Trust Dice Bonus

Up to 3 BTC Deposit Bonus
+ $25 No Deposit
+ 10 Free Spins
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer

- Minimum deposit is 0.0000001 BTC
- Bonus amount must be wagered 40x
. - Slots, free spins and dice games do not count towards the bonus
. - Maximum win from free spins: 0.005 BTC

The search for a new online casino can be a bit overwhelming. The number of different providers is large and growing constantly. The individual casinos outbid each other with numerous attractive offers. How can you make a decision? This problem applies especially to inexperienced players, who often do not have the necessary experience to distinguish between good and less good providers.

But don't panic! A helpful tip is to first look for an online casino with a worthwhile bonus offer. After all, a lucrative welcome bonus is able to help new players get started immensely by unlocking additional credit, free spins or other benefits. This is especially true for users of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Since digital currency is quite valuable, it is recommended to get the most out of your cryptocurrency. Therefore, the bonus offer should be looked at first at a Bitcoin casino as well.

In this article, we will introduce you to a very special provider that not only offers lucrative bonuses, but is also a specialist in the field of dice games. This is the online casino Trust Dice, which combines the advantages of the modern cryptocurrency Bitcoin with the familiar charm of dice games.

To make it easier for new players to access this experience, Trust Dice offers several bonus offers, which will be examined in detail below. This way, you can quickly inform yourself and decide whether Trust Dice is a suitable provider for you. You can also see which bonus is most important for you, so that you know exactly what to look out for when you sign up and start playing.

Deposit bonuses allow for a substantial starting balance

One of the most common bonus types you can also find at Trust Dice Casino is the deposit bonus. This offer is a percentage bonus on your first deposit, which can be multiplied. However, since every provider differs in the exact conditions, it is worth taking a closer look at Trust Dice's deposit bonuses.

TrustDice deposit bonus

The first deposit bonus offers a rate of 100%, which means that your first deposit will be doubled. This offer is therefore extremely lucrative and provides you with an optimal starting position. However, the upper limit of the unlockable bonus amount is also impressive. Players can receive up to 10,000 EUR as a bonus, which would allow a starting balance of 20,000 EUR in total. This amount also applies to deposits with Bitcoin, so you can receive up to 3 BTC as additional credit.

The bonus offer is therefore worthwhile, but also requires a large investment to this extent. Fortunately, the bonus is also low-threshold to use and can be already unlocked with a deposit of only 10 EUR . Also in this case, the amount would double, so you can start with a total of 20 EUR at Trust Dice.

Free spins offer additional room to play and more chances to win

Many providers would leave it at a deposit bonus of this quality, but Trust Dice goes one better and adds additional free spins to the starting package. Free spins are game rounds for which you don't have to place a bet and can still win. This means completely risk-free gaming fun for you.

Trust Dice comes with 10 Free Spins, giving new players enough time to familiarize themselves with the mechanics of the game and how the online casino works before playing for real money. The free spins at Trust Dice are not limited to just a few titles. For this reason you can use the free spins for a large part of the game portfolio. This makes it easy to try out several games and find out in advance which titles suit you best.

Successive deposit bonuses offer further benefits for loyal players

If you are looking for more offers after your first deposit bonus, we have good news for you. At Trust Dice you can also receive a similar bonus for your second and third deposit. For the second deposit, a bonus amount of up to 1 bitcoin is waiting for you again. This time, however, at the weaker condition of 75%. The bonus for the third deposit offers the same maximum amount, for the again weaker rate of 50%.

Even though these two following bonus offers are not as efficient as the first one, they offer players the opportunity to get more out of their money in the long run. In total, with all three deposit bonuses, a whole 3 Bitcoin or 30,000 EUR can be received as a pure bonus amount.

Exclusive bitcoin bonus without deposit

With us you will find an exclusive no deposit bonus. This includes an equivalent of up to a fabulous $25 and is distributed over the course of five consecutive days. Why "up to"? TrustDice will randomly credit your account with between $1 and $5 each of these days, after which a total balance of $25 will result on the final day. It is important that you play each of these days with your balance. Only then will you be credited again on the following day.

TrustDice no deposit bonus en
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The 1$ to 5$ will be credited directly after confirming your email address. To do this, go to the settings and verify it there. After the registration a small pop-up will open, where you can do this as well.

In addition, the provider offers various other goodies for its players: for example, the weekly dice game competition. Depending on how large the total prize pool is, players can receive a prize of EUR 500 to EUR 3,000 in this competition.

Trustdice Bonus Würfelspiel de

Another feature that comes close to a no deposit bonus runs rather inconspicuously in contrast to the competition. This player benefit is a cashback bonus. Cashback translates to money back, which means that players are refunded a portion of their losses. Especially for regular players or high rollers this cashback is very noticeable. However, occasional players can also enjoy steady cashbacks, which noticeably reduce the risk of losing game rounds.

The amount of cashback depends on the level of the player. For example, players who have reached the "Squid" level can already enjoy the cashback. Fortunately, as the fourth level, this level can be reached relatively quickly.

At the highest, the eighth level, which is called "Satoshi", a total of 20% cashback awaits the player, so he regularly gets a fifth of his losses refunded, which is a strong no deposit bonus.

Conclusion: Well thought-out bonus offer holds many advantages in store

Overall, then, it can be stated that Trust Dice's bonus offer provides new players with a strong entry into casino play. The deposit bonuses offer extra credit and free spins, while the cashback system offers long-term benefits as a no deposit bonus.

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