Wizard of Oz

New players in the field of online casino may be overwhelmed by the large offer. Thus, there are numerous casinos, which all entice with high-quality offers. Just as important as choosing the right online casino is deciding on the right game. If you find yourself in a similar situation or simply want to find out about the latest online casino games, this article will help you out. We have taken a closer look at the Wizard of Oz slot.

We introduce you to both new and popular games so that you are always informed about the latest developments in the casino industry. However, we also attach great importance to the fact that the games are suitable for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. For this reason, players who are interested in the topic of Bitcoin casino will also find what they are looking for. In this article, the popular video slot Wizard of Oz is evaluated. We will mainly focus on the gameplay and the chances of winning. Finally, we will give you some useful tips and tricks that will improve your Wizard of Oz experience.

Wizard of Oz inspires with magical theme

As the title suggests, the Wizard of Oz slot is an adaptation of the well-known musical. For this reason, well-known symbols from the musical and the film adaptation can be found on the reels of the slot. Thus, the portrait of the protagonist Dorothy can be found on the reels. Her companions like the lion and the tin man are also represented in the game. Of course, the witch as an antagonist may not be missing. The background is also suitably designed with atmospheric forests. Finally, the Wizard of Oz experience is perfectly rounded off by a coherent background sound.

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Numerous paylines make for exciting gameplay

The Wizard of Oz slot has five individual reels on which the game symbols are placed. The object is to stop these reels so that the symbols are placed in a suitable order so that winnings are paid out. The winning combinations are called paylines. In total, Wizard of Oz offers 30 paylines. This is a large number, so players have many opportunities to win. The Dorothy symbol provides the highest winnings. The maximum bet per round is €150. This bet promises the highest winnings and provides the most extensive jackpot.

Advantages of Wizzard of Oz with Bitcoin

For players who choose to play Wizzard of Oz with Bitcoin, there are other advantages that can greatly enrich the Wizzard of experience. These advantages come from the properties of the cryptocurrency itself:

Bitcoin offers anonymity

For transactions with Bitcoin, you only need a wallet ID. For this reason, players at a Bitcoin casino do not have to provide any personal data. This leads to a high degree of anonymity, which ensures that personal data cannot fall into the hands of third parties. Especially for players for whom anonymity and data protection are important, playing Wizzard of Oz with Bitcoin is a good choice. This feature is especially advantageous in the context of online casinos, since gambling is a sensitive and private topic for many people.

Bitcoin enables high-speed transactions

For many players, part of a comfortable casino experience is that deposits and withdrawals are processed quickly. If you use a bank transfer for transactions, the processing can take a few days. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is a purely digital currency, so transactions are carried out in real time. For this reason, you can start playing immediately if you want to try a new game like Wizzard of Oz. Since the payout is also accelerated, you can access your earned winnings immediately. Accordingly, Bitcoin ensures a flexible casino experience.

Online casinos are an efficient way to receive Bitcoin

Bitcoin has now established itself as a store of value, as the market price is constantly growing on average despite fluctuations. However, this also means that it is becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of the coveted cryptocurrency cheap. On the market, you now have to pay high prices for Bitcoin, which can be a hurdle for private individuals. Private Bitcoin mining is also no longer profitable meanwhile due to the high computing power and electricity costs required. For this reason, the possibility to earn Bitcoin with casino games like Wizzard of Oz is a suitable alternative to get more Bitcoins. So, with a little luck in the game, you can get Bitcoin without having to invest large sums.

Wizzard of Oz: Tips and Tricks

To increase your chances of winning big and having a good Wizzard of Oz experience, we present some useful tips below. These will show you what to look for when playing Wizzard of Oz to get the most out of it.

Games only for small amounts

Of course, it is more appealing to play for large stakes, as the winnings will also be correspondingly larger. After all, thrill is an important factor in the online casino. Nevertheless, especially with new casino games, it is recommended to play first for small stakes. This way you can get to know the game in peace. In new games, it is common to make mistakes at first. However, if you play for small stakes, he mistakes won't hurt as much because your initial losses will be limited.

Get to know the features of Wizzard of Oz

For success in the online casino, it is essential to know how each game works, as this allows you to better react to the game situations. In the case of Wizzard of Oz, pay attention to which symbol is the most valuable and can generate the highest winnings. Moreover, it is very helpful to know the different paylines to be able to play specifically on them.

Wizzard of Oz: Fairytale design with fair chances to win

Overall, Wizzard of Oz offers many features that speak for the quality of the slot. First, the well-thought-out design of the game catches the eye. This effectively captures the mood of the musical and the movie adaptation with its image and sound. However, the gameplay features are also convincing and are especially suitable for inexperienced players. For example, the numerous paylines offer plenty of options for raking in regular winnings. Players who bet on Bitcoin can get even more comfortable benefits out of Wizzard of Oz.

Last updated on 06/05/2023 um 8:38 a.m.