The Best Bitcoin Gambling Games

Book of Ra Bitcoin
Book of Ra Bitcoin
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer

- The bonus must be wagered a total of 30 times
- Minimum deposit of € 15
- Bonus must be wagered within 30 days
Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead
Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer

- Minimum deposit 0.01 BTC
- The Cloudbet bonus is released through Loyalty Points
- After receipt, the amount must be released within 365 days
Sizzling Hot Deluxe
Sizzling Hot Deluxe
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer

- Maximum win from free spins is €100
- The BitStarz bonus must be wagered a total of 40 times
- Free spins must be used within 24 hours
Wizard of Oz
Wizard of Oz
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer

- Bonuscode WILD100
- Minimum deposit 20 € / 0.002 BTC
- Maximum win from free spins is €100
- Amount must be wagered 40 times within 5 days
Quick Hit
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer

- Minimum deposit 0.01 BTC
- The Cloudbet bonus is released through Loyalty Points
- After receipt, the amount must be released within 365 days
Viking Clash Review
Viking Clash Review
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer

- Bonuscode WILD100
- Minimum deposit 20 € / 0.002 BTC
- Maximum win from free spins is €100
- Amount must be wagered 40 times within 5 days

If you are looking for a new online casino, there are many criteria that you should pay attention to along the way. An important hint, which can help with the selection, is to pay attention to the available games. The actual success stands and falls with the choice of good online casino games. If you are also looking for high-quality casino games, this one offers you Artikel eine erste Orientierungshilfe.

In the following, we will first introduce you to the different types of popular online casino games. We then take a closer look at the advantages of playing online casino games with Bitcoin. Finally, we present some of the best video slots that you can play in Bitcoin Casinos finden kannst. Auf diese Weise können wir dir bei der Auswahl eines passenden Spiels unter die Arme greifen und deine Casino Erfahrung verbessern.

What are the casino games online?

For online casinos, certain types of games have proven particularly popular. That's why you will find the following variants in every professional Bitcoin Casino: video slots and table games.

Video slots: The best online casino games for beginners

The most popular type of game are video slots. These are slot machines whose gameplay can be learned quickly, which is why new players in particular can get enthusiastic about slots. Basically, almost all slots work on the same basic principle: There is a number of reels, which is usually five. These are provided with numerous symbols.

The aim of the game is to stop the reels at the right moment so that the symbols stop in the right order and combination. These possible sequences are called paylines. The higher the value of the combinations, the more profit you can earn in the round.

Another important point is the design of the icons. This depends on the theme of the slot. There is a large number of different themes, so every player should be able to find a slot that suits them. Topics in Egypt and Western optics have proven to be particularly popular.

But also games with a classic design, made up of different fruits and the lucky number 7 composed, enjoy great popularity. Video slots are rounded off by a harmonious background and a suitable soundscape.

Even if your luck is paramount with slots, there are still a few tips and tricks to make it easier to get started. We have summarized all the information worth knowing for you: Slot Strategies.

Book of Ra Bitcoin banner
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Table Games: The best online games for casino fans

Table games are all games that are associated with a classic casino. This includes numerous card games such as Poker, Blackjack and Baccarat. However, Roulette or dice games also belong to this game category. So if you're looking for an authentic casino experience, you're especially well advised to play table games.

However, the card games are recommended for players who already have experience in these games. Otherwise, it could easily happen that you have to accept unnecessary losses due to lack of experience. Success at roulette is more dependent on your luck, which in turn makes this game beginner-friendly.

Live Casino: The best casino games for communicative players

Often, the impression prevails that most games in online casinos are played alone in front of the home computer. However, this impression is deceptive. Every professional online casino offers its own live area, which allows players to enjoy exciting games in real time with like-minded people.

Basically, the game selection corresponds to the repertoire of table games. The live casino makes it possible to play classic table games such as roulette and blackjack with other players, which comes very close to a real casino experience.

Likewise, casinos with cryptocurrencies are increasingly relying on chats in which like-minded people can exchange ideas. We noticed a particularly active community when testing TrustDice.

Advantages of online casino games with Bitcoin

For players who are in possession of cryptocurrencies, a Bitcoin casino is the most suitable provider. Bitcoin casinos even offer players some special advantages that do not come into play in online casinos with conventional currencies and add even more value to the best online casino games.

1. Bitcoin offers maximum anonymity


One of the most well-known advantages of Bitcoin is the high level of anonymity. To be able to carry out transactions with Bitcoin, you must first create a wallet. For this, you will contact one of the many providers. There, you do not have to enter any personal data to generate your wallet.

This property is also continued in the Bitcoin Casino. To create a user account, you only have to enter a username, a password and the wallet ID. For this reason, you usually do not have to provide any personal data. This has the advantage that your sensitive data cannot fall into the hands of third parties. This property is especially valuable in the context of online casinos. For example, many people regard gambling as a sensitive and private topic that is treated accordingly sensitively in a Bitcoin casino.

2. Bitcoin ensures high speed in casino games

Transaction Speed

The second well-known advantage of casino games with Bitcoin is the high speed. You probably know the situation when you discover a new online casino game and want to start playing immediately. If you decide to deposit via bank transfer, the transactions can easily take several days.

This problem does not even arise in casino games with Bitcoin. Since a Bitcoin transaction is purely digital, there is no delay. Because of this, you can make your deposit and start playing your newly discovered online casino game right away. This flexibility also benefits you when making a payout. This way, you can access your profit immediately after applying for your payout.


Are there differences between casino games with and without Bitcoin? Abgesehen von den oben genannten Vorteilen von Casino Spielen mit Bitcoin gibt es keine grundlegenden Unterschiede. Einzig auf die Verfügbarkeit von Casino Spielen mit Bitcoin muss an dieser Stelle eingegangen werden. So kann es passieren, dass nicht alle Casino Spiele auf dem Markt in einer Bitcoin Variante angeboten werden.

This is because most online casinos to date offer Bitcoin as an alternative currency and therefore only offer part of their offering as versions compatible with Bitcoin. However, in a specialized Bitcoin Casino you can be sure that all the provider's games are also available for Bitcoin. But the best online casino games for Bitcoin are also offered by providers who mainly provide conventional currencies.

A selection of the best online casino games with Bitcoin

Below we present some of the best online casino games. These are the slots that are most popular with Bitcoin players. For this reason, our examples can serve as a first orientation if you are looking for new and exciting online casino games.

1. Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead best online casino game for high rollers

One of the most famous casino games is Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead. In this game, players slip into the role of archaeologist Rich Wilde and embark on a quest for valuable treasures in the tombs of the pharaohs. This slot is especially popular with players looking to win big.

The maximum win is €500,000, which is a very rewarding top win. Another interesting feature is that the 10 paylines can be activated or deactivated individually. So, you can plan exactly on which paylines you want to bet what amount. This option gives Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead a strategic depth that makes it well worth playing the game for longer.

Book of Dead banner

2. Viking Clash best online casino game for strategists

Viking Clash offers a harmonious design that is based on the raids of the Vikings. The reels of the slots are provided with harmonious symbols, which are rounded off by a suitable background and background sound. The special feature of Viking Clash is that it has two individual slot windows, each with 5 reels.

Depending on which symbols appear on the paylines, the two slot windows affect each other. If you earn enough catapult symbols, a 'salvo' can be fired at the other slot window. In this way free spins and multipliers for wins can be earned. Due to the total of 10 reels, there are numerous winning opportunities for the player, which makes Viking Clash one of the best online casino games.

3. Sizzling Hot Deluxe

Sizzling Hot Deluxe is reminiscent of classic slot machines due to its iconic design. The reels of the slot offer symbols such as cherries, melons, lemons and the lucky number 7. Each of these symbols offers its own advantages and combinations that lead to winnings. Notably, Sizzling Hot Deluxe only offers 5 paylines.

This number seems small, but the winnings in this game are higher than in many other slots. Because of this, Sizzling Hot Deluxe offers benefits for both new and experienced players. New players get an uncomplicated casino experience due to the small number of paylines, while experienced players can play for big winnings.

Crypto Games – The best online casino blockchain games at a glance

In addition to the classic slots with crypto currencies, there are specially created crypto games. Perhaps you have even stumbled across slots in the online casino that have strange names like Mines, Crash or Plinko and have asked yourself, what it might be all about.

With this article, we want to bring light into the darkness: We will introduce and explain the most popular online casino crypto games to you. At the end you will know what advantages the blockchain games have, how each one of them works and which of them will bring you the most fun personally. Here we go!     

What are crypto games?

Online casinos and cryptocurrencies - these two terms are closely intertwined. And digital coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin have long been used not only as a means of payment. On the contrary: Many arcade games in online casinos were specially developed for playing with cryptocurrencies! However, they are still a fairly fresh area of the gambling world and for now are only available in crypto casinos that are integrated into the blockchain.

What makes crypto games so special?

Crypto games often talk about mini-games. Well, there is absolutely nothing "mini" about these games! The only difference to traditional casino games like roulette or blackjack is that crypto games are much simpler. It requires little prior knowledge, let alone experience, to be able to engage in the games.

Are you still wondering why crypto games are so popular? Quite simply: because everyone immediately understands the rules! The games take the simplest of game formats, add the ability to win money, and create a modern gaming experience that is second to none. It's as simple as it is ingenious!

Are crypto games fair?

By the way, crypto games are also often referred to as blockchain games. This is because these games work with blockchain technology. Similar to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the blockchain also brings countless advantages to these casino games. Two words are particularly important here: Provably Fair.

Because crypto games are based on the blockchain, they can be checked for fairness by the players themselves.


Here's how it works: Provably Fair is an algorithm based on technologies that allow online random control to reach a new level of fairness and openness. In short, the algorithm takes advantage of the blockchain to make random actions like shuffling a deck of cards or tossing a coin as random as possible. The difference between Provably Fair and the typical black box algorithms otherwise used in the gambling industry: The random generation process is manually and personally verifiable by all players of a given game.

In fact, the algorithm generates an encrypted code with the final result of the game, and sends it to the player along with another code that allows the player to check the correctness of the games at the end of the session. More fairness is not possible!

Where can I find crypto games?

In the online casinos, the crypto games are usually listed in a special subcategory. At Stake Casino, for example, they can be found under “Stake Originals”, while at Cloudbet they are listed under “Provably Fair”. But no need to worry: Even if every crypto casino likes to give the games their own special touch, these are the same, recurring game types. The names of the crypto games (Mines, Crash, Plinko, etc.) always remain the same. So if you decide to play one of these blockchain games, you will definitely find what you are looking for in your preferred online casino!

But enough of the introductory words. Let's start with our explanation of the individual crypto games!


Some may still remember playing Minesweeper on their Windows computer with nostalgia. Well, Mines is clearly inspired by Minesweeper, but again a lot simpler than the Original.

Mines Krypto Game

In front of you you see a grid filled with hidden mines. Your goal now is to uncover as many squares as possible without landing on a mine.

In addition to your bet, you can increase your potential winnings by changing the number of mines you want hidden in the grid. Of course, the more mines there are, the more difficult the game becomes, but the higher the payout.

Advantage with Mines: After each uncovered field, the game gives you the opportunity to cash out. So, you can stop and get your previous profit in dry towels.


The crypto game crash is also referred to as the aviator in some online casinos. However, this does not change the principle of the game. You watch a plane or spaceship take off. At the same time, a multiplier also increases. There are now two variants of how Crash or Aviator can be played:

  • Either: You set a specific multiplier before the start of each round. If the plane reaches this multiplier, you can look forward to a win.
  • Or: Watch the plane take-off while your stakes multiply the higher the plane flies. The longer the plane is on the road, the higher your payout would be. But beware: It is important to get off in good time! If the plane crashes or flies away (and that will happen eventually - after all, the game is called Crash/Aviator) before you finish the round, you lose your entire bet.
Aviator Krypto Game

Even if the game's layout looks pretty minimalist, the payouts are not. As with other crypto games, the profit in Crash can be very high. Each round is short-lived, and we promise you won't be bored for a second!


Anime fans and those familiar with Japanese culture will immediately recognize the similarity between plinko and pachinko. In these slot machines, a bunch of small balls roll through a maze of pins. Plinko works similarly. In fact, a similar game concept also appears in the game show "The price is hot", where it even bears the name Plinko. So, who copied from whom remains open. Finally, it doesn't really matter because the main thing is: The crypto game Plinko is a lot of fun! 

Similar to its two predecessors, Plinko's balls are driven down through a variable number of pins and then land in slots with different multipliers. You can choose the amount of your bet, as well as adjust your risk by the number of pins in the maze.

Some online casinos even allow you to bet on the color of the particular slot you think the ball will land in. Of course, this increases the possible profit and the potential for excitement. Unlike the first two crypto games we presented, that's all you can influence. The majority here is determined by chance. So, the motto is: lean back and enjoy!

Plinko Krypto Game


You might be shocked when we tell you that a game called Dice isn't about dice at all, it's just about a line. But don't worry: The missing dice don't detract from this blockchain classic, quite the opposite.

All those who are more abstract in their thinking will even find the dice in this game. Dice games are basically about the numbers that result from the throw. Graphically, these numbers can now be represented much more easily and minimalistically on a line, in this case from 1 to 100. And that somehow has its charm.

Dice Krypto Games

In Dice, your task is to set the multiplier you want - 2.00 in our example photo - and to guess whether the number that is about to be "rolled" is above or below the numbers that the game is showing you on the left and right - 48.50 and 51.49 in our example.

If the “rolled” number lands in the green area (the blue part of the semicircle in our example photo), you can count on sizeable winnings, depending on your stake and the multiplier you have set. However, if the number turns red, your bet is lost. By the way, Dice always shows you the probability of winning. As with all crypto games, the motto here is full transparency!


Limbo is probably best described as a cross between a dice and a crash. So maybe you can already get an idea of what this crypto game is about. Essentially, you have to choose a number that will hopefully be lower than the randomly generated number that appears on the screen. Exciting rounds are guaranteed here!  

Limbo Krypto Games

Similar to Crash, in Limbo the number you choose is also the multiplier for your bet. This means the higher your number, the better the payout.

But be careful: the risk increases with the multiplier. Of course, if you are overly optimistic and set the multiplier too high, you may end up beating the randomly generated number and lose your bet. So that you don't lose track and can better assess the risk, Limbo always shows you the probability of winning.


Keno has some similarities to lotto and bingo, with the small but subtle difference that the probability of winning in keno is higher. You will be shown a total of 40 numbers in a grid. Your task now is to choose three to ten of these numbers. You can also choose between four different risk levels, which makes the whole thing a little more spicy.   

Keno Krypto Games

As soon as you have decided on the numbers of your choice, the drawing takes place. Every number drawn that matches a number you have selected earns you a win. Numbers that are clicked on less often have higher odds of winning, but at the same time have a lower probability of being hit.

Crypto Roulette

Classic casino games have also arrived in the world of crypto games. Most casinos have designed crypto roulette similar to classic European roulette. So, there is not much new to tell. In most cases, you can bet on individual numbers as well as on combinations and colors - just as you are used to.

Roulette Krypto Games

The mini roulette wheel then spins in most online casinos. Occasionally, the graphics are a bit more spartan and only a bar moves over the betting field. Irrespective of this: If your number, your combination or your color is correct, you win. Entertaining entertainment guaranteed! 


HiLo is short for High Low and stands for nothing but high or low. Everything in the crypto game revolves around this decision. HiLo is played with cards. As soon as you place your bet, a card appears in the playing field.

Hilo Krypto Games

Three face-down playing cards also appear below the card. Your task couldn't be simpler: You choose one of the three face down cards, and decide whether its value is higher or lower than that of the face up card. If you're right, you win!

Important: In the classic HiLo variants, the king is the highest card and the ace is the lowest card.

If the eternally higher or lower should become too monotonous for you, you can find variety in "Gamedom": There it is even possible to bet on specific colors or card values.

Conclusion: There are online casino games for every taste

As you can see, the range of online casino games is very diverse, so you can be sure that you will find a game that suits you. There are slots that can give you a very direct casino experience, as well as games that reward you for good strategy. We find the unique blockchain games that can only be found in crypto casinos particularly exciting.

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