Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead

Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead

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For players who are interested in getting into online casino gaming, it is important to get their bearings first. The market is large and there are a variety of different, high-quality providers. But just as important as the choice of online casino is the choice of a suitable casino game, which gives the player fun and fair odds. In case you find yourself in a similar situation, this article is for you. In the following, the popular video slot Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead will be put through its paces.

First of all, the design and the functionality of the slot are described. The winning opportunities are also mentioned, so you can find out what prizes are waiting for you. Finally, we will inform you about useful tips and tricks for The Book of Dead, which will increase your chances of winning considerably. It is also important to note that this article is aimed at both players who play with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as players who are interested in online casinos with conventional currency.

Timeless theme in Egypt look

Some motifs have emerged over time as particularly popular themes for video slots. For example, many slots fall back on the popular Egypt theme. This casino game is no exception. In this slot, players slip into the role of archaeologist Rich Wilde and explore Egyptian tombs for treasures. The theme is per se already well suited for casino games, since players are also in search of great treasures in the casino.

Book of Dead game design
Play Book of Dead at Katsubet!

Regardless of this overlap, the Egyptian theme is well implemented in Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead. Thus, the screen border is coherently decorated with Egyptian columns. The symbols on the reels are also based on typical Egyptian motifs. Thus, pharaoh crowns, falcons and Egyptian gods like Anubis can be found on the reels. Rich Wilde himself and the aforementioned Book of Dead are also present on the reels. The harmonious visuals are underpinned by a fitting soundscape .

Book of Dead offers gameplay with numerous winning opportunities

Rich Wilde is not only popular among gamers because of its coherent design, but also because of its game mechanics.

The slot has 5 individual reels that offer a total of 10 different paylines. Paylines are combinations of individual reel spaces that result in winnings when symbols match. The paylines can be activated individually. The more paylines are activated, the higher winnings can be earned. However, the higher stakes also represent a greater loss potential. Therefore, if you want to play it safe, it is advisable to bet on individual paylines. The different combinations of paylines offer players many ways to customize your experience, making Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead suitable for a variety of players, which further supports the game's huge popularity.

Possible assignments offer a wide range of possibilities

Possible bets offer great a Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead is designed to provide a suitable casino experience for every type of player. For this reason, the range of possible bets is deliberately designed to be large. Thus, the stake size ranges from a minimum of 10 cents to a maximum amount of €100. Thus, players who prefer to make large bets, so fully get their money's worth. Players who prefer to play safely with lower stakes, the possibility of smaller stakes is open for this.Frame of possibilities

Winning opportunities

Due to the numerous symbols and different paylines, there are many ways to win in Book of Dead. The main prize is won by lining up the title symbol of Rich Wilde five times in a payline. If you manage to do this, you will win 5000 times your bet. The maximum win is a sum of 500,000 €, which is a worthwhile goal.

Very practical and far more frequent is to get the said Book of Dead as a symbol three times. Should this occur, the player is directly credited with 10 freespins. These can be used to achieve further winnings.

Advantages of Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead with Bitcoin

If you are a cryptocurrency owner, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, there are other advantages that you can take advantage of at Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead.

1. Easy multiplication of valuable cryptocurrencies

Everyone who deals with Bitcoin knows that it is becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of the popular cryptocurrency. This phenomenon now also applies to other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. The reason is that the price of units of the cryptocurrency continues to rise, making it more expensive to acquire them on an exchange. Since private mining also requires more and more computing power and electricity costs, this option is also becoming steadily less economical. A crypto casino that offers Bitcoin and Ethereum as currency therefore allows the chance to increase its cryptocurrency holdings with skill and a little luck.

2. Anonymity

One of the biggest advantages of cryptocurrencies is their anonymity. You do not have to provide any personal data when creating a crypto wallet. This translates directly to crypto casinos, which also do not require any sensitive data from you. This circumstance fits very well in the online casino context, as gambling is still quite a sensitive topic for many people. You can find more information in our Crypto Casino Guide.

Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead: Tips und Tricks

To increase your chances of winning when playing Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead with Bitcoin or Ethereum, here are some practical tips:

1. Learn the combinations of Book of Dead

The amount of winnings depends on the combination of different reel symbols. For this reason, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics first.

2. Use low stakes for the time being

One way to practice playing is to play for low stakes for the time being. This minimizes the risk for the first games with Bitcoin.

Conclusion: Flexibles Casino experience with Rich Wilde

Overall, Book of Dead offers suitable game mechanics for every type of player. In addition, there is the ever-popular Egypt theme, which captivates many players. Finally, high chances of winning ensure rewarding gaming fun. considers itself an independent information portal for online casinos with cryptocurrencies. All our assessments and guides are created objectively. These assessments are for general information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice or relied upon as a legal basis. Copyright ©2021