1xBit registration - The practical Tutorial

Once you have looked into 1xBit Casino and decided that signing up is right for you, the next step is to successfully complete the registration process.

Especially for new or inexperienced players, signing up for a Bitcoin casino can be a bit of a hurdle, as they simply lack experience.

There are also certain tips and tricks that can make your life easier when registering at an online casino. Therefore, this article may also be helpful for old hands in the casino industry.

Another advantage is that the registration process at most online casinos is quite similar. This means that you can use the tips from this article not only when registering with 1xBit, but also for registering with other providers.

1. Go to the login screen

When you are on the 1xBit homepage, the first thing to do is to find the button for new registration. This is located on the top left of the homepage. By the way, you can find the button for the new registration at the top of the homepage of almost every Bitcoin casino.

1xBit Registration

It is important that you select the Register button. The Register button is intended for players who already have an account at 1xBit and want to log in to their existing user profile.

2. The login screen

As soon as you have clicked the register button, the screen opens with which you can create a new account at 1xBit. This screen looks pleasantly empty - and for good reason. Since 1xBit is a Bitcoin casino, you do not need any personal and sensitive data to create a new account and start playing. This makes registration not only fast, but also anonymous. So if your privacy is important to you, 1xBit is exactly the right provider for you. This is one of the big advantages that a Bitcoin casino has over conventional online casinos. With these, you often have to enter your name, address and contact details to create an account.

1xBit Bonus

Instead of the fields for your personal data, however, there is another text box on the 1xBit registration screen. In this box you can enter bonus codes in order to be able to start with free games and extra starting capital at 1xBit after registration. So it's best to find out about current bonus offers before you register at 1xBit to get the most out of your Bitcoin.

Below the text field for the bonus codes you will also find a clear list of all cryptocurrencies offered. You can also register with 1xBit if you use a cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin.

At the bottom of the screen you will again find the Register button. If you press this button, your new account will be created automatically. Practically, you will receive a account number for your player profile and an automatically generated password. It is best to make a note of this combination of numbers. You can also change your password in your profile at any time after you have completed registration to make it easier for you to log in later.

3. Your user profile

As soon as you have created your account, you can access all the functions of the casino. For example, you can activate deposits and withdrawals from here. You can also make more detailed security settings from here. The profile is complemented by a practical overview of all transactions and your most recent bets.

Conclusion: No stumbling blocks thanks to easy registration

As you could read, the new registration at 1xBit is quite uncomplicated, which also ensures that it can be completed quickly. In summary, you have to click the register button on the homepage and then use it again in the registration mask. Since no personal data is required to register at a Bitcoin casino, the process is simple and fast. In addition, you retain a high degree of anonymity.

The most important hint is that you have to enter possible bonus codes already in the registration form in order to be able to use them. We recommend that you inform yourself in detail about current bonus codes before registering with 1xBit.

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