The Ultimate Bitcoin Dice Guide 2023

The market for cryptocurrencies is booming and there are numerous representatives who are worth investing in. First, Bitcoin always stands out positively and can convince with its constantly increasing market capitalization. Bitcoin has recently established itself in the field of online gambling. Especially, providers of slots and table games offer attractive offers for owners of the coveted cryptocurrency. However, an equally popular type of gambling is often disregarded: Dice games.

Dice games are part of the repertoire of any professional casino, as they offer a successful variety and dynamic gaming experiences. The crypto casino industry has recognized this, so you can increasingly find Bitcoin casinos that offer Bitcoin dice games. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about Bitcoin Dice. We show you the best Bitcoin dice games and offer important tips and tricks for your first rounds of play.

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Are Bitcoin dice games worth it?

Dice games in the casino offer an exciting change from the more common games. Thus, a good dice game is not only about luck – there are also many little tricks and strategies that make it rewarding to spend extensive time with it. Apart from these features, Bitcoin dice games in particular offer advantages to players that are not present with the usual fiat currencies:

International suppliers and fast transactions

Cryptocurrencies are characterized by the fact that they function purely digitally. For this reason, the currency can be played with in online casinos worldwide. In this way, all providers are available to players without restrictions. Furthermore, transactions with Bitcoin are processed in real time, which is why you can start playing immediately. The same applies if you want to withdraw your winnings. They are transferred to your wallet in no time and are available to you.

Bitcoin offers high security for casino players

The second aspect is the security that Bitcoin Dice offers. Cases of fraud, such as those that can occur from time to time in transactions with credit cards, are not possible when dealing with Bitcoin. This is due to the special encryption offered by blockchain technology. Furthermore, there are no intermediate instances for deposits and withdrawals with the cryptocurrency. The amount is therefore transferred directly from the wallet to your casino account.

So, no errors can creep in at intermediate stations. A similar level of security applies to your personal information. Since it is usually sufficient to enter your wallet ID for transactions, your private information is protected from third-party access and unwanted advertising campaigns.

Bitcoin Dice

Get started with Bitcoin dice games - Step by Step

If you are interested in getting Bitcoin or if you already own the cryptocurrency and want to try Bitcoin Dice, you have come to the right place. We will show you the most important steps to start playing.

1. Create a wallet

To receive and manage Bitcoin, you need a Bitcoin wallet. A wallet is a digital wallet that guarantees fast and secure access to your Bitcoin. Originally, wallets functioned purely digitally and were available as software. Meanwhile, however, hardware wallets have also become very popular, as they can secure Bitcoin in case of problems. Each wallet has a wallet ID that must be specified for all kinds of transactions.

Besten Crypto Wallets

2. Select provider

After you have purchased a Bitcoin wallet, you can start looking for the right Bitcoin dice provider. The selection of providers has grown considerably, so you should use certain criteria to find the best provider of Bitcoin dice games:

3. Find the right game

Once you have found the best provider for you, you need to find the appropriate game. You should use the bonus of the casino to test different Bitcoin dice games. Basically, however, the gameplay must be fun and the game must offer fair chances of winning.

The best Bitcoin Dice games

To help you find the best possible Bitcoin dice game for your needs, we present the two most popular Bitcoin dice games below:

1. Duck Dice

Duck Dice is a slim and easily accessible Bitcoin dice game. It does without an overly expansive design and reduces the visual presentation to a pleasant level. This decision ensures that players can fully concentrate on the game and not feel overwhelmed by cluttered graphics.

Apart from that, Duck Dice convinces with a well - customizable gameplay that is suitable for both new and more experienced dice game fans. You can bet on different winning combinations, so that the risk and the amount of the winnings can be adjusted. Games with a 50% chance of winning are particularly popular.

Prizes are paid out at 1.98 times the stake. Higher winnings can be achieved in games with a 25% chance. In this case, the payout is 3.98 times the stake. Duck Dice also gives the players as much freedom as possible when it comes to the range of bets. The minimum bet is 0.0000001 Bitcoin, while the maximum bet is 10 Bitcoin.

2. Satoshi Dice

The name of this bitcoin dice game is based on the pseudonym of the inventor of bitcoin, which shows that this game specializes in dealing with the popular cryptocurrency. The game has been known since 2012, but has now become a lot more user-friendly and is one of the easily accessible Bitcoin Dice variants. The playful freedom that Satoshi Dice allows players is also positive. Players are free to bet on any chance of winning or on a specific roll of the dice. Over and under bets are also possible so that each player can develop their own strategy.

Develop the right Bitcoin Dice strategy

As you can see, Bitcoin dice games offer a high degree of playful and strategic freedom. That's why we show you the most popular strategies for dice games in the following, so that you can get a quick overview. It is of course important that you use a strategy that suits your playing style and that you enjoy. Furthermore, no wins are guaranteed with these strategies, as luck still plays a big part. However, they can increase the probability and limit losses.

1. Assume irregularity

A general tip: Always assume that irregular results will be obtained. For example, it is unlikely that the same result will be rolled two or three times in a row.

2. The Paroli Strategy

The Paroli strategy is a popular way of playing for security-conscious players. The basic idea is to minimize losses. You earn the big winnings while consecutive victories. First, the player defines a standard bet that he is comfortable with. If he now wins a game round, he doubles his bet in the hope of being able to benefit from a winning streak. After the third win, however, he goes back to his standard bet so that a break in the winning streak does not wipe out his winnings.

Even in the case of a losing round, the player remains calm and continues to place his standard bet. The goal is not to make up for the losses selectively, but to make up for them with the next winning streak and to make a profit in the long term.

3. Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy has existed since the 18th century, which is why there are numerous variations. However, the classic variant relies on making long-term and constant profits. The player bets on a 50% chance of winning. If this is not the case, he bets on the same result with double the stake. In this way, the win makes up for the losses of the previous round. It is therefore relied upon that the desired result will occur.

Conclusion: Dynamic gameplay with tactical depth

Bitcoin dice games promise exciting game rounds and represent an unused type of gambling. Useful strategies can be used to try to achieve constant and long-term profits, so that with a little luck and skill you can increase the content of your Bitcoin wallet.

Best Online Casinos for Bitcoin Dice Games

Now that you know all the important features that make up good Bitcoin dice games, we will introduce you to the best casinos for them. The main focus is on which games are offered and whether there are any bonus offers for Bitcoin Dice.

1xBit: High-quality Bitcoin Dice Games in Live Casino

1xbit Logo

The most important advantages at a glance:

The first provider we would like to introduce to you is the 1xBit Casino. This online casino is primarily a provider of sports betting - but it still offers a high-quality casino area that leaves nothing to be desired. The second reason why 1xBit made it into this selection is that this provider is a casino that specializes exclusively in cryptocurrencies. That is why 1xBit has a lot of experience in dealing with digital means of payment, which also ensures good service in relation to Bitcoin Dice.

As for 1xBit's Bitcoin dice games, we also have good news for you: although Bitcoin Dice is still quite new and unknown, there are two particularly exciting representatives in 1xBit's portfolio.

The first Bitcoin dice game that catches the eye at 1xBit Casino is Craps. This is a traditional table game that can also be found in many real casinos. The basic rules are simple: the player works with two dice, which have different effects depending on the result. The best result is when the sum of the two dice is 7 or 11. In this case, it is a natural and the round goes to the player immediately. In the case of a 2, 3 or 12, it is a Crap and the current game round is lost. All other totals are called a Point and result in additional rolls, with special rules. Craps is thus a game of chance that provides a classic Bitcoin Dice experience.

For a more modern bitcoin dice game experience, 1xBit also offers Lightning Dice. The title comes from the house of the popular developer Evolution Gaming. The developer's technology has proven particularly effective for the live casino and ensures smooth and error-free gameplay. The game itself works with three dice that are thrown at the same time. The rest is relatively easy and accessible. This allows players to bet on all possible outcomes – depending on how likely the win is, the higher or lower the player's winnings will be.

In this way, Lightning Dice manages to give players an individual Bitcoin Dice experience. Risk-conscious players can bet on a few outcomes, while players who value security can bet on multiple, different outcomes.

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Cloudbet: Exotic Bitcoin Dice Games and lucrative deposit bonus

Cloudbet Logo

The most important advantages at a glance:

The Cloudbet Casino also offers interesting Bitcoin dice games. In addition to craps and lightning dice, the online casino also offers Sic Po. This game is still quite unknown in Europe, but is very popular in Asia and the USA. Therefore, it is recommended to try this Bitcoin dice game at Cloudbet Casino. The basic rules are explained briefly, so that even beginners can enjoy Bitcoin Dice with this game. Players use three dice and bet on the result.

The two most popular bets are Big and Small because with them, you can reliably achieve constant profits. A Small bet includes all results below 11, while a Big bet includes all results above 11. Both variants exclude triplets. Due to the numerous other combinations, it is possible for the player to develop his own Bitcoin Dice strategy, which makes individual experiences during the Bitcoin dice game possible.

In addition to the accessible game selection, the welcome bonus also allows for a quick game start for new players. For example, Cloudbet offers a 100% deposit bonus, which can be used to receive an additional amount of up to 5 Bitcoin. In total, you can start your Bitcoin dice game at Cloudbet with 10 Bitcoin. This seed capital allows you to try Bitcoin Dice extensively and make big profits.

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Trueflip: The right Bitcoin Dice Games for every type of player

TrueFlip Logo

The most important advantages at a glance:

Trueflip Casino is another provider worth checking out for fans of Bitcoin Dice. Trueflip expands its offer of Bitcoin dice games with more interesting titles.

First, the game Scratch Dice catches the eye. This title is an exciting combination of scratch and dice game. In detail, this means that you buy a ticket at the start of the game and reveal the value using your mouse cursor or a touchpad. The value revealed in this way consists of three dice, each of which can have a value from 1 to 6. Depending on how high the sum of the dice is, different winnings are paid out.

If the results of the dice form a straight, you will receive an additional gold ticket. This ensures bonus winnings, which provide an additional surprise factor. So, Scratch Dice combines the exciting elements of a scratch game with the luck factor of a dice game. In this way, the game manages to offer a unique Bitcoin Dice experience.

The second interesting Bitcoin dice game is Poker Dice. This game requires a set of five poker dice. These special dice have both numerical values and the familiar face cards of the poker game. Thus, among others, a jack, an ace and a queen can also be found on the dice.

Due to the large number of five dice and the different symbols, numerous winning combinations are created, which ensure a dynamic gameplay. The results are also based on the card game poker, so players can achieve combinations like streets or a full house. All in all, Poker Dice is the perfect Bitcoin dice game for poker fans. Due to the practical user interface, all games are well sorted and can be found quickly.

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Bspin: Bitcoin dice games with modern presentation

Bspin Logo

The most important advantages at a glance:

The Bspin Casino is mainly characterized by its varied selection of Bitcoin dice games. While many other providers rely on fewer titles, Bspin focuses on variance. For this reason, you can try out an appealing range of different Bitcoin dice games at Bspin Casino.

The selection is based on the visual representation of popular themed slots. That is why the Bspin Casino is recommended for you if you are also a fan of visually appealing slot machines. For example, the popular Bitcoin dice game Lucky Dice is offered in three different variants. Alternatively, you can also go to a bamboo forest in Panda Dice and try to win big prizes.

For fans of the movie “300”, the title Almighty Sparta Dice is an exciting Bitcoin dice game that lets you test your luck and skill alongside the brave warriors. For fans of Nordic heroic sagas, Asgardians Dice is a fitting title that takes up a fantasy theme that has also proven to be very popular in slot machines. Speaking of slot machines: If you're interested in Bitcoin Dice with a real slot atmosphere, you'll also be well taken care of at Bspin: in the dice game Burning Dice, the dice result is combined with the symbols of classic slot machines.

In addition to the appealing game selection, players can also look forward to professional support that can answer all questions regarding Bitcoin Dice. The customer service can be reliably reached via live chat or via the contact form.

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Bettilt: A thrilling overall package

Bettilt Logo

The most important advantages at a glance:

Finally, we take a look at the provider Bettilt. This is once again a primary booker for sports betting – yet Bettilt also offers a high-quality casino section that can surprise players with its large selection. This is also true for Bitcoin Dice. In this section, players can access the exotic Sic Po and the popular Lightning Dice, for example. Thus, players have both a traditional Bitcoin dice game and a modern Bitcoin Dice experience at their disposal. So, if you don't have much experience with dice games at the casino, the provider is optimal for you to get your bearings.

However, other areas of Bettilt Casino are also geared towards new players. One example of this is the support of the provider. This offers a convenient live chat, which can be accessed at any time. If you have any questions while playing or in advance, you can get quick information this way. This makes it easier for inexperienced players in particular to quickly get initial questions out of the way.

When it comes to playing with Bitcoin, another important aspect is the question of the respectability of the respective online casino. In this respect, Bettilt also cuts a good figure. The provider is in possession of the state gambling license from Curaçao. This license has a long history and is generally considered one of the most meaningful gambling licenses. Since a casino has to meet high standards in the areas of fair play, customer service and payout ratios to receive the license, you can be sure of the seriousness of Bettilt Casino.

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