason to use a VPN service is the security when surfing and playing in the public Wi-Fi network. This is because many players use their smartphones to visit online casinos.

However, public networks make it easy for professional hackers to gain insight into the data traffic of unsuspecting users. With the protection of VPN encryption, you don't have to worry about cybercrime on the public network. Here, your account data for deposits or withdrawals in the online casino, your log-in data and other passwords are optimally protected. In addition, your entire Internet traffic is encrypted so that it is protected from access by third parties and you hardly leave any traces on the net.

Other reasons that speak for the protection by the Virtual Private Network

VPN thus provides a secure connection between your device and the Internet, protecting you from unwanted online surveillance, dangerous data leaks, and restrictive censorship. If you want to protect your privacy and traffic, a trusted VPN provider is the best solution for you.

Because with a connection to a VPN server, your Internet activities are protected from the view of others - whether hackers, your Internet service provider or other third parties who have an interest in your data traffic.

Moreover, thanks to VPN you can also use otherwise blocked websites and services, which is primarily advantageous for players in a casino with VPN.

Incidentally, VPNs are also used by larger companies to be able to securely network employees who are located far away from each other. This means that the use of VPNs for data protection purposes is also legal in Germany.

At a glance: Your advantages of VPN (not only) in the online casino

  • Spielen ohne Beschränkungen und Limits
    Gerade die strengen Einschränkungen im Hinblick auf Limits pro Spin oder Einzahlung pro Online Casino sind für viele Spieler ein Grund für das Einrichten eines VPNs.
  • Nutzung Deines VPNs auch im Urlaub oder von anderen Ländern aus
    Um die Vorteile Deines VPNs auch im Urlaub im Ausland nutzen zu können, kannst Du Dich an den jeweiligen Support wenden und Dich bei Unklarheiten ausführlich beraten lassen.
  • Änderung der IP-Adresse
    Mithilfe einer VPN-Verbindung wird Deine herkömmliche IP-Adresse geändert. Mit dieser könnte man ansonsten sowohl Deinen Standort als auch Dich als Person identifizieren. Doch sobald Dein Internetverkehr über einen VPN-Server läuft, wird Deine IP-Adresse in eine IP-Adresse Deines VPN-Servers umgewandelt. Somit ist eine Überwachung und Zuordnung Deiner Internetaktivität durch Dritte nicht mehr möglich.
  • Freischalten von Webseiten und Streaming-Diensten
    Nicht in jedem Land sind Dir sämtliche Inhalte von Google, Youtube und anderen Webseiten frei zugänglich. Ebenso sind in manchen Teilen der Welt einige Dienste (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu usw.) nur eingeschränkt nutzbar. Mithilfe eines VPN-Servers kannst Du diese Einschränkungen gezielt umgehen und Dich so im Netz wieder frei bewegen.
  • Anonymes Filesharing
    Üblicherweise kann Deine IP-Adresse beim P2P-Filesharing und teilweise sogar Deine Downloads eingesehen werden. Mit VPN bleiben Deine Aktivitäten auch beim P2P-Filesharing anonym und Deine Downloads vor dem Einblick anderer geschützt.
  • Sicherheit und Schutz auch im öffentlichen WLAN
    VPN schützt Dich auch im öffentlichen Netz vor Packet Sniffing, Datenklau über WLAN-Hotspots oder anderen Online-Attacken. Daher solltest Du, wenn Du über ein unbekanntes oder öffentliches Netz spielst, chattest oder sensible Daten eingibst, diese Aktivitäten stets über einen VPN-Server laufen lassen.

Packet sniffing briefly explained

Most internet users believe that their internet connection and e-mail traffic is being smuggled through the net as a whole. But this is a common misconception. Because the entire data traffic is instead broken down into smaller units and sent piece by piece.

The individual data packets are only reassembled at the final destination so that the original format is recognizable. However, during transmission through the network, these individual data units can be intercepted, read and even tampered with. This method of intercepting, reading or modifying the data packets is known as “packet sniffing”. Unfortunately, it cannot exclusively be used by Internet providers and for advertising purposes. This technology is also often used for government controls or cybernet criminals.

Possible disadvantages of VPN in the casino

With all the benefits that a VPN brings to online casino players, there are also some downsides. Some restrictive regulations make sense and are intended to protect the players. Because not every VPN online casino located abroad is reputable and black sheep among the online casinos are not always immediately recognizable.

But reputable casinos in particular are sometimes not enthusiastic when players try to circumvent the applicable guidelines of a country using a VPN server. In the worst case, it can happen that you are banned from a gambling site and your winnings and even deposits are frozen and retained for the time being. It is therefore best to find out in advance which casinos accept VPN. Only online casinos that are also recommended by experts as VPN casinos are considered safe in this regard.

Another disadvantage could be of a technical nature.

Because with some (usually conspicuously cheap or free) VPN servers, the speed of Internet traffic can deteriorate. In the case of unstable connections, aborts in the middle of a game are possible. A VPN connection may also have an unfavorable effect on the data volume.

Hands off free VPN services
Apparently free VPN services can end up costing you dearly. Dubious VPN providers who advertise free VPN services are usually interested in getting your data to sell it to third parties for a profit. In such a case, you're lucky if you're just bombarded with phishing emails, banned telemarketing calls, or spam. Identity theft is said to have happened before. Criminals can use your data to make purchases under your name and thanks to your data, conclude expensive subscription contracts or commit criminal fraud.

It can also happen that traditional money transfers with fiat money are blocked at some VPN casinos due to government interference. However, this will not happen with cryptocurrencies like Binance Coin or Dogecoin. These offer you many advantages as a means of payment in online casinos anyway, which is why more and more players are now paying with recognized cryptocurrencies in VPN casinos as well.

How do VPNs work?

To give you an idea of how a VPN server works, let’s first look at how your internet traffic is routed in the traditional way – without a VPN connection.

Internet traffic without a VPN

Without an intermediary VPN connection, your ISP directs you to every website you visit. Since your Internet provider has assigned you a fixed IP address, you can now be uniquely identified by every website operator you visit.

But your Internet service provider, who ultimately processes your Internet traffic and is responsible for forwarding it, can also monitor your entire Internet traffic. It can even recognize exactly when and for how long you accessed and visited which page. Thanks to the IP address assigned to you, he can assign all your activities on the Internet to your person.

Internet traffic with VPN

However, if your Internet connection is only via a VPN server, your data traffic cannot be intercepted and read by your Internet provider or by other people. The final destination, i.e., the website you visited or the e-mail address you wrote to, can no longer be viewed. Likewise, no one can see your IP address anymore, since data traffic now goes through the IP address of the VPN server.

However, the IP address you use is not a fixed IP address. Instead, the IP addresses of a VPN server are also used by numerous other users, so your VPN IP address changes again and again. In this way, it can neither be linked to you nor to your internet traffic.

This is how you activate your VPN in the casino

Once you have definitely decided on a specific VPN provider and a corresponding subscription, it only takes a few steps until you can finally play anonymously.

How to activate your VPN for your games in the VPN Casino:

  1. First you download your VPN app (you can also install it right away)
  2. Now open and activate your VPN
  3. Next, enter your username and a secure password.
  4. Now you can enter your desired country or your desired region.
  5. After opening the browser you go to your preferred VPN online casino website.
  6. Now you can play anonymously without your real location or your real IP address being revealed or seen by others.

After you finish your game, you can also end the VPN connection in the app with just a few clicks.

FAQ when using a VPN in the casino

Yes, a VPN connection also works on the smartphone. The setup itself does not differ much from the VPN setup on the PC or laptop.

If you register and take out a subscription, in most cases there is a money-back guarantee for 14, 30 or even 45 days. If you find within this period that this VPN provider does not meet your expectations, you can contact customer support, cancel your subscription and get a refund.

The Terms and Conditions of the respective online casino determine whether the use of VPNs is permitted or whether this violates the in-house guidelines. You should therefore find out in advance whether and what consequences the use of a VPN service can have for you in individual cases and whether the casino of your choice tolerates the use of VPNs. In principle, the use of VPN services is not prohibited in either Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

On the other hand, gambling sites with an international license and the use of Bitcoins, Dogecoins and other cryptocurrencies usually have fewer restrictions such as strict deposit limits.

The respective license terms and legal regulations regarding gambling and VPN vary from country to country. The operators of gambling sites have to adhere to the regulations applicable in their country, otherwise they have to reckon with severe penalties.

Registering multiple times under different aliases to receive the same welcome bonus more than once is considered abuse and is quickly caught by most gambling site operators. However, you should generally not misuse a VPN service for unauthorized activities.

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