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Quick Hit

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  • Classic game design
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  • No adjustable paylines
  • No doubling options

Many players in online casinos wonder which games are most worthwhile. The question is all the more important because the offer of casinos and also the game selection itself is getting bigger and bigger. Accordingly, it is guaranteed that there are games in online casinos that suit you perfectly. The challenge lies in finding these casino games as well. This is where we come in. We regularly test new and popular games to provide you with up-to-date information. This way you can find the games you like faster. We put special emphasis on presenting games that can also be played with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. For this reason, our tips also apply to players who particularly enjoy playing in a Bitcoin casino. In this article, the well-known slot Quick Hit is evaluated. Most importantly, the design and gameplay will be discussed. It also lists some practical tips that will enrich your Quick Hit experience.

Iconic design makes for nostalgic online casino experience

The design of Quick Hit is quite minimalistic. Thus, there is no theme inspired by popular movies. Instead, Quick Hit offers symbols that are reminiscent of the mechanical slot machines in arcades. Thus, classic gambling symbols can be found on the reels of Quick Hit. First and foremost, the number 7 or a bell symbol shape the design. Cherries and other fruits can also be found on the reels of the slot. For this reason, especially more experienced players enjoy Quick Hit, as the game provides a nostalgic gaming experience.

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Numerous paylines and flexible bets ensure individual game play

As with other slots, Quick Hit is all about getting the symbols on the reels into orderly rows. To do this, you try to bring the spinning reels to a stop with good timing. If the symbols then present correspond in their combination to the paylines, wins are paid out depending on the value of the symbols and their combination. In total, the game offers 30 paylines. This is a considerable number, which increases the probability of scoring wins in a game round. This feature, in turn, is especially grateful for new players who do not have much experience with slot machines. The fact that Quick Hit is suitable for both new and experienced players is also shown by the flexible stakes. So stakes can be between 1 cent and a maximum of € 50. Inexperienced players or those for whom Quick Hit is new can therefore take it easy and play for low stakes for the time being. Experienced players or high rollers, on the other hand, are able to play for high stakes. The higher the stakes, the higher the possible winnings. For example, Quick Hit offers a progressive jackpot whose content keeps growing and represents a rewarding maximum prize for ambitious players.

Advantages of Quick Hit with Bitcoin

For players who play with Bitcoin as their currency, there are other advantages. These advantages are based on the general characteristics of cryptocurrencies and provide the player with a high level of comfort.

Bitcoin allows maximum anonymity

A major advantage of cryptocurrencies is the anonymity that is made possible for users. Thus, in order to create a Bitcoin wallet, users do not have to provide any personal information. This feature transfers seamlessly to the Bitcoin Casino. Also, when creating a user account in a Bitcoin casino, no personal data is required. Only a username, password and wallet ID need to be provided. For this reason, there is no risk of your personal data falling into the hands of third parties in a Bitcoin casino. This anonymity is especially important in the context of online casinos, as gambling is a sensitive issue for many people.

Bitcoin offers high speed

Anyone who regularly makes bank transfers on the Internet will be familiar with it: A bank transfer can definitely take some time to process. Users of Bitcoin, on the other hand, enjoy real-time transactions. This has many advantages for use in online casinos. Thus, as soon as you find a new online casino or an exciting game like Quick Hit, you can transfer Bitcoin and start playing. The high speed also benefits you in the context of payouts. Thus, your earned winnings are available to you immediately. This is especially important for players who want to actively use their winnings.

Win additional bitcoin

The market prices of Bitcoin continue to rise and private mining is also becoming more and more costly. Online casinos therefore represent a possibly favorable possibility to get additional Bitcoin, for which luck and skill are needed. Furthermore, crypto casino operators offer high welcome bonuses.

Quick Hit: Tips and Tricks

To help you with Quick Hit, below you will find practical tips that will help you win big in the long run and familiarize yourself with Quick Hit.

Use trial versions of Quick Hit

There is hardly a better way to familiarize yourself with a casino game than to play it for free on a trial basis. This is the best way to get to know the features and paylines of Quick Hit. You can find trial versions on numerous sites that deal with the topic of online casino.

Play for small stakes at the beginning

If you prefer to play a real version of Quick Hit, it is recommended that you play at first for lower stakes. Often players want to play for higher stakes right away, as this promises higher winnings and a greater thrill. However, you should use lower stakes if you have no experience with the game. This way you can learn the mechanics of the game while minimizing your losses.

Quick Hit: A classic slot for both new and experienced players

Quick Hit inspires players especially with its timeless design, which is reminiscent of classic arcades. Thus, many players associate the lucky number 7 and the cherries with good casino experiences. However, the mechanics of Quick Hit also have good qualities. For example, the 30 paylines ensure fair odds, which is especially good for inexperienced players. Quick Hit's betting limits also ensure that all types of players can find their individual playing rhythm. New players can start with as little as 1 cent, while high rollers can play for up to €50.

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