TrustDice Registration - The practical Tutorial

After deciding on a new online casino, the next step towards gaming enjoyment is to register with the provider. However, this process can quickly turn out to be more complicated than it sounds at first. Especially new players may find it difficult to quickly find the right button on very crowded casino homepages. In addition, it can easily happen in the heat of the moment that a new player misses important details during the registration process, which means that bonuses or other advantages can slip through their fingers.

But don't worry, to help you take your first steps in your new casino, this article provides you with a comprehensive guide that will walk you through the casino signup process step by step.

Of course, this article does not refer to just any online casino, but takes the opportunity to introduce you to a high-quality provider at the same time.

Trust Dice is a provider that specializes in dice games in particular. But even apart from that, Trust Dice can convince with over 2,000 different games, so that players with other preferences can also get their money's worth.

By the way, Trust Dice is a Bitcoin casino, which is why it is especially worthwhile for Bitcoin users to deal with the registration modalities at this provider.

Another advantage is that the registration process is quite similar at most providers. For this reason, you can use what you learn in this article in another online casino without any problems.

Trust Dice Registration - first steps

The first step in creating a new player account at Trust Dice is to locate the right button. Conveniently, this is placed at the top right side of the homepage, a position where you can find it quickly. Moreover, this layout is in line with industry customs, so experienced players may be able to spot the right button at first glance.

On the top right you will find the button "Registration"

However, it is important to distinguish between the button for registration and the one for regular registration. Since both buttons are right next to each other, it can sometimes happen that new players confuse the two. In Trust Dice, the registration button is the right one of the two. It is intended for logging in to an already existing Trust Dice account. This means that this button will not get you anywhere if you are trying to register with Trust Dice for the first time. Instead, it is necessary to create a user account first. To do this, you need to click the "Register" button, which is located to the left of the login button.

Trust Dice registration - secure and anonymous


Once you have found and clicked the Register button, the Trust Dice login screen will open. Here you will be asked to provide some information so that an account can be created for you.

Already at first glance, you will notice that the Trust Dice registration does not require any personal data from you. This is because Trust Dice is a Bitcoin casino. Thus, no personal data is required for the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which makes it possible to create a cryptowallet anonymously. This characteristic directly transfers to the respective Bitcoin casino, which also does not require any sensitive information from its users. If anonymity on the Internet or when visiting an online casino is important to you, Trust Dice is the perfect provider for you.

Trust Dice - the login screen

However, you will be asked to provide some information. In the top line you have to enter a username. This is self-explanatory, you can simply choose the nickname you like best. The line below is for your email address. Trust Dice needs your email address so that you can verify your new account. This way, the casino makes sure that your new registration is a real person and not a bot. In addition, you can be informed about current offers from Trust Dice via the newsletter. If you feel rather annoyed by such offers and are not interested in them, there is a little trick that will help you keep your email inbox free of notifications.

Trustdice Anmeldung
Easy registration with TrustDice

At the bottom of the registration form you will find a small box that is checked by default. With this you agree to be informed about offers from Trust Dice. All you have to do is click on the box once, which will uncheck it and you will no longer agree to the newsletter. This way you will avoid receiving regular notifications from Trust Dice.

The last line of the login screen is reserved for your password. Of course you can choose your own password. It is important that you choose a password that is as difficult to guess as possible. It is best to use numbers and upper and lower case letters. As soon as you have decided on a password, write it down and keep it in a safe place.

Below the password you will find another line, which is intended for a referral code. For example, if you learned about Trust Dice through a magazine or newsletter, you may have received a certain code. You can enter it in this field during your first registration. This way, you can secure additional advantages that can make your gaming start easier.

Finally, you have to agree to the general terms and conditions of Trust Dice. For this purpose, you will find another small box below the last line, in which you can place a checkmark with a mouse click.

Conclusion: Quick registration without major pitfalls

All in all, the registration process at Trust Dice is very straightforward. Basically, you have to follow the instructions on the Trust Dice homepage. This way, the registration screen manages to guide new players well through the registration process. However, it is important that you make sure to uncheck the box for the newsletter if you are not interested in it.

You should also keep in mind whether you have received a referral or bonus code. If so, you should definitely remember to enter it during your registration. Otherwise, you may miss out on lucrative bonus offers.

Apart from that, nothing else stands in the way of your gaming pleasure at Trust Dice. Thanks to the fast and uncomplicated registration, you can start playing right away.

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