The Ultimate Bitcoin Cashback Bonus Guide

Anyone who is interested in online casinos or is familiar with the field of cryptocurrencies will have noticed the boom in crypto casinos. These are online casinos that specialize in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin or offer it as an additional means of payment.

If you want to join in on the crypto casino fun as well, however, there are a few tips you should pay attention to in order to get the most out of your cryptocurrency and playing time. The most important tip is to pick the right provider. There are several features that distinguish a high-quality crypto casino. For example, the game portfolio, the license, transaction conditions and customer service need to be considered. However, since this article is also aimed at new and inexperienced players, the following is about the bonus offer of Bitcoin casinos - to be precise, about the special case of the Bitcoin Cashback Bonus. We will tell you what a cashback bonus is all about, what makes a good bonus offer and for which players such an offer is worthwhile.

Up to:
20% Cashback
4.8 rating
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer

- Cashback is credited daily at 00:10 (UTC)
- The cashback is valid 3 days after receipt and 7 days after its activation
- The wagering requirement for the cashback bonus is x3

Wheel of Fortune No Deposit Bonus
Free Spins & Real Money
4.8 rating
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer
- Rakeback-Prämien sind nach der Gutschrift 60 Tage lang gültig
- Bonusgelder sind nicht für Rakeback-Belohnungen berechtigt
Up to:
100% deposit bonus
+ 10% cashback
4.8 rating
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer
- Live dealers, table games and occasional odd games are excluded from the bonus.
- Bonus must be wagered within 7 days
- Get a 100% bonus on your first deposit with a total bonus of up to 50,000 micro-bitcoins, 10,000 milli-litecoins, 3,000 dogecoins, 200 milli-ethereum
100% up to:
+ 25% cashback
4.8 rating
T&Cs Apply
New customer offer
- Minimum deposit of 0.0002 BTC

What exactly is a cashback bonus?

Unlike the more popular welcome offers, a cashback bonus is not a deposit bonus. Likewise, a cashback bonus at Bitcoin Casino is not meant to be a jumpstart for new players, but rather to provide long-term benefits for existing players.

"Cashback" can be translated as "money back", which already suggests what advantages are hidden behind this bonus system. The player receives a certain amount of money back from the money he has wagered at the crypto casino. This sounds simple at first impression, but the individual conditions of the bonus can differ drastically depending on the casino. There are important differences in the amount, regularity and conditions of a Bitcoin cashback bonus.

The details of a Bitcoin cashback bonus

The numerous differences that can make up a Bitcoin cashback bonus, however, also offer the great opportunity that you as a player can choose the provider whose cashback system is best tailored to your needs and requirements. For this reason, we will introduce you to the individual aspects that play a role in a cashback bonus in the following.

1. The amount of the cashback bonus

The amount of a Bitcoin cashback bonus is mostly specified with a percentage value, which is applied either in relation to the total stake of the player or depending on the real losses. Here, the exact percentage can vary greatly and can be between 5% or 20%. Odds between 5% and 10% are the rule, while higher percentages are the exception. These are mostly also tied to higher loss or deposit conditions.

Cashback bonus

2. The frequency of payments

This point is about when the player will receive his Bitcoin Cashback Bonus payout. A weekly rhythm is common. For this purpose, all deposits or losses are noted in the course of the game week, in order to then pay out a collected credit at the end of the week or at the beginning of the following one. However, systems with more frequent payout dates are rather rare. Bitcoin cashback bonuses with a conservative, monthly rotation, on the other hand, can be encountered more frequently by players.

3. The conditions of the cashback bonus

The conditions of a Bitcoin cashback bonus have already been mentioned and play an important role in the extent of the actual cashback. Thus, a distinction must be made between relative and real losses. Thus, the effectiveness of a Bitcoin Cashback Bonus varies depending on which value is used as the basis for the calculation.

In the best case scenario, the player's total turnover is used as the basis for the cashback bonus. In this situation, a bonus is charged for every amount wagered at the casino.

The second variant of the Bitcoin Cashback Bonus uses only the player's actual losses as a reference value. Accordingly, the bonus amounts paid out in this case are smaller than with a turnover-based cashback bonus. For this reason, players should always prefer a Bitcoin casino that uses the total turnover for the calculation of the cashback bonus.

When should a player use a Bitcoin cashback bonus?

The answer is simple: since a cashback bonus offers no disadvantages for the player, there is nothing against using a Bitcoin cashback bonus from the very beginning. One advantage of this bonus system is that it is not dependent on a deposit by the player, like many other bonus offers. Of course, players must have deposited money first in order to play at the casino and use the cashback bonus. However, a cashback bonus represents a benefit that is enjoyed over the long term, rather than a one-time credit that is directly determined by the amount of the deposit. For this reason, a Bitcoin cashback bonus is also well suited for players who have limited themselves to a certain budget to play at the online casino.

Why is a cashback bonus especially suitable for Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the top dog among cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin offers the highest market capitalization and has been able to record constantly rising prices on average in recent years. Accordingly, Bitcoin represents an interesting value investment. A Bitcoin casino offers the chance to increase one's coins, but also carries the risk of making losses. Through a Bitcoin cashback bonus these losses can be minimized which is why it contributes to personal value preservation. So you get a part of your stake back after each round played.

Conclusion: A Bitcoin Cashback Bonus Offers Long-Term Benefits

Overall, a Bitcoin cashback bonus is a powerful way for any player to get more out of their invested money. A cashback bonus can minimize losses and can thus provide for more possible rounds of play. However, to get the most out of a cashback bonus, it is recommended to take a close look at the terms and conditions of the respective Bitcoin casino. Thus, providers with a high cashback rate are to be preferred. Also, a preferably regular rhythm of payouts is advantageous for a fast cashback. It is important that the cashback model is a variant that uses the entire turnover of the player as a basis for calculation, as this is how the largest cash returns can be expected. The alternative would be a loss-oriented cashback, with an extremely good rate.

So, if you are looking for a new Bitcoin casino, it is recommended to consider the Bitcoin cashback bonus in addition to the welcome bonus to make your entire casino visit more rewarding.

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